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  1. Is there any possibility to export/import master pages with affinity publisher? Is it further possible to define default directories for affinity publisher files and one for exported PDF‘s? Many thanks for your help!
  2. NoJu

    Flowing Text bug - (split)

    I installed Affinity Publisher Beta version without problems. The problem with the test document of PatrickOfLondon seems to have been resolved. I had no crash by testing it after updating the Beta Version.
  3. NoJu

    Flowing Text bug - (split)

    I tried the test document (bug demo).afpub from PatrickOfLondon an had the same problems. After 1 or 2 or 3 steps the Publisher crashed after getting a new text frame with flowing text. First I thought the problem happens only if I used the intern graphic interface Intel HD 620 from my Surface pro, but it happens also by using the intern graphic interface WARP from Publisher.
  4. I had no problems by installing the update, but by creating a photobook I had several crashes. Using the formal version with 40 pages of a photobook I had no problem at all. I think there is a problem for Affinity Publisher after the update by using the graphic interface Intel HD Graphics 620. I had no problems by using Affinity Photo or Designer with HD Graphics 620. My equipment is: Windows 10 pro x64, version 1803, Build 17134.345 Microsoft Surface pro, Intel i5-7300U, 2,6 GHz, 8 GB RAM HD Graphics 620
  5. Thank you. I installed the update and tested the export of jpg-pages with bleed and without bleed. It was ok. My problem is solved.
  6. What a pity! I found another way. I create the pages/double pages with the dimension the service provider needs for the photobook (with bleed). Then I import all Affinity Designer files in Affinity Publisher pages and export a standard PDF for screen without bleed. It costs more time, but it works.
  7. I want to create a photobook with Affinity Publisher and export the pages as jpegs with bleed including. The software for the photobook needs jpegs. The serviceprovider needs the bleed for cropping the pages after printing. For exporting PDFs there is a checkbox to include or exclude bleed. Is it possible to add the same checkbox for exporting jpegs?