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  1. Gidday Patrick Thanks for that; message about spammers received and understood! You will see I have updated my profile successfully. When I joined this forum I did not encounter a welcome page where one might find housekeeping information and rules. Maybe I missed it! Anyhoo, I have been having tons of fun getting to know the absolutely amazing Affinity Designer. The amount of information and resources on this forum is almost overwhelming. I am excited. Thanks for your help Patrick!
  2. I am a total newbie to both Affinity Designer and to this forum. In going through the forums I have seen that many "members" have avatars or photos and location information attached to their posts, even newbies like me. I have looked everywhere in my profile and settings and can't find where I can set this up. Can anyone help? I have attached a couple of cropped screen shots to show what I mean.
  3. Thank you Stuart! These are really great brushes. As a newbie I am astonished by the level of creativity and generosity in the affinity community
  4. Hi, I'm David, an expatriot Torontonian who has been an Aussie since 1970! I have been using Adobe products (in Windows) since Macromedia's Dreamweaver (which we first bought in 1998) was acquired by Adobe in 2005. We are still using CS5 but refuse go CC after trialing it. Their software is now very clunky and stupidly expensive. I still use Paint Shop Pro 8 daily because it is very capable and fast for simple edits and printing. Lately I have been using Inkscape as a replacement for my ancient favorite vector drawing program, Corel Draw 12 (now also obscenely expensive). For an open source freebie, Inkscape is very capable. However it is quite limited in its file export capabilities. So far I have been using it to design products for our new store on Red Bubble ( https://www.redbubble.com/people/sunrisecoast/ Many moons ago we used Serif PagePlus for desktop publishing. For its day, it was ground breaking software and we loved it. Now we have discovered Affinity Designer! I installed a trial two days ago and tried it for about 4 hours. Yesterday I bought it! After years of frustration trying to harness the power of Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design, I found all the controls intuitive and powerful. The software is very responsive and fast and seems very stable. Yesterday, in Affinity Designer, for the very first time, I felt I was on top of organizing layers. The fact that is also handles raster images non-destructively within the same file and saves undo information within the file, is amazing! I will probably still use PS CS5, but not so much. When I have lots of experience with Affinity Designer, I will trial Affinity Photo and fully expect it will nearly totally replace PS CS5. And Affinity products are so affordable! I am so excited! When I strike some problems, I look forward to solving them here, in this forum. When I can, I will be happy to help others too. Thanks Serif. See ya later Adobe (not)!
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