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    studio97 got a reaction from PaulAffinity in handless not working   
    When I was  working on a visual and used some of my PS brushes and used them on own layers the layer handlers are not working!
    I have made a small video of this. Oke not only the PS but all brushes the layer handles are not responding.
    after restarting the programm the layer handlers are working again. 
    oke nice, but very irritation if you are working on a project!

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    studio97 got a reaction from Chris B in wacom and menu items   
    I have not found any problems thru now. If this will behappen again I will ry to make a screenshot.
    Thanks for responding
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    studio97 reacted to Mark Ingram in High precision tablet input stops my Wacom from drawing strokes   
    The current plan is to remove this experimental feature, as several customers have had issues with it. We will still provide a high precision input mechanism in the future, but only for users on Windows 8.1 or above.
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    studio97 reacted to Tinakr in Free brush packs - Both Vector and Raster   
    I am surprised that nobody replied to your generous gift yet. I love it and appreciate it very much.
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    studio97 got a reaction from Manofjesus in Grass brush for AP - updated to v.0.2   
    wow thanks, its looking great.
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    studio97 got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Beta update?   
    From practice out I can say the leatest beta on windows 10 is more stable then ever before.  Yes There are glitches there is a beta for. 
    So Affinity team you are on the right way.
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    studio97 got a reaction from Christina Upton in Affinity Photo with Wacom Intuos Pro   
    I have the same little problems with graphic tablet. brushes are not really 100% working, press points are not really working. 
    I use wacom intuos to with the newest drivers.
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    studio97 got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Beta update?   
    From practice out I can say the leatest beta on windows 10 is more stable then ever before.  Yes There are glitches there is a beta for. 
    So Affinity team you are on the right way.
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    studio97 got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Beta update?   
    From practice out I can say the leatest beta on windows 10 is more stable then ever before.  Yes There are glitches there is a beta for. 
    So Affinity team you are on the right way.
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    studio97 reacted to Mark Ingram in Beta update?   
    I'm really not sure why you're all discussing this. We have never given out ETA on releases / patches / betas, etc (and never will, for obvious reasons). I realise you may be excited to try out the new version as an official retail release (or even get a new beta update), but complaining about slow development is not an accurate thing to say. The Windows version has massively improved performance in the most recent betas, and we continue to add new features, and fix bugs as we go. The time period between releases does not reflect the amount of work that is happening, it merely reflects the time delays between when I make a build, how it gets on with internal testing, and then when I release it to the public. We have builds that are never released onto the forum (which happened last week, build #308 crashes on Windows 7, so it was never released externally).
    And with regards to GPU Compute, yes it's something that's on my roadmap, but the complexities of implementing this on Windows are far greater than macOS. macOS has one GPU manufacturer, and Apple are in control of the drivers (you get the latest ones automatically). Windows has at least 3 GPU manufacturers, and the drivers are in a variety of different states and ages - we see that from bug reports here on the forum (i.e. crashes that are solved by merely uninstalling and reinstalling your GPU drivers).
    Aside from GPU Compute (and ability to load RAW files via Apple RAW engine), there are no feature differences between the macOS and Windows versions.
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    studio97 reacted to nezumi in What's your top three pragmatic 1.7 wishlist?   
    Theres so many new things added that all I wish for 1.7 is to be out of Beta. There will be plenty of time for new things before we hit 2.0.
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    studio97 got a reaction from Ray S. in What's your top three pragmatic 1.7 wishlist?   
    So many people so many wishes, for me is fast and stability the only wishes
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    studio97 reacted to Rick G in Program Hangs the computer and locks Graphics   
    They had a problem with EFTOOL doing that and fixed it. All has bee well for a few builds and now it is back, although I did not see an instance of EFTOOl in task manager
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    studio97 got a reaction from Chris B in PS brushes   
    I have so many, but most of the problem brushes are these who are bigger than 1500 px . But today There was a driver update from Wacom, so I tested this directly in version 1.6.5 and loading is fast now by the bigger brushes. So the problem should be gone for now. I need to test this in version but let ypu now if this give problems  there.
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    studio97 reacted to Gnobelix in Slow performance still   
    the same here, I hope in the next beta everything will be better.
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    studio97 got a reaction from Gnobelix in Slow performance still   
    The overall process in this version is slow. Brush format is a thing with [ ] 
    I use a windos 10
    Intel i5
    16 GB memory
    1050 Ti GPU

