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  1. at version 6.8 no... only eps (without, with preview), wmf or gif. yes i can convert eps -> pdf but hm... every eqasion has own dimmensions so i waste (generete) time to proces it. also i coud do it form designer but stil file generate error. so.. back to illustrator? or buy math type ver 7.3? or use another program? hell time will tell that file was created form clean install of mathtype with default fonts. yes i can (and i use it) change font (but still no work for me ) for publication. Math Type use transparency in .wmf, .gif, and also in .eps (i usually save highlighted option) for .eps mt 6.8 dont have option (only form save window i can choose) yes i can export in raster file but hell 6 years using math type and eps is a little habit for me.. mac/windows? -> for me still nothing and im usuing other fonts
  2. in indesign if in text frame is text overflow, program notifiy red mark in down right corner
  3. HI. As i test Publisher for my use (technical books), im trireing importing some old project (to test what publisher can do for me right now ). and It seems that Publisher got problems with equasions created in mathtype 6.8 and are exported as .eps (no tiff preview, with tiff preview, with wmf preview) .wmf (but is not vector file.. corect me if im wrong) and .gif works fine. Also those files dont open in designer or photo. Those files works well in indesign and ilustrator. In attachment u can see .eps file and how is publisher see this file 123new.eps
  4. no. u can use programs that sorts fonts like fontbase, font navigator, font nexus. in those program u can contorl loading fonts that u need for projects. or maybe affinity will wrote in future that kind of a program.
  5. @Aammppaa but the do restart on each page (its only a small text frame with no numbered list), im doing something like this on every project that i work. After i create layout of course If i need to change baseline i return to master page and add missing line numbers/delete to many. If i need add another master page i only copy 2 text frame
  6. not only qr, but ean, and upc (for product catalog) , isbn (books etc)
  7. preflight is must have for DTP program. missing link, missing font, wrong range of color...
  8. that will work for a small publication, now i have 300+ images.... lots of clickin also on my catalog resource i have to many images that i wont use in final version, and packege (like indesign) helps me to create/save final draft with all files that i use. rest is for backup/delete
  9. also create own templates for dimensions of publication like i use a lot B5 size
  10. good option would be to add in preferences how images user would like to manege - embeded or linked
  11. on master page create text frame with numbers. text frame must have baseline. then on every page that use that master page you will have line numers (realy old trick :-))
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