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  1. This was asked in 2016 but I just thought I’d check in and see if any plans had been made for a Dreamweaver competitor ?
  2. How do you mask out part of a vector and keep it as a vector without any rasterisation ? I found a video that showed using the blend setting on the blend mode but that made the image section a raster. The actual task I am trying to do is make this. Shape below. I made it like this (which is wrong as it produces rasterised sections that don't remain sharp at all scales) - Two rounded corner rectangles the inner one uses the erase blend mode to make a hole in the bigger one. - A rounded corner rectangle to make the page turn part in the top right. A rectangle rotated 45deg and the blend erase mode snips the corner off - Text saying Zip file from the AF designer text tool
  3. Thanks. You’re an absolute legend. That tool looks really good and it’s free for Mac/ windows / web . Baffling how they give it away for free. Hope that doesn’t change. I hope they add IOS to that list.
  4. Whenever I start a new software project it always starts with making flow diagrams and making very quick block diagrams for the interface. At the moment I do this in open office as it allows for easy drag and drop shapes and editable right-angle/elbow connectors you can drag around and snap to the objects. So if have a group of connected objects you can move them and the connectors stay connected. Can Affinity Designer do this? It would be cool if this were possible as when Affinity designer for iPad comes out I would be able to start diagrams on one platform and continue editing them on another.
  5. Omg omg omg..... I know this is an old thread but I think I love you a little bit. I build websites in Dreamweaver and have wanted to A) Stop paying for extortionate Adobe subscriptions B) Have something to make layout simpler but I have to be able to then go into the code for advanced php / Javascript I just watched the video in Pinegrow and it blew my mind. I have been searching / asking all over the net for ages and no one ever mentioned pinegrow. These things are a really big deal when working with them professionally day in / day out. Mind blown/ sale made. Thanks so much (PS Don't worry affinity if you bring out an affinity web editor I'd buy it in a heartbeat too )
  6. What I'm really hoping is that Affinity Designer for iPad will optimise for the Pencil. My dream is simply being able to draw vector drawings directly with the pencil and have the software figure out the points and curves for you.
  7. I'm so excited on the Synology forum someone recommended File Browser. I was trying to browse my Synology NAS and drop files directly onto a Focus stack. Just couldn't do it. Had to use a PC and go NAS to iCloud... wait.....iCloud to iPad..... wait...... iCloud to Affinity Photo iPad wait...... With FileBrowser I just browsed to the files location directly on the NAS and used IOS11 drag and drop straight into an Affinity Photo Focus stack. Boom done. I have also connected my Mac, PC, iCloud too. The App is just epic and will be even more useful when Affinity Designer Drops. https://www.stratospherix.com/products/filebrowser/
  8. Thanks this would be really handy as focus stacks always have errors that need to be fixed like this.
  9. There is a video on how to do retouching of focus stacks on desktop affinity photo. How can you do this on the iPad ? I can’t find a sources panel on the iPad version.
  10. Affinity photo/designer are £48.99 which is great and the iPad version is even better at £20 and we get free updates but does that mean forever or on interger changes like Affinity Photo/ Designer 2 / 3 / 4 will we have to purchase again? If so will there be upgrade pricing?
  11. Can you export all photos in a project at the same time? It seems like a common behaviour to need so I hope there is a way. I was hoping it would be an option on the project menu where the three little lines are, but the only option is rename.
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