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    studio97 reacted to nezumi in Release date estimation   
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    studio97 got a reaction from SrPx in Wacom tablet issues on   
    yes many of the photoshop brushes are this format.
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    studio97 reacted to SrPx in Wacom tablet issues on   
    Ouch. That's a brush.
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    studio97 reacted to MsGinny in Wacom tablet issues on   
    Pen is not working properly it works well in the previously version. Also it  crashes easily on large format image A3 + 19 x 13 not so on  (AMD Win 10 !6GB Ram)
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    studio97 reacted to acapstick in LEGACY: Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials   
    The Photo tutorials listed below have been refreshed and moved. Please see this new thread or use the Affinity site Photo Desktop tutorials webpage
    In support of our fantastic photo editing app, please use this comprehensive and structured set of videos for accelerated learning!
    The video tutorials are available on Vimeo and YouTube via these links:
    Vimeo - http://affin.co/PhotoVids
    YouTube - http://affin.co/photoyt

    We now have a specific Beginners Series of videos tailored to absolute beginners, with a more manageable pacing and focus on concepts and straightforward procedures. They all include subtitles to aid understanding.

    The tutorial set includes:

    Beginners Series
    Opening & Saving -  YouTube / Vimeo Layers - YouTube / Vimeo Adjustments - YouTube / Vimeo Filters - YouTube / Vimeo Exporting - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Discover Affinity Photo Getting Started Technical Benefits  
    Document Setup Layer Concepts Layers Overview Live Filter Layers Scaling and Transforming Cutting Out Understanding DPI Accessing Help  
    Document/Image Resizing Canvas Resizing Cropping: Practical Cropping: Aesthetic Straightening Images Cropping: Golden Spiral Cropping: Options Aligning Images  
    Selections and Masking
    Making Selections Refining Selections Pixel Selections from Layers Quick Masks Mask Layers Exposure Merging Clipping vs Masking Vector Masking Using Adjustment Layers on Masks - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Adjustment Layers Levels Curves Shadows/Highlights Split Toning and Selective Colour LAB Colour Mode Defringing and Chromatic Aberration Live Perspective Haze Removal FFT Denoise Removing Lens Flares Changing Eye Colour Graduated ND Filter Effect Salvaging Underexposed Images Dual Perspective Correction Perspective Skew Correction - YouTube / Vimeo (New: 20th April)  
    Cloning Inpainting Frequency Separation Liquify: Retouching Vector-Based Retouching Enhancing Landscapes/Architecture Vector Architecture: Worked Example Enhancing Camera Phone Photography Making Images Pop Revealing Sky Detail Bringing Out Water Detail Quick Inpainting Crooked Horizons - YouTube / Vimeo  
    RAW Development
    Raw: Discover Develop Raw: Developing Images Raw: Overlays Raw: Redeveloping Images Raw: Noise Reduction Maximising Raw Latitude Custom Tone Curve Raw Development Quality 32-bit Raw Development - YouTube / Vimeo Raw Colour Quality Automatic Lens Corrections Raw: Recovering Overexposed Highlights Raw: Exposure Bias  
    Getting Creative
    Lighting Creative Gradients Creative Black & White Sepia Images Brushes Blend Modes Blend Ranges Liquify Persona Sky Replacement Adding Borders Text: Branding/Watermarking Diffuse Glow Displacement Circular Bokeh Swirling Bokeh Simulating Ambient Occlusion Texturing with Blend Modes Creating Atmosphere Creating Light Beams Vector Lighting Simple Gradients Technicolor Emulation - YouTube / Vimeo Creative Painting Colour toning with shapes Infrared Emulation Radial Blur Regular Tone Mapping Compositing Landscapes Adding Extended Borders Creating Photo Collages Abstract Ideas #01 Abstract Ideas #02 Enhancing Low Light Trails Light Painting Compositing Tone Mapping Portraits HSL Tonal Separation - YouTube / Vimeo Orton Effect - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Design Aids
