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  1. Hi Dan Unticking Enable Hardware Acceleration has solved the problem. Thank's Can you tell me what Metal Compute is? Paul
  2. Hi Walt Attached is an example image with the 'offending' circle showing a transparency background. I'm using Photo version 1.7.4 with OS 10.14.6. Strange that this problem does not occur on the smudge brush tool.
  3. The blur brush tool is behaving strangely. The selection circle is displayed and is normal when I move it over the image. When I click to work with it a checkered background appears within the circle. It also does not work. The same applies to sharpen and gaussian blur brush tools but strangely not smudge which works as normal. Does this mean a re-install?
  4. A useful touch would be 'Preview' where the page views can be switched quickly between grids and guides on or off.
  5. It would be very useful to have a selection of print templates including bleed marks and safe areas.
  6. Hello I'm Paul and remember using Serif products many years ago when I had a Windows PC. Now I'm an avid MAC user for the last 15 years or so I have been using several image editing programs as Serif seemed to be only available on the Windows platform. It's good to see Serif for MAC as they are quite a solid company with a lot of experience in this field. Affinity looks a very well constructed and well laid out program in it's beta form so hopefully we will see more facilities added to it when the full version becomes available. My immediate observation on this beta version is the
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