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  1. I have been playing with your new vegetation brushes, Stuart. They are really great! Thank you for sharing them.
  2. It looks excellent to me just as it is, but I would be interested to see the changes you are thinking about implemented. I prefer your version without the baby. I think the baby just unnecessarily complicates the composition. Thank you for sharing your image and the original paper cut diorama.
  3. I also thank you for sharing your styles.
  4. Stunning! I especially like your closeup shot showing all the detail work!
  5. Absolutely stunning and quite amazing that it was all vector! I can see why you have been working on it since December.
  6. Thank you, toltec, for your clear explanation. I have saved it for future reference.
  7. Your paintings are inspirational! Thank you for sharing them with us.
  8. The easiest way I have found to do it with Windows is to hold down Alt and select one of the two ends; it will move independently.
  9. Thank you for sharing these texture brushes, Stuart.
  10. Large, yes, but quite impressive! Excellent photos, glad you found them!
  11. Thank you for sharing these wood styles with us. They will most definitely be useful!
  12. I have just downloaded and installed AD I would like to know what is new in this version. Thank you.
  13. They do indeed look great on a black background! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Another splendid set of texture styles! Thank you so much for sharing!
  15. Thank you for sharing these Fur Styles with us. I downloaded them this morning and have been having fun exploring them; there's quite a variety!