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  1. I am thinking of buying a new tablet and have all three Affinity Programs. Will it be possible to run these programs on Ipad Air? If I duplicated this request I apologise but I couldn't find my password at first. Then I found it and submitted the question again . Regards, Tim
  2. Is there an Affinity Publisher Workbook? If not are there any plans to publish one. I have been out of the lime light for a while but I am back now and I am getting stuck into Publisher, but I am well out of date so if could someone enlighten me with regard to the book please? Thanks, Tim
  3. I am looking for software that can make a good job of creating Greeting Cards. I used to use Page Plus X9, but I am not sure if it is a security risk as it is no longer updated. Is there an Affinity Program that is capable of doing this? If so which one please and are there any relevant tutorials for the creation of Greeting Cards? Thanks, Tim
  4. Yes, it was a mastery of the colour chart that I needed. It's handled now. Thanks again, Tim
  5. Wow, Thanks Walt, that one I can do! For some very "Senior" reason I could not manage the other two. I kept ending up with a grey triangle that blotted out the photo. Can you or Michael explain what I was doing wrong before, please? Cheers, Tim
  6. Hi, Michael and Walt many thanks for your responses. I will give this a go tomorrow. Tim
  7. I am sorry if this is obvious, but I am a complete novice when it comes to Publishing. However, I have had a go and like what I see. Is it possible to insert a picture into a shape? If so how is it done please? Also if it is not possible, could it be made possible? Cheers, Tim
  8. Thanks for your reply MEB. Next Year is only about 5 weeks away. Any idea when next year? Tim
  9. Can anyone in Serif throw any light on the release of Affinity Publisher. Any chance of that anytime soon?
  10. I have ordered mine as well. I hope it has it has a glossary of graphical terms, such as chromatic aberration and other such mind-bogglers. That's the only thing I found lacking in the Affinity Designer Workbook. Not having an understanding of the nomenclature used is one heck of a drawback when studying. Tim
  11. Has anyone got a date yet for the Affinity Photo Workbook publish release date?
  12. HI MEB, Thanks for your response. Has the Workbook been started yet? It would be so useful to have. I use to love all the resource books for theSerif Plus series. Regards, Tim
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