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    Zbigg reacted to Old Bruce in How to create a folded newspaper on A1 size paper?   
    Is this a one sheet of paper print job? This is set up for one sheet, the bottom pages are not for use, do not export more than the first two spreads. Also I am not sure I understand the size of the sheet, I am probably oversized by two.
    4 A0.afpub

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    Zbigg reacted to Sean P in AD stuck but Beta works   
    Hi Zbigg,

    The crash report you've attached is actually from 1.9.0, however unfortunately due to Window's Native Imaging of DLLs there isn't any information to actually go on.

    The good news as you say is that it is no longer happening with the beta, however this could be a red herring and instead be caused by something in your user data (the beta and retail share different data locations).

    Would you mind just trying the following please:
    Go to %appdata%\Affinity\Designer\  and rename the '1.0' folder to '1.0_Old' Start the application If this still crashes then it certainly does sound like the issue has been fixed in the latest beta. Then rename the '1.0_Old' folder back to '1.0' to retain any user settings for when the retail gets updated
    If it doesn't crash then it could very well be something related to your app data. In this case could you zip up and attach the '1.0_Old' folder please.
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    Zbigg reacted to Lo_N in GREP Styles   
    +1 Would be very helpful for dynamic styling.
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    Zbigg reacted to robert.sarudy in Product mockup with Affinity and Blender   
    Here are some screenshots of a graphic pitch I have worked on. I used Affinity Designer to create graphic labels and texturing maps. Photo was used for some simple easy colour correction. A colleague of mine asked me what is on fire because of the orange sparkles I guess it was the computer during rendering.
    Then I used the renders to create a demo animation. Unfortunately this project was not developed into anything real  but at least I learned some new things  
    Watermarked demo music is from Musicbed - https://www.musicbed.com/songs/seeds/36381

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    Zbigg reacted to jhazel0705 in Free brush packs - Both Vector and Raster   
    Hey guys......so I was working on my new course...and got the the lesson on making brushes.....sooooo I had to amek some brushes. 
    I made a set of fog/ smoke brushes in raster and a set of silky smooth stroke brushes for your vector applications. 
    I have learned so much from the people on the site....I wanted to give back, so here ya go . I am working on new blog post and some new art using them....so I will keep you in the loop 
    Feedback on them is always appreciated, I love making these sorts of tools 
    Jeremy , www.7thseasonstudios.com
    Stroke brushes -7th season studios .afbrushes
    Smoke and fog brushes -7th season studios.afbrushes
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    Zbigg reacted to Leigh in [APh] Add My Own Stock Provider   
    Welcome to the forums maxim :)
    It's not possible to add additional stock websites at the moment. I will move your suggestion to the Feature Request section.
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    Zbigg reacted to telemax in ArchViz   
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    Zbigg got a reaction from PaulAffinity in Shortcuts not functional...   
    Shortcuts either working improperly or not working at all. /it takes to use given tool in regular mode first then assigned shortcut use to work/
    Sorry guys but w/out shortcuts real time job is impossible.
    Moreover: Id strongly and kindly request following:
    -thats very nice AFP indicates possible shortcut conflict when trying to assign new hotkey BUT: what could be expected is *override option instead browsing all these menus looking for conflicting key...
    Override sets presently assigned hotkey and leaves empty previous one.
    -Additionaly Id suggest RMB context menu 'Assign/Remove shortcut' when hovering over an icon/menu to make whole process effective /see: Blender/
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    Zbigg reacted to RNKLN in Pattern template by mensch-mesh.com   
    Not sure if this is what you mean, but have you tried going to Zeichenbereich/Drawing Area, select the global color and then making it transparent (by selecting the no-fill icon)? That seems to work (at least, i can create .png file without background).
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    Zbigg got a reaction from OneCreation in Pattern template by mensch-mesh.com   
    **Awsome pattern creator, file attached below.
    Just curious if possible to provide transparency/cut outs instead of secondary color..??
    **To Admin: move to RESOURCES, pls
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    Zbigg reacted to telemax in Simulate cone ligh AFDesigner?   
    You can also use Zoom Blur effect to create rays (AP) Rays.afphoto

