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  1. Hey Flex9050. I am up to date. Do you have designer installed and photo? Or are you using publishers stand alone? I feel like this is some kind of setting some place more than a bug but maybe its a bug.
  2. Did anyone figure this out? I just found out I'm having the same problem, white bg on text with ALL the colors turned off. I can't figure out where it's coming form. For now I guess I will type in designer and copy and past the text over to publisher. Doesn't matter which persona I'm in all white backgrounds. A fix that I'm using is type out what I want, add a style to it, then remove all the styles. For some reason this removes the white box
  3. In the spirit of the upcoming Top Gun Maverick movie. I had to find some royalty free stock images in AP 1.7 and make my own poster. Used royalty free images from AP 1.7 stock tab. AP brush pack to make afterburners and some wind break on the plane.
  4. Thanks EducationPrinciple, good call on the stars. You know, I didn't even notice those until I was finished. I think I should've muted some of the city lights in the canyon too. But hey, just a fun fake poster, it's not like I work at Paramount LOL!
  5. Hello everyone, Not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong: AP-AD 1.7.1 When I remove a subject from a background I get a weird black outline after refine tool to mask. If I try to remove some of the black outline it just erases and keeps black outline, almost like a drop shadow. In 1.6 when I exported to TIFF I would see this but not PNG. Now in 1.7 I see it in the program after I refine and turn to mask. For example, If I remove background of someone with blonde hair i will see a black (almost like drop shadow look) around my selection. light hair with dark outline. I can try to recreate this and post an image if no one else is seeing this. Thank you! Brett
  6. Thanks Murfee for all your help! Added bonus fix from elk, which was happening to me as well. Thanks to the Affinity Team! Keep up the great work! Brett
  7. Hey Murfee, sorry hard to type all the steps. I missed some important ones. In the above I used the selection brush tool, (photo is AdobeRGB from NEF raw file). I select the subject, then fine tune it, then save the fine tune with mask so I can clean any bad edges. That is what you are seeing above. I am using the basic brushes, I usually pick the middle soft brush to give the edges a softer more realisitc cutout. But in these new ones I use crisp, middle and super soft brush to mask out samples. Now in these new photos, I opened the same photo, masked the background out by hand with NO refine tool. Then I changed the color and guess what. It appears that certain colors cause the black outline. Samples below. This must be why sometimes I see the black outline and other times I do not. Weird!!!! Something to add to the Affinty X-FIles LOL Thank you! Brett
  8. OK I think I have figured out what is going on with my transparencies. So if I remove the background from the subject it looks fine, proper, and a clean edge. As soon as I place a background behind it I get a weird blackish outline. Then I try to keep removing the edge via mask to clean up the black but the black just stays. I am uploading images so you can see hopefully what I'm talking about. Really focus on the line in the arm area, with and without a background to see the blackish outline. I'm really not sure why it does this and that is why I am wondering if it's me or the program? (I am using the latest 1.7 version) I first noticed this in version 1.6. I was designing a book cover. I removed a person from the background in Affinity Photo 1.6, it looked great. Then I placed the transparency into Design 1.6. When I was getting close to finished I was just fine tuning the edge in Designer and noticed the black outline thinking I did a shatty job in Photo removing the background. On a side note, the tiff placed in designer created the blackish outline, then I tried a PNG transparency and that seemed to work. Thank you, Brett
  9. I get that too, that is another issue for me. This problem I can't tell if it's a jpeg problem or a affinity problem. I just make sure my subject is 100% selected and let the background bleed and clean that up otherwise it looks terrible.
  10. HI Murfee, I tried to reproduce it and of course it worked fine. I do a lot of masking so the next time I notice it I will post back to this forum. Brett
  11. Quick Update: I just updated to 1.7.1 and I can save to my desktop without a permissions prompt. So far so good!
  12. I know there are some people on here like me using Nik Plugins. I have been using Nik for 15 plus years, way before Google bought them and gave it all to you for free. I knew my Nik life was coming to an end with AP 1.7 update. But hey, maybe after all these years, it's just time for a new workflow. I use Affinity Photo 100% for everything photo. I decided, instead of re-buying Nik I will look into an alternative. That alternatve for me is Luminar. It's basically Nik plugins and around the same price but really better because you are getting lightroom and nik together. But wait, it gets better. I have the latest release of Luminar and my Nik Plugins work inside Luminar. Now I do hate using 2 photo editors and you have to with luminar. You can't place text in luminar unless you make it in designer or AP and export as transparent PNG and to me it's just over all more difficult to AP photos inside luminar. (how do we stop saying it's photoshopped) Even though I'm trying to be my own Nik now and use the tools given to us by AP, which work very well. I need to get away from my Nik crutch. It's not easy to switch gears but it can be done. What is the difference between Affinity Photo and Luminar? Affinity Photo = Photoshop (single photo editor) Photo + Graphic Design + Typography etc. Luminar = lightroom (multiple (catalog) photo editor) Basically just a photo editor PS I can still use my Nik as stand alone software Hope this helps anyone with the Nik addiction! Brett
  13. Hey mikerofoto, I'm not sure what version I have, I think it's the last free update there was for Nik. My Viveza is working in Luminar. Like I said before, I'm trying not to use Nik, but it's nice to know it will still work for now if I want to use it. I wonder if you can run old nik and new nik together until things get resolved?????
  14. Ah! I do kind of remember they sold it for a while and then gave it away for free. But, $150 better than $300. LOL Google is still using Nik though as Snapseed app. I feel this is the reason for them to buy Nik back in the day. I could be wrong.
  15. "firstdefence: "It's Affinitised" " That could work LOL, I'm serious, I catch myself saying I photoshopped this or that but I use Affinity Photo so I hate using that term. LOL! Glad to hear your NIK is working. Is that the new DxO version?
  16. And you have to download the free trial and see if what I'm doing makes sense for your workflow. Nik is great but I'm moving on.
  17. Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I went to Skylum site just today and said this: (and maybe everyone who likes Luminar and AP should email them as well.) "You made your plugin to work with photoshop and lightroom but a lot of people are leaving lightroom for luminar, and a lot of people are leaving photoshop for Affinity Photo. Please look into making the plugin work with AP 1.7" I'm not sure it will make a difference. Maybe AP and Skylum can get together for a coffee and hash it out. Brett
  18. BHP

