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  1. Thanks for all the recommendation. But a automatic / flexible way would be so much better, because otherwise I have to reorder it every time i change the layout.
  2. As a teacher a want to use the app for designing Textbooks. And the possibility to add line numbering would be great. Thanks for the app! Looks brilliant on the first view.
  3. Thanks for the hint. But it didn't quite worked out for me.
  4. Thank you very much
  5. Can nobody help me or explain why I have these white areas?
  6. Hi there, i'm a newbie. I was designen a poster for the university an. Now I wanted to print it in DIN A1. But everytime I export it with to PDF I have a big white area. Can anyone help me. I need to print it tomorrow. Thank you very much Plakat Gewächshaus.afdesign