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  1. According to one of TPTB (The Powers That Be), in a reply, in a thread, over at Skylum... AI 2.0 will be coming to Flex
  2. Just downloaded/installed these in AP... They look FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for these!!
  3. Not sure about Draw... But comparing their photo editing program (PSP) to AP, is like comparing a roller skate, to a Rolls Royce! And. YES, I've used both (The photo editing programs, not the wheeled objects )
  4. A screen shot, from an Osprey Cam, in Maine, this morning
  5. Please pardon the "Thread Necromancy" But, as of today, I have finally cut the cord, and cancelled my Adobe plan!
  6. Takes longer to describe, than to do, but..... Under "Document", choose "Resize Canvas", and increase it, by the width of your choice Add a pixel layer, drag it below the "background layer" Use "Flood Fill Tool" ON THE PIXEL LAYER!! ( I need to keep reminding myself ), in the color of your choice...I used black, in this.
  7. Got them both, for my favorite price.. FREE!! Thank you very much!! If you haven't checked out his courses.. DO SO! I now have four Affinity Photo, and one Nik courses, of his.
  8. Sounds like the best solution
  9. If I'm reading the question properly... When opening TS as a plugin... send the adjustments made in Topaz, back to Affinity, by clicking the "OK" on the bottom right, of the Topaz screen.. see the sloppy attempt at drawing an arrow, below
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