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  1. Your passion on the subject is admirable, very appreciated but utterly misplaced. Read the thread not the last comment to hook up on it... Sometimes I ask myself how many people read the entire or at least the initial problem paragraph of the topic to the point when they post something and why they keep such "interesting" attitude towards others. First it was 8 bit era now it is 18 years old and we bite bullets and make transitions while someone writes on the wall. Also I advise against making excuses or assumptions on other companies account. Serif will fix it in time because they
  2. True story and you are completely right, and I cannot blame the client for that. Things cannot wait. And If we cannot get the job done then other people will. Publisher is recognizing the fonts, it have problem with encoding, PS1 was example font. And saving in post script file is not something missing or old either. I saw threads from people with Asian language encodings, that had that same problem. It is just a bug that have to be fixed. And when noted I posted here. Best regards.
  3. Oh God, yes you described it short to the point and I feel for you too. I passed through some of this before abandoning the idea at all, and I know what pain this is when you have a lot of work to do having 31 years of work behind you. Respect. Never-mind that the OS stops supporting programs "because they are making transition" (for more buggy and incompetent operating system but that is another topic). As for the QXP support - I do not see how I will send to them volumes of files that they can poke in just to convert them. Do not get me wrong, some clients really do not like that idea a
  4. I will try to make the long story short as possible: First point - I can, and I do expect, and it would be not just nice but it is required from the customers and in fact by the giants in the market that support it today and now. This is not outdated technology more than bitmaps and gifs. No one is talking about any 8 bit or any era (I do not remember in DOS to had ability to choose many things, and most printers where dot matrix or needle or thermal printing and had certain list of "fonts" if you can call them like that at all, but whatever maybe I am wrong). The idea is that I do t
  5. P.P.S. When you go in print, then you want to save PostScript file - the program crashes. Also when you to set print range - for example from 2 to 4 all done. Then you want to print entire range of the pages later - if you are in show details panel - to set and see more options - you may set again to entire document, this will not change any settings and you will again get the same 2 to 4th page to print. You have to go back and hide details and then set the pages to "entire document" there in the "simpler menu", hit print - And the program crashes so no print for me. Same happens if
  6. P.S. Interestingly enough, when I try to use find and replace function - the replace all leads to Crash. Also had to restart the machine, because font manager decided that it will always put same font to substitute no matter what I choose. Had to reset from miscellaneous the program and then to reset the computer. The program still remember the fonts but not the UI settings.
  7. Hello everyone. First I am sorry if this is duplicate or there is answer already (if there is I will be deeply obliged to anyone who can answer to me). Also may be I am incompetent - I do not want to say anything bad, and this may not be bug, but my fault (not knowing some setting for example). However - here is my problem. First the problems with the fonts - fonts are basically the main building block when you make any publication regardless of the type of it. My first and main problem now is that Cyrillic fonts are not properly recognized and give error message of "Unsupporte
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