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  1. Do you guys know when the final version of designer 1.7 will be released.
  2. Does anyone know when the non-beta version of affinity photo will be released?
  3. Here is a photo retouching done on affinity photo: What do you guys think?
  4. I do not know if I am missing something. I am trying to set up publisher for a magazine format with the blurb specifications. but something is off, the bleed guide seems to be outside the document. I have included the screen grabs showing the blurb magazine specifications, the publisher document settings, margin settings and bleed settings., as well the publisher file. am I doing something wrong or is there a setting missing in the beta software. also the bleed guide is in grey color, is there a setting somewhere in the software to set the custom color for margin guide and bleed guide sample.afpub
  5. Do you guys know if there is a way to differentiate layers by color in affinity designer for a visual clarity of layers.
  6. I am new to affinity Designer (though not new with Affinity photos) and I am please with it. I have started to work of tracing some of my pencil works and so far, I have this (far from being complete):
  7. This might be a stupid question but, what persona to use to ink: draw persona or pixel persona.
  8. Never mind, it finally appeared.
  9. when I click on the install update, nothing happens. not progress bar appears.
  10. Thank you. Will the final version of publisher allow to specify a binding edge bleed and an outside edge bleed?
  11. Here are the blurb specifications for the document (premium magazine) that I created on affinity publisher (see blurb_settings.png image) I set in publisher bleed options (see publisher_bleed setting.png image) the bleed specifications that are stated there and, in the export option (see export_options.png image), I have to select "all pages" instead of "all spread". If, on the other hand, I set the bleeds to 0 in publisher options (see bleed_options_set_to_zero_in_publisher.png image), the resulting pdf uploaded to blurb pass is accepted with success (see blurb_successful_upload.png image). So, in effect, like I said before, my document is only accepted by blurb if I do not set any bleed at all. Now if you look at the blurb specifications (see sizes_specs.png image) you can see that: - there is a setting for the "Final exported PDF File" which states 8.625 inches x 11.25 inches, - and there is a setting for the "page size/trim line" : which states 8.5 inches x 11.0 inches. but in Affinity publisher, there is no option to set the difference between the "Final exported PDF File" and the page size/trim line. there is only an option to set dimensions of page (see page_dimensions.png image). So the question is, what values do i need to enter in the publisher settings to have the bleeds included in my document and for the exported pdf file to be compliant with the blurb requirements. I used scribes before, and I was able to have my pdf document complying with blurb, even with entering the bleed value specified in the blurb specs. Am I missing something on publisher?
  12. Be that as it may, On my document, I have to put 0 in the the fields on the bleed section ( and export the document to pages, not to spreads), otherwise, the exported pdf document is not compatible with the Blurb requirements showed in my initial post. It is weird.
  13. after further fiddling, I have realized that the only way my document works properly with blurbs specifications is if I set the bleeds settings to 0, as show in the publisher file attached.
  14. After many hours of fiddling my file, I discovered that my document is only working with blurb specification requirements if I leave the bleed settings to zero as shown in the screen grab attached.
  15. So my document should show like that (screenshot in publisher) with the grey lines being the bleed?: and my pdf layout should be :
  16. I was wondering, will the commercial version include the gutter settings?
  17. I just downloaded it and I noticed that it keeps crashing out.
  18. hello, Do I need a plugin to open dng files from my scans. Affinity photo seems only to open the thumbnail rather than the actual file. I am running the latest version of affinity on mac OS High Sierra : 10.13.3. I can open the file on photoshop without any issue. I have attached one of my dng files. winter_scene_07.dng
  19. my thoughts exactly, affinity should be able to open them.
  20. Would be nice to have the ability to open .dng files generated by vuescan. I have contacted vuescan and they told me this:
  21. ok, I contacted the vuescan support and here is what they tell me: So basically, I am stuck with photoshop.
  22. why can it be opened with adobe photoshop but not affinity photo?
  23. I have read the other discussion but there seems to be no solution, then.
  24. can you guys open my file with your affinity photos then?