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  1. I am afraid that the issue is not only when I use my graphic tablet. It now happens as well when I use the mouse. here is the latest report : It is becoming extremely frustrating!!!!
  2. Is there anything else you can do ? Having the application crash every 2 or three minutes is treally frustrating and it impedes so much on my work that I cannot decently use the application as a production tool. I have a work for a Client that I cannot complete in time because the application keeps crashing.
  3. My mistake, it is indeed the Pencil Tool, and, as well, I have noticed, the Vector Brush tool as well.
  4. Since I have updated to the latest version of Designer (1.8.4), it keeps crashing all the time and it is really frustrating. Could anyone help, please. I am on a MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013, with MAC OS Catalina 10.15.6 Here is the latest report I have after a crash:
  5. the updates do not appear in the Mac app store , is that normal? same thing for affinity photo 1.8.4.
  6. thanks for all replies. Scanning to a tiff file does indeed render the colors rights.
  7. this is a dng file because I ticked the tiff dng format option.
  8. I thought that with a dng file there would be more data recorded.
  9. I have Affinity photo 1.8.3 on macbook pro, MAC OS 10.15.4. my scanner is Plustek 8200i. My scanner application is Vuescan 9 x64 (9.7.25). the colors in the image showing on the scan preview in vue scan are drastically differents from the colors showing when I open the scan in Affinity Photo (images attached) The color profiles settings in vuescan are showing in the vuescan screenshots and I have also a screenshot of the color preferences in Affinity Photo. Could you please help as I am pulling my hair over this issue.
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