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  1. I will take one as well! Rob
  2. rgcn

    Call for Camera Images

    Submitted a RAW and OOC jpeg of the same image straight from my Canon T5i Rob
  3. rgcn

    New Logo Please!

    I very much like the logos of the apps as well as the Affinity logo. I would proudly sport any of those logos on swag, such as shirts or decals etc. Cheers. Rob
  4. Love the sneak peek! Cannot wait until I get to try it out! Rob
  5. Congratulations, well deserved! Keep up the great work. Rob
  6. Have you tried to download an older version of iTunes that allowed to purchase iOS apps on a mac? https://support.apple.com/downloads/itunes Rob
  7. Great job with the Photo Workbook, but I have one question. How did you get the iMac on Page 15 to run on battery? Rob
  8. I love the Photo Workbook great work everyone involved! Rob
  9. Ordered my photo workbook this morning. Rob
  10. rgcn

    Designer for iPad Pro 2

    Any more teasers for Designer for iPad? Rob
  11. rgcn

    Designer for iPad Pro 2

    Thats quite the teaser!
  12. This would be another great app in the Affinity arsenal. I have been exploring Aperture alternatives, and have not pulled the trigger on Lightroom yet, but looks as though I will be going that route for the time being. rob
  13. These are so handy to watch on the desktop while trying things out on the iPad. Keep up the great work Rob

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