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  1. I was able to import it to Affinity designer ver 2 without problems I'm on windows 10
  2. Nice piece Whichever tool you choose you have below an explanation of the shortcuts you can use Yes you can change color most of the time, and styles can be created on your own, in Affinity there is currently only one category of style. Depending on what software you have if it's a photo you can if it's a designer I do not think
  3. As you suggested, I messed with the drivers, and the issue in Photo was not resolved, but other issues that were in other software were resolved. I did not know that updated drivers are not always the best, thank you Gregory St. Laurent
  4. Amazing I think both very nice But the bottom I like more
  5. Thank you PeteMacca. I turned it Off hardware acceleration and it works much better, I always update my drivers, so they are probably just not compatible.
  6. After a few moments of work, Photo just does not respond, and I have to close it and reopen it like this all the time, I use version 1.10, but it's also was with previous version 1.9, I did not notice if it actually happens when I do something specific. I have attached a DUMP file and a video Does anyone know of a version that does not crush? new movie.mp4 crashpad_handler.DMP Photo.7z
  7. Your work really amazes me, I would like to know how you do it, I also have the GMIC plugin.
  8. Thank u very very mach! Your work is always beautiful and useful.
  9. thank u for sharing your brushes i like them a lot
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