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  1. elmonopascual

    Different CMYK values on an object

    Same here.
  2. Hi. I open this topic here because a few days ago I commented about a bug in the forum of the beta version of Affinity Designer, but I should open it here. The color picker tool has precision problems when selecting colors (especially in CMYK documents; in RGB documents it has them but they are less frequent). When you select a color and apply it, the HSL values change. I attach a video so you can see what I'm talking about. In the video I do two tests: the first with a CMYK document (press ready) and the second with an RGB document (print). In each of the tests I take two samples and apply them. In CMYK, it fails both times. In RGB only the second one fails. See the HSL values in Color Panel. Please, check this bug as it is present in all applications: Designer, Photo and Publisher. The color picker tool is a basic tool that should have precision when taking samples. It should pick the exact color, not just a similar one. Thanks! color_picker.mp4
  3. elmonopascual

    Problem with dropper tool (color picker)

    Thanks VolkerMB. I was already thinking that it would be a problem of my configuration or video card, monitor, etc. But it seems to be a bug present in the three all apps: Designer, Photo and Publisher. Thanks for checking it.
  4. elmonopascual

    Problem with dropper tool (color picker)

    I attach a video (using the color wheel to choose the fill color of a rectangle, then with dropper pick the fill color, and finally apply the picked color to the same rectangle: the HSL values change!!!)... By the way, my color picker is configured to 1x1 (point). Color Picker Tool.mp4
  5. elmonopascual

    HSL picker and Font bug

    Hi _Bluebug. I have the same problem with color picker tool. Can't pick the exact color (HSL, CMYK, ...). I started this topic in the beta forum: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/87562-problem-with-dropper-tool-color-picker/ The bug is present in Photo, Designer and Publisher. The color picker tool is not accurate. It picks a similar color, but not exactly the same.
  6. elmonopascual

    Problem with dropper tool (color picker)

    I have noticed that if the color space is RGB (new / type: print), the problem occurs much less frequently than if the color space is CMYK (new / type: print press ready). For example, in RGB, with the second color of the palette (orange) does not give problems, but with the fourth color, the problem occurs (yellow). This way, the color picker is not accurate. Can someone confirm it? EDIT: If I use the color space CMYK in Affinity Photo, the problems occurs too.
  7. Hi, I think there is a bug with the dropper tool (color picker tool): 1 - Create a new document 2 - Draw a rectangle 3 - Select a color from the panel of swatches to apply as a fill for the rectangle (for example, the second (orange) of the Colours palette, H: 21, S: 90, L: 50) 4 - Drag the dropper to the rectangle to take the fill color sample 5 - Click on the selected dropper color ... The color applied is different from the one originally in the rectangle (H: 13, S: 100, L: 50). The same happens with the color wheel, the panel that is under the sliders, etc. Also when comparing CMYK values, they are different too. I'm using the version EDIT: The same problem is present in Affinity Publisher (last version). In Affinity Photo it seems to work OK. EDIT: I attach an image to clarify...
  8. I agree too. Yesterday Tom Schülke posted something similar to this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/79462-i-wished-that/
  9. elmonopascual

    I wished that.....

    Totally agree!
  10. Hello. It would be useful if the print dialog had an option to center horizontally and vertically when using N-Up layout. That way you has not to calculate the top and left distance manually. I attach an image to clarify.
  11. elmonopascual

    Elements on Master Page(s)

    Hi Petar. I understand what you say now. You mean freely edit a master page object on any page, only for that page. Anyway, I think is good that certain properties of master pages objects be locked by default to prevent accidentally move them (or change them) because master page objects are "suppossed to be the same on all pages", at least initially (of course with the possibility of unlock them). For me is a question of agility / safety that could be configured depending how the user feels more comfortable.
  12. elmonopascual

    Elements on Master Page(s)

    Hi. The problem I see with this, is that you can accidentally move some master page element when working on a page and the mistake will propagate accross all pages. In my opinion turning on explicitly the edit mode is a safety step. To make all us happy, this behavior could be configurable under preferences.
  13. Thanks for the new version! Great work with the new master pages functionality. I like it!
  14. Hi Steps. This happened to me when I dragged a text asset from the Assets Panel. In my case, if I change the zoom level, the text appears.