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  1. This behaviour for me is distratful and unwanted. Then i am selecting my tools i ocasionally press tool i need even if it is already selected and than i end up with another preveously selected tool that is of course the tool i did not wanted. This behaviour is bad for me. It should be optional, so i hope you will add an option to disable such controversial behaviour.
  2. That is how my Affinity Designer's layout is looking now without status bar and bottom horizontal scrollbar (Windows 10 175% scaling, than windows scale is set to 175% and bottom windows bar is hided the bottom part of Affinity Designer's unmaximaized window is a little bit beneath screen (Issue). But it is good for me because it hides bottom horizontal scrollbar ) .
  3. Folder on Windows: C:\Users\TextusGames\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\1.0 (Beta)\Settings File: UserInterfacePreferences Parameter: <StatusBarVisible>True</StatusBarVisible> Change that line to: <StatusBarVisible>False</StatusBarVisible> Than save file. Than Restart Affinity Designer. Finally bottom status bar will dissapear
  4. To further increase vertical space i would prefer to have an option to hide scrollbars. (At least add this parameter in text setting file) I just never use those scrollbars.
  5. I am using the notebook , so buying new monitor is not suitable for me. However in the text settings file you can disable status bar by changing it parameter from True to False.
  6. Yes i do pan with scroll-wheel mouse button in affinity, but i personally to find it easy to pan with right mouse button(i think panning is very freakuent operation in my workflow). Plus i am using program there i pan with right button, and then i switch to affinity i have to pan with scroll-wheel button, this is a little inconsistant workflow. I hope in the future there will be option to pan with right button.
  7. Please expose to users parameter to hide status bar. This bar is only useful for learning but further it just eats vertical space. I Removeing this bar will increase valuable vertical space.
  8. It will be good if we can pan with right mouse button and still access context menu. It can be implemented if this way: if we click with RMB and not drag and than release mouse button there will be context menu and if we click and drag there will be panning behaviour. Unreal engine do this way. Here i am using just RMB for panning and for context menu. It howewer should be an optional behaviour becouse i think there is some people who prefer fast using of context menu ( Press and hold than choose menu command and than release in oppose to right click then choose menu comand than left click) But i would prefer to rather have right mouse pan(if click and drag) and context menu on mouse release(if where was no dragging).
  9. Tool's pointers are not affected by windows scaling and windows cursor scaling. In particulary pointer of the node tool is too small its (it nearly equal the square node handle, this is too small) . At same time pencil, artboard, text tools are big enough. And the transform tool pointer is as big as any other windows cursor, but i think that is becouse it does not have it's own cursor. Please make tool pointer bigger ( scalable with windows size).
  10. I thought multipple fills and stroke will be on fx studio and on time with multiple layer effects, but they are on it's seperate studio... Does multiple layer effect still on roadmap?