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  1. I agree too. Yesterday Tom Schülke posted something similar to this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/79462-i-wished-that/
  2. elmonopascual

    I wished that.....

    Totally agree!
  3. Hello. It would be useful if the print dialog had an option to center horizontally and vertically when using N-Up layout. That way you has not to calculate the top and left distance manually. I attach an image to clarify.
  4. Hi Petar. I understand what you say now. You mean freely edit a master page object on any page, only for that page. Anyway, I think is good that certain properties of master pages objects be locked by default to prevent accidentally move them (or change them) because master page objects are "suppossed to be the same on all pages", at least initially (of course with the possibility of unlock them). For me is a question of agility / safety that could be configured depending how the user feels more comfortable.
  5. Hi. The problem I see with this, is that you can accidentally move some master page element when working on a page and the mistake will propagate accross all pages. In my opinion turning on explicitly the edit mode is a safety step. To make all us happy, this behavior could be configurable under preferences.
  6. Thanks for the new version! Great work with the new master pages functionality. I like it!
  7. Hi Steps. This happened to me when I dragged a text asset from the Assets Panel. In my case, if I change the zoom level, the text appears.
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    Hi Mark. In my case it synchronizes well (stroke width, stroke color, fill color) on both: shapes and curves. Are you sure you didn't switched off the Sync button accidentally?
  9. Hi Pinnochio. I don't know if this is what you want, but you can change the TAB of the bullets for a space and then the bullets will remain near to the text. I attach you a screen shot.
  10. I found this playing with the new version 192 (thanks for that, by the way!) If you open the Glyph Browser and try to do double click on any glyph (but not being positioned in a text frame or artistic text) the app closes immediatly. Suggestion: It would be nice that if you drag and drop any glyph over the page (or double click as mentioned), it would be inserted as curves.
  11. MickRose: You are right. I didn't knew that option. Thanks!
  12. Hi Neufmontiers. Choose the Fill Tool [G] and make sure the start node and the end node of the fill reaches the borders of your shape.
  13. Hi Mr. K. Here is a workaround: Open the Glyph Browser and insert the character named "Glyph 1" before the "S" letter (using the same font that the text in your list). Now you can select the word "Step" and apply any style you want. The "Glyph 1" character does not add any extra space. The style of the number remains as it is.