    Snapshots Modifiers Designer/Photo Interworking Pixel Accurate Design Placing Documents Useful Keyboard Shortcuts Non Destructive Inpainting and Cloning Layer Creation Behaviour Layer Nesting Exporting 3D LUTs LUTs for Tonal Adjustments View Points Global Cloning Subtle Toning Multiple Colour Formats Scopes Curves Picker Non-Destructive Dodge & Burn Flexible Defringing Edge Detection for Masking Split & Mirror View Batch Processing Clone Sources Pixel Art Resize Direct PSD write-back (round tripping) Freehand Selection Tool Undo History Importing .abr Brushes Undo Brush with Snapshots Quick Toggling Panels - YouTube / Vimeo Light UI - YouTube / Vimeo Brush Stabilisation - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Channels Channels for Alpha Masking Channels: Creating/Storing Selections Editing Single Channels Channels: Greyscale Blending Channel Packing  
    Live Filter Layers (Also in Basics) Apply Image Apply Image: Equations Equations Filter Dust & Scratches Filter Halftone Scanlines Effect Mirror filter Diffuse Glow Filter Defeating Filter Limits  
    Panoramas Tricky Panoramas Panorama Distortion Correction  
    HDR (High Dynamic Range)
    HDR: Merging & Tone Mapping HDR from one exposure - YouTube / Vimeo HDR: Tone Map Presets HDR: Panoramas HDR: Preprocessing HDR: Advanced Editing HDR: Ghosts Removal HDR: 32-bit Editing  
    Focus Merging (Focus Stacking)
    Focus Merging Focus Merge Retouching Focus Merging Bracketed Exposures  
    Live Stacking
    Maximum Stacking Big Stopper Effect Light Painting Blending Stacking: Long Exposure Simulation Stacking: Noise Reduction Stacking: Object Removal Stacking: Exposure Merging Stacking: Star Trail Effect  
    Live Projections (360 editing, perspective projection)
    360 Live Editing - YouTube / Vimeo 360 Advanced Editing 360 Retouching 360 Multiple Views 360 Roll Correction - YouTube / Vimeo Live Perspective Projection  
    OpenEXR Multichannel Import/Export OpenEXR Import Options Editing 32-bit 3D Renders OpenEXR: Using Alpha Channels & Association  
    3D Render/Texture Work
    Seamless Textures Clone Sources: Texture Creation Enhancing 3D Renders #01 Enhancing 3D Renders #02 Tone Mapping 3D Renders 3D Relighting with Normal Map Passes - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Colour Management
    OpenColorIO Setup OpenColorIO Adjustment Soft Proofing Printing on Mac Printing on Windows Wide Colour Profiles vs sRGB - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Macros Macros: Equations Macros: Layer Behaviour Batch Processing with Macros  
    Finishing Off
    Sharpening Selective Sharpening Exporting Export Compression Efficiency  
    Installing Nik Plugins (macOS) Installing Nik Plugins (Windows) Installing & Using Nik Dfine  
    Nature Portrait Supermoon Product Shot Retouching #01 Nighttime Architecture Workflow - YouTube / Vimeo Portrait Retouching Workflow - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Bonus Content
    Uplift Epic Skies (1.6 Bonus Content) - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Windows Workflow videos
    In addition to the regular tutorials, we've also got some workflow videos shot on the Windows version of Photo that cover using a variety of features to edit an image to completion. These tend to be released on a more informal basis.
    Hadrian's Wall Tiled Building Portrait Retouching Monochromatic Architecture Canary Wharf Banded Demoiselle  
    Please let us know about areas you think need covering, have problems with, don’t understand, or just tell us if we’re on the right or wrong track. Simply reply to this pinned topic.

    Have fun with Affinity Photo!

    Best wishes from the Affinity Documentation Team!
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    studio97 reacted to Pšenda in Translating in Dutch?   
    Yes, but Serif applications are not community (open source). And because they can not guarantee the quality and accuracy of translations, they will not go to that way.
    In my opinion, the translation of the environment / UI is not necessary, and it is often confusing. A translation of help and tutorials is needed.
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    studio97 reacted to haakoo in Translating in Dutch?   
    If Serif would provide with an xml or txt file that the community could translate for them.
    And they convert it to the file they're using in the apps or make it read from txt/xml or dic.
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    studio97 reacted to IanSG in Workspace doesn't show changes   
    This has been fixed in - thank you!
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    studio97 reacted to IanSG in Workspace doesn't show changes   
    Hi Chris
    It makes a difference, but the results aren't consistent!  If I zoom in and out the image becomes a lot lighter.  After that it might work or it might break the image into squares.  Sometimes its the navigator image that breaks up, but there doesn't seem to be any consistency there either.  I've tried 14bit DNG files and 12 bit RW2 files.