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  1. wtwolf

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Did Affinity Photo Beta v1.7.0.107 change the default program association to open in Beta....? Rather than the latest GA v1.6.7? Everything with an *.afphoto extension launches the Beta version of Affinity Photo after the download and install. I've changed Finder to reflect the default program of Affinity Photo 1.6.7, but somehow it it was changed and it seems to have been consistent with the latest Beta download.
  2. wtwolf

    Plugins 1.7

    Hi Raymondo, There's no doubt that the beta version of Affinity Photo "broke" several of the Nik plug-ins, but it may not necessarily be the fault of Serif. Also, I'm not ruling out that it is possible the defect could be in Affinity Photo code. Like you, the Nik Collection works fine with AP 1.6.7, though it was quite obvious to me that downloading the trial version of the Nik Collection from the DxO site would have the same result. (I'm using the Google free Nik Collection). I might add that I'm not convinced the problem lies with the Nik Collection, I'm saying it's a definite possibility, and it may not actually be a coding problem, but a simple recompile of the source may result in correcting the problem.
  3. wtwolf

    Plugins 1.7

    What I believe, Chris_K is saying is that the Affinity Photo beta versions are exploiting changes made in OS X. The fact that Nik plug-ins behave differently under Affinity Photo beta code could very well be related to compatibility issues between Google (DXO) and OS X. I'm experiencing the same issues, where the Nik Collection behaves correctly with Affinity Photo 1.6.7, but with Affinity Photo Beta 1.7, several of the plug-ins display the "Updating Fonts" window and requires a Force Quit to recover. In my case, this is using High Sierra, as I've not yet implemented Mojave. It might be as simple as recompiling the Nik Collection using the latest Apple OSX macros, for lack of more accurate terminology. Which, is probably not going to happen with the free Google Nik Collection. If in fact, it's a defect in Nik code, I wouldn't expect Serif to regress Affinity Photo to accommodate obsolete program code. From what I see, Serif has taken this report for further investigation.
  4. It appears that after installing the Nik Collection a problem with a message "Updating Fonts" surfaces with several of the Plugins. This requires a Force Quit of Affinity Photo. The problem seems related only with the beta version, the Plugins install and work without issue in Affinity Photo 1.6.7.
  5. Thanks for both replies. I did some searches before posting, and didn't find any clarification pertaining to my question. I apologize as it appears my inquiry has been previously addressed.
  6. The Serif website states that Affinity Photo is compatible with the iPad Air 2 (among other models in the current line). I have an older iPad Air (A1475) and it would seem that it is not supported. However, when I go to the App Store, using my iPad Air, under 'Compatibility' it says, "Works with this iPad", also stating, with iOS 11.1 or later. Any clarification? Thanks, Scott