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    Zbigg reacted to malayali in FREEBIES Hub! FREE Images, Vectors, Videos, Templates, Music, Fonts & More   
    Here is my attempt to list out some super-useful but not-so-popular websites which offer images, vectors, videos, music, templates etc for FREE with personal & commercial use license.
    Sometimes attributions are required. Make sure to check the license terms.
    UPDATE (Feb 3, 2022)
    So, I've added this list to a GitHub repo and from now on updates will be here: https://github.com/zcraber/Freebies-Hub 
    Feel free to star it, fork it... or use however you want.
    FREE Images/Photos & More
    Mixkit - FREE Images, Videos, Templates & Music Pikwizard - FREE Images & Videos FOCA - FREE Images, Videos & Templates Stockvault - FREE Images, Vectors, Brushes & Templates Freedesignlife - FREE Images, Vectors, Brushes, PSDs, Icons & Fonts Picspree - FREE Images & Vectors Wingart Studio - FREE (Selected) Graphics & Templates Every Month picryl - FREE Images, Illustrations, Videos, Music, Documents etc USFWS National Digital Library - FREE Images, Illustrations, Videos, Audio, Maps etc Clip Art Blog - FREE Clip Art & Images FREE Images/Photos Only
    Reshot - FREE Images Freephotos - FREE Images Freestocks - FREE Images Altphotos - FREE Images nappy - FREE Images slon.pics - FREE Images My Stock Photos - FREE Images Shutteroo - FREE Images Trunklog - FREE Images Skitterphoto - FREE Images Picography - FREE Images Burst - FREE Images Pic Melon - FREE Images My Photo Pack - FREE Images Vladmir's Collection - FREE Images Free Nature Stock - FREE Images Travel Coffee Book - FREE Images Skuak - FREE Images Stokpic - FREE Images Freely Photos - FREE Images Wunderstock - FREE Images Moveast - FREE Images Free Food Photos - FREE Images of Food unprofound - FREE Images Albumarium - FREE Images Pic Pac - FREE Images (pay what you want) iwaria - FREE Images from Africa Creativity103 - FREE Abstract Images & Textures Focus Fitness - FREE Fitness Images Free Vintage Illustrations - FREE Illustrations from Past Old Book Illustrations - FREE Illustrations from Past Reusable Art - FREE Old Artwork lowpolygonart - FREE Low Polygon Art Streamline Icons - FREE PNG Icons Cosmos - FREE PSD Icons marysrosaries - FREE Images (Religious) Irish Clip Art Archive - FREE Clipart (Raster) Dictionary Images -FREE Public Domain Images and Illustrations from Dictionary Logo Design Web - FREE Public Domain Images PDClipart - FREE Clipart (Raster) Antique Clipart - FREE Antique Clipart (Raster) WPClipart - FREE Images & Clipart FREE Vectors Only
    Open Peeps - FREE Hand-drawn Vector Library  Isometric - FREE Isometric Vectors Illustrations - FREE Kit with 100 Vectors DrawKit - FREE Vectors unDraw - FREE Vectors Lukaszadam - FREE Vectors Open Doodles - FREE Vectors Woobro - FREE Vectors Free Vector - FREE Vectors Glaze - FREE Vectors manypixels - FREE Vectors Free Vector Maps - FREE Vectors Fresh Folk - FREE Vector Library with People & Objects Illustrations Humaaans - FREE Vector Library with People Illustrations Openclipart - FREE Vector Cliparts FREESVG - FREE Vectors SVG SILH - FREE Vector Icons SVG Repo - FREE Vectors Peechey - FREE Vectors Desket - FREE Random Vector Icons Sketch App Resources - FREE Sketch Resources Nicu's Clipart Collection - FREE Vectors ikonate - FREE Customizable Vector Icons FREE Mockups, Placeholders, Icons etc
    uiprint - FREE Printable Wireframes, Mockup and Sketchpads uilogos - FREE Logo Placeholders iconmonstr - FREE Icons lstore graphics - FREE Mockups Mockup Club - FREE Mockups Thread - FREE 3D Mockups Generator 365psd - FREE PSDs Creative Tim - FREE Web Templates & Themes Email Monster - FREE Email Templates Design DB - FREE Templates FREE One Page Web Templates UIUX Repo - FREE UI and graphic design resources for Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe Xd and Figma FREE Videos Only
    Mazwai - FREE Videos Coverr - FREE Videos Distill - FREE Videos Life of Vids - FREE Videos Vids Play - FREE Videos Dareful - FREE Videos Clipstill - FREE Cinemagraphs Motion Elements - FREE Stock Footage FREE Music & Sound FX
    Free Music Archive - FREE Music Incomptech - FREE Music m-operator - FREE Music Purple Planet - FREE Music Free Stock Music - FREE Music Fesliyan Studios - FREE Music & Sound Effects The Motion Monkey - FREE 300 Retro Game Sound Effects Free SFX - FREE Sound Effects FREE Fonts Only
    League of Movable Type - FREE Fonts Font Library - FREE Fonts FONT Repo - FREE Fonts Also, check these threads: 
    Public Domain Pictures  Free Vector and Photo Resources Free fonts Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts List will be updated as I discover more!
    Last Update: Feb 03, 2022
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    Zbigg reacted to firstdefence in Simulate cone ligh AFDesigner?   
    Ive dabbled with making some light ray style brushes, these can be imported into the pixel persona of Affinity Designer. I must get around to doing these brushes better.
    Light Rays by Dex.afbrushes
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    Zbigg reacted to Andy05 in EFFECTS /here: Outer Shadow/ from Pen Tool   
    You can archive this by adding a stroke and set the fill opacity in the layer effects window to 0%. This will show only the fx, but removes the fill/stroke.
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    Zbigg got a reaction from Sean P in Crash on Save As...   
    Thank you ,Sean! Thats just I wanted to ask for ))
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    Zbigg reacted to Sean P in Crash on Save As...   
    Thanks for the file! It appears as though the Symbol object in the Symbols Panel was likely causing the crash, as I was also getting a crash when trying to delete that. I will pass that on to development to see what they say.

