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  1. THANK YOU!! I was trying to remember enough of the title, to find this via a search. I had forgotten a step
  2. The most recent version of Topaz Studio ( V 1.4.4), can be accessed from AP. Make a duplicate layer.. select "continue" from the pop-up. pictured below..and Studio will work. ETA.... I'm using AP on a Windows machine
  3. Just wondering if there's been any word, from Topaz?
  4. Guilty, as charged! Four bags of Yorkshire Red, in a pot to make 2 12oz mugs, after a 5 minute steep
  5. OOOPS!! Mea Culpa.... Found them! It's amazing, how caffeine improves the eyesight!
  6. That's easy for you to say! signed: - A Laptop User
  7. If you don't mind referring that OTHER product.... and IF "photoshop" brushes work in Affinity (never tried it, myself..yet! ). If you Google "smoke effect photoshop brush", you'll find many free ones that might be what you need.
  8. Great! Thanks!!!
  9. Of course, for some, it's a VERY short ride! ;)
  10. Now THIS should be a sticky, somewhere! Great idea, thanks!
  11. Thank you, for these!
  12. I regularly manipulate photos. When I do, I usually put it as 'made into a "painting" '
  13. I just started the course a few days ago, and after having used AP for months.. I'm already learning stuff, I wish I'd known earlier! :D
  14. Thank you!!