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  1. Omg yes! Pleeeeeeeeeeease let me delete an entire folder or multiple files, at the very least!!!
  2. Slimhim

    Bug in new photo update, inpainting brush

    Yea, I really really hope this gets fixed soon... it’s extremely annoying! But at the most of the other tools are working properly now so that gives me hope!
  3. Slimhim

    Apple Pencil vs. Hand

    The “Touch for gestures only” feature isn’t working properly since this update. I think with the new gestures introduced it kind of messed a few things up in that area. A redesign of the feature may need to be introduced.
  4. Slimhim

    Bug in new photo update, inpainting brush

    I have this same issue no matter what tool I am using. It’s not only the inpainting brush.
  5. The website says “iPad Air 2 or later”... I recommend you stick to that advisory.
  6. Slimhim

    Bug in new photo update, inpainting brush

    Intentional? Why on earth would this be intentional? I neeeeeeed this turned back on and working properly :’(

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