    Anyways I created a snapshot of your document, and then created a new document from that snapshot (without the symbols) and that was able to save for me! You should be able to continue working with this document!
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    Zbigg reacted to toltec in Trim Transparency in Affinity   
    In normal ‘document’ mode, Affinity Designer works like a page layout program, such as Quark or Word for that matter. You set a page size, apply bleed, then place objects on the page. Neither Quark, Word or Designer (or any such program as far as I know) trims a page to an image placed on it?
    That’s why there are canvas based programs like Photoshop or Photo, which are based around an image and make that job easy.
    The choices are to use Photo (which is designed for that purpose) or use Designer’s artboard feature which does allow you to trim to a canvas (or artboard).
    Photo does not ‘clip’ if there is a layer that extends outside the masked area, hidden or not. Could that be your problem?
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    Zbigg reacted to catlover in AF resources location?   
    to search use “propcol” without the quotes, those are the files
    you are looking for.
    thisgoes for windows and mac. Searching for serif will get you too many irrelevant answers.
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    Zbigg reacted to claidheamdanns in GREP Styles   
    I also agree that GREP in styles needs to be an essential development. For me that will be the jumping off point of abandoning Adobe altogether and going completely with Affinity.
    I use GREP in styles extensively, and nearly daily — especially in big publications like a magazine or book, where there are hundreds of pages to keep track of, and you don't want to have to run the same F/R every time text has been changed or added to.
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    Zbigg got a reaction from Efvee in GREP Styles   
    Thats also true.
    Alongside, working on some larger publication, you need constant check&correction /eg orphan&widow/ etc.
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    Zbigg got a reaction from firstdefence in Scale to distance   
    Thats what I actually did but Iam not quite happy w/that method. but thx anyway.
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    Zbigg reacted to Zdzislav in A solution for implementing the Polish dictionary   
    Thanks pgraficzny! I miss only GREP to automatically solve the problem of conjunction hanging at the end of the line in Polish language.
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    Zbigg got a reaction from Nok in Images linked or embedded?   
    Enhancing this productivity thread: Id even say: Drag-and-drop images onto AP window AND /like INDD/ you could then select multiple images AND, holding some control key /CTRL,Shift,Alt/ - align them immediately in even columns/row - see INDD. Linking is priority IMHO. Embedding may have its advantages but it can clogg the app very quickly.
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    Zbigg got a reaction from mfarooqi in How Do You Change The UI Font Size In Affinity Photo?   
    Again-just to refresh above subject: would be really good NOT to rely on windows scaling exclusively...
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