    outlined text?

    Ben, click on the text and hit FX and see if there is a black stroke set in your outline. If there is no stroke in FX go to your color tab. there are 2 colors one is fill and one is outline. but make sure your text is selected first. here click on background circle color and hit the white and red round remove tool next to the colors. hope those help
  19. Thanks Patrick, I will use if it comes down to it. I am working around my errors for now. I'm in the middle of major projects and I want to make sure photo and designer work like 1.6 and so far everything is great and better. Brett
  20. I updated to 1.7 as well, against my better judgement, but I did so because I was running the 1.7 beta for months and had no problems and I liked it much better than 1.6. That being said, I'm getting a weird export bug that I have already reported and the good people at affinity are working on it. I upgraded right in the middle of my production work which was risky but everything is working despite the bugs and I'm happy. I love the new free stock photo tab. Not sure if it was in 1.6, if it was I completely missed it. Also, 1.7 beta ran slow on my computer which I was worried about, but the official release runs a lot faster. I also updated my designer. Funny, I have illustrator, just never used it, I hated it actually. Now I use designer every day, can't live without it. Brett
  21. Thank you! One thing I did is create a new image. Saved to my desktop. Then exported the jpeg to my desktop. I wanted to fix a color issue, so I opened the file back up, fixed, then re-exported over the same file, I get the allow access, then I hit confim, then it says it cannot save the file. Then if I go through the whole export again and try to save that is when I get the frozen save screen Not sure if any of that helps but I will post just in case.
  22. I'm running some tests. I can no longer save to my desktop. I chose a different drive. When I export, choose jpeg, then export and choose my directly and hit save another dialog box pops up an it says: "Allow access to the folder to export multiple files" I say yes or save then it allows me to save. Once I do that I can save to that directory. I can open files and resave them to another directory.
  23. I am also getting a weird freeze. When I export, and hit save it freezes. Also When I export (i believe this happened to me in designer as well) I hit save, then I get a weird prompt I have never gotten before, it asks me for permission to save to a folder. MAC OSX HIGH SIERRA It asked me for permission to save I said ok, now i don't get the permission it just freezes. I have been editing video so I think my RAM is nearing empty so I will reboot. But there is still the weird permissions to save to a folder that I have never seen on any program. I should also add: I had zero issues with the 1.7 beta I rebooted my computer, still freezing on save. Not sure what happened it was working fine yesterday.
  24. I had to play around with my new update. Refine selection works fast and great!!! The stock photos are great too. Threw this together in 20 minutes or less. Pun intended!
  25. OMG this upgrade kicks a$$ great work serif/affinity team!!!!! My problem is I have to play with photo and designer to check all new stuff. Love the stock images. 1.7! works better than the beta, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! Refine selection is running super fast! Brett

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