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    fde101 got a reaction from pruus in Templates   
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    fde101 reacted to Gabe in Emoji 4 Publisher beta   
    Hi @Myke 1964,
    Welcome to the forums. 
    I'm afraid we do not support Emojis, and this would be expected - Blank squares. 
    Also, if you're using a fond that does not support certain characters, they would be rendered like that. Not much we can do, as it's not down to us, but to the actual font. 
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    fde101 reacted to timme in Feature request: Backup and restore settings   
    With this post I would like to a feature request.
    It would be nice if we could backup and restore our settings. The backup files should be platform independent so it can be used to migrate settings between Mac en Pc.
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    fde101 reacted to toltec in A really great selection brush idea.   
    Having spent years making countless selections, I normally end up using the Pen tool to create a path because the Selection Brush Tool isn't always up to the job.
    On many selections, Snap to Edges is just too "Snappy" or if you turn Snap to Edges Off, trying to paint along edges is very hard with a mouse. A bit better with a pen but still awkward
    I have recently become a big fan of your Brush Stabiliser so, could you not add the Stabiliser to the Selection brush?
    Considering how often people have to make selections, that would be a truly great (and unique?) Photo feature !!!
    I tried it using a paint brush and it worked really well, so much better 
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    fde101 reacted to ReinhardK in Color Correction with X-Rite Colorchecker Passport   
    hi, could you please add support for X-Rite Colorchecker Passport?

    it was initially asked in this thread:

    thank you,
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    fde101 reacted to MEB in TARGA file please?   
    Hi Tesla,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    We added support for alpha when importing TGA's. Still no alpha on export though.
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    fde101 reacted to Patrick Connor in How to make round corners for images?   
    There will shortly be elliptical picture frames as a basic object too  (you are welcome)
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    fde101 got a reaction from Alfred in Arrowheads please   
    I think it is safe to expect that whenever they finally implement those for Designer they will be in Publisher too.  It seems to me also like a rather long wait for these compared to some of the rest of what they are doing, but we don't see what they are fighting with internally to make it happen either.
    If I am understanding correctly the fact that it is on the roadmap means we will see it before 2.x, so there is that at least.
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    fde101 reacted to MikeV in Arrowheads please   
    Would like to request the function of adding arrowheads to either or both ends of straight and curved lines. Have read that this is function has been on the 'to add' list for Designer since 2014. Would like to add my voice to including this function in the Publisher requested features list. I use lines with arrowheads often in InDesign for notating diagrams, suggesting flow, and to highlight elements within a layout for clients.
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    fde101 got a reaction from eurime in Right to Left Support for Hebrew and Arabic   
    I believe some traditional Japanese texts actually run top-to-bottom (a "line" is written as a column) then right-to-left?
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    fde101 got a reaction from Old Bruce in Masterpages and Layers   
    or for an entire master page, as there can be more than one master assigned to a page - you could have one for stuff on the bottom and another for stuff on the top
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    fde101 got a reaction from Old Bruce in Conditionnal text and pictures   
    Yeah, when I was reading this my first thought too was to use layers until I started thinking about this being text.  The text could be in the middle of a test box sandwiched between other text, so this could require that text be re-flowed and could impact the page count of the document, page references, TOC contents, etc...  Layers would not accommodate this and it is a non-trivial request.  Unless the Affinity team has already been secretly working on this behind the scenes I don't think it is realistic to expect this in the first release, though not a bad feature to put on the request list for a future addition.
    In the meantime I would suggest developing a single manual for both models, including some kind of icon or other marker (colored bar in the margin, etc.) to indicate things that are specific to one model or the other.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Fixx in Won't buy affinity publisher if it is missing:   
    1) they are called tutorials
    2) this would be great, but I don't need it most of the time, so it won't hold me up
    3) seriously?  take some measurements and drag out some guides...
    4) command+Z, shift+command+Z
    5) File/Print, PDF -> Open PDF in Preview
    6) ?
    7) Affinity Photo
    8) Affinity Designer
    9) this would be nice, yes
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    fde101 got a reaction from RickyO in Is there any software out there for checking 'printed colour ink balance' usage?   
    You can set color profiles in several places throughout the Affinity apps, and there are even options to embed the color profiles in some of the exported image formats.
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    fde101 got a reaction from RickyO in Is there any software out there for checking 'printed colour ink balance' usage?   
    One thing to consider here is that different printers might use ink in different ratios for the same document.  For example I have a color laser printer that seems to use some of the color ink when printing a purely black document: I think their color management must have determined that the black ink isn't really black and added a bit of color ink to compensate for whatever the black ink isn't absorbing of the light.
    Different printers with different ink formulations, after color management is applied to the document, will use the ink in slightly different ratios, so for a tool like the one you are suggesting to be accurate it may need to account for the color management profile of the printer that the document will be printed on.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Jowday in text has changed into curves, why?   
    I agree that seems like a bad shortcut to have there.  If they are going to give it one it should be something strange like command+option+shift+F6 or whatever.
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    fde101 reacted to Patrick Connor in Document Units - Picas   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums  
    You (and the many others here ) may be pleased to hear that we are currently internally testing picas as a new Affinity unit type. It may take a few iterations to implement perfectly, but soon enough should be what the contributors here are hoping for. It should be available in the next APub beta release due later this week, let us know if it works for you.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Fun Art Sam in Remove individual master pages   
    You can remove an individual master by deleting its "layer" in the layers palette.
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    fde101 got a reaction from Patrick Connor in InDesign plugin for Affinity Publisher?   
    They already have, in the Publisher area of the forum - where this thread probably should have been:
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    fde101 got a reaction from Portals Between in Picas   
    Yes, while I am by no means a pro myself, I have studied it just enough to know that here in the US the majority of the professional publishing world works in terms of picas and points as is being requested here.
    It will be very difficult to get the program to be taken seriously in US professional circles without that option.
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    fde101 got a reaction from angelhdz12 in After Effects PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE   
    During the probably-quite-long wait for this, check out Fusion: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/fusion/
    While I would not put it past the Affinity team to be capable of producing a product like what you are asking for, it seems to be *way* outside their current scope, so I certainly wouldn't be expecting it anytime soon.
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    fde101 got a reaction from SrPx in Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview   
    Motion has been mentioned a few times; if you don't mind a rather different approach, check out Fusion (from BlackMagic Design) too - it is node-based rather than layer-based but if you can wrap your head around it that actually provides a lot more flexibility.  Free version too.
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    fde101 reacted to Petar Petrenko in Affinity Photo 1.5 has launched!   
    A new DAM app will be next after Publisher come out.
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