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  1. Hi Dan Unticking Enable Hardware Acceleration has solved the problem. Thank's Can you tell me what Metal Compute is? Paul
  2. Hi Walt Attached is an example image with the 'offending' circle showing a transparency background. I'm using Photo version 1.7.4 with OS 10.14.6. Strange that this problem does not occur on the smudge brush tool.
  3. The blur brush tool is behaving strangely. The selection circle is displayed and is normal when I move it over the image. When I click to work with it a checkered background appears within the circle. It also does not work. The same applies to sharpen and gaussian blur brush tools but strangely not smudge which works as normal. Does this mean a re-install?
  4. Thank you for that. I suppose I didn't understand the use of re-setting of styles even after reading the instructions. I have learnt something there.
  5. Hi Walt Thank you for offering to look over the file in question. I attach it to this message. There are other problems which you may discover. I'm not worried about text overflowing at the moment but the text box is difficult to work with as is trying to select text and formatting. FFMO Programme 020419.afpub
  6. I have no styles selected. Setting a text box on to the canvas should not have the problem of the curser not starting top left inside. This problem does not exist on new documents its just with the current one I'm working on.
  7. I have been keeping right up to date with all the versions and have just dowloaded The problems still exist. At the moment I have not seen anyone else experience these problems. Probably the most odd is when I choose a new Frame Text Tool the curser sits on top of the box. The box then disappears when I start typing with the text obviously in the wrong place. At other times when I drag the Frame Text Tool on to the page text next to the box is highlighted. I have been using Affinity Publisher Beta since it first arrived and did experience similar problems in the beginning. Up until the last two versions Publisher has worked quite well.
  8. Since the last beta laying down and formatting text is a nightmare. Opening the frame text box the curser is placed on top of the box outside. Sometimes the first letter of each line is capitalised. Selecting a block of text is very tricky and it shouldn't be. Text inside a frame text box does not move with the box. Paragraph spacing is also very tricky and takes a lot of patience to get it as needed. Not sure what is going on but this version is just not working very well at all.
  9. Hopefully these Posts are read buy the developer. Knowing Sefif they are sure to sort it out.
  10. Thanks Walt. Problem is now sorted. I've learnt to check the Character Studio setting should I have problems like this again.
  11. Not sure how this is happening but sometimes text is being placed under the top line of the text box. I cannot place the text inside the box. The cursor immediately moves to the top perimeter of the box and then I can enter the text. The text will not realign even though I place the text box over it. This seems to have occurred since the last couple of beta versions.
  12. A useful touch would be 'Preview' where the page views can be switched quickly between grids and guides on or off.
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