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  1. It's Friday the 13th! The cats are programmed to play today! They will be gone tomorrow.
  2. I have just downloaded your brushes and given them a quick run through. I think they will be quite useful! Thank you for sharing them.
  3. What a great Christmas gift! These brushes are wonderfully varied. Thank you for sharing them, Stuart!
  4. Thank you, Stuart. I have scarfed them up!
  5. Every one of these snowflakes is lovely, Angelize! Thank you for sharing!
  6. These brushes are really great! I have installed them and am very impressed! Thank you for sharing!
  7. Thank you for sharing these three Christmas Styles.
  8. Wow! These Christmas Styles are great! Thank you so much for sharing them.
  9. I used a shape filled with red, then colored strokes curved as desired, grouped these and applied a Gaussian Blue, then nested them in the red shape.
  10. Thank you for these Neon Styles, Designia.
  11. This is a stunning and fantastic image, Marky!
  12. Hot dog! The images are showing now! I'm grabbing that first one to save for reference. Thank you.
  13. Thank you for sharing these Styles, Designia. I have just downloaded and installed them and look forward to using them. By the way, the images accompanying your post here are not showing.
  14. Thank you, toltec. That works. I think the reason for the Color Chooser is that it gives you greater control over your color choices. Strange that it's not covered in Help.
  15. I can't find the Color Chooser. I checked in View - Studio and it's not listed. I went to Help in AD and AP and got: "Search results for color chooser No results found" I am using AD and AP for Windows. Is this a Mac only option?
  16. I somehow missed seeing these when you released them the other day, but when I noticed them today, I scarfed them up1! Thank you so much for sharing, Stuart.
  17. Wow! These additional vegetation brushes are also great, Stuart! The holly leaf brushes will be quite useful for the holiday season, and the rest will also be used a lot! Thank you for sharing.
  18. I have been playing with your new vegetation brushes, Stuart. They are really great! Thank you for sharing them.
  19. It looks excellent to me just as it is, but I would be interested to see the changes you are thinking about implemented. I prefer your version without the baby. I think the baby just unnecessarily complicates the composition. Thank you for sharing your image and the original paper cut diorama.
  20. I also thank you for sharing your styles.
  21. Stunning! I especially like your closeup shot showing all the detail work!
  22. Absolutely stunning and quite amazing that it was all vector! I can see why you have been working on it since December.
  23. Thank you, toltec, for your clear explanation. I have saved it for future reference.
  24. Your paintings are inspirational! Thank you for sharing them with us.
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