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  1. BHP

    Export Size

    THank you, that makes sense. I will try Thank you! I will try that. I don't usually use the artboards so I guess I need to start using those more. Coming from Photoshop I have some bad habits, but I do everything now in Affinity Designer except edit photos. Brett
  2. BHP

    Importing PSD Files

    Yes, If I batch pdf files to jpg that didn't get flatten it will break the files I feel like we are so close!!!!!!
  3. BHP

    Export Size

    Thanks Old Bruce, I guess I'm not sure why we can't export in mm, cm, in etc for print? So my work around is just that, I just round up to the next pixel. I just have never paid attention to this in the past. Brett
  4. BHP

    Export Size

    Not sure what to call this problem so I will explain it the best I can. I had a size problem with Affinity Designer 1.6: I recently created a magazine ad, they wanted it XXmm x XXmm, these setting came out to be something like 2050.5 pixels long by 1090.5 pixels tall. So I created the document with mm not pixels. When I exported the document to TIFF and PDF I only have the option to export in PIXELS and affinity designer doesn't allow .5 on the end of the pixels. So the artwork got cropped and I got an email back from the magazine about the size not being correct. I swore up and down the size was right. It took me a while to figure this out. QUESTION IS: how do you build a specific size in mm and export the size if it falls anywhere with pixels (2000.5) (2000.25) (2000.75)???? Hope this makes sense Keep up the good work! Brett
  5. Hello, So far Affinity Photo 1.7 beta is working great for me. I have been using it a lot over 1.6. I am not able to import old PSD files into 1.6 but it is working almost perfectly in 1.7. The only thing that doesn't really work for me is if you don't have a font installed, you open a PSD file, affinity 1.7 beta changes the fonts. If you open a PSD file in photoshop and you don't have the font, you get a warning, but photoshop doesn't change the text on you unless you try to edit that text. I don't really want to install a font every time someone sends me a PSD file with a wacky font. Is there any way to stop affinity 1.7 from changing the font upon open of PSD file? This, I believe is the last key for me to move 100% away from my photoshop to Affinity. (I am 90% affinity) Keep up the good work!!!!!!!! Brett
  6. Hello, I had to make an ad 245mm x 335mm which equals to 2893.7 px X 3956.7 px. I exported this as a TIFF. I didn't realize export took off 5mm bleed. How can I setup a document in MM and export in MM to keep document the correct size? Thank you!