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  1. I don't use publisher. Just Photo.
  2. The last update fixed my issues. I don't know what they did, but it works correctly now.
  3. Installed the 1.7 update and I am having a problem with the blemish removal tool sampling random areas on my photo, or sometimes leaving a blurred dot. I have included an example of the blurred dot.
  4. It's the same macro. Just renamed.
  5. This was the text I entered after selecting the Artistic Text tool.
  6. I have had the same problem. TIFF files can't be read by Topaz. I even tried with Paintshop Pro. Unable to read file...
  7. I have used this method hundreds of times. Only occasionally, and in the beta, does this happen. Still scratching my head...
  8. It happened again, and I saved the file. IMG_3440.afphoto
  9. Sorry, I don't have a file to send, as I re-edited the photo in And it happens during my edit. I tried saving to jpg and pgn so far, and the white blocks appear on the exported photo. I haven't tried saving as a PDF. I will send a file if it happens again.
  10. I am now experiencing a total crash when using the Artistic Text Tool - particularly after applying a macro that selects a font and changes text color. After clicking my macro, as soon as I start to type, the program crashes back to Windows. It doesn't happen every time, but about approx. 10-15% of the time. After restart, I can recover most of my edits with the recovery file, and then finish as I normally would.
  11. Occasionally, when using the Artistic Text tool, instead of text, I'll get white blocks. It doesn't matter if I've use macro settings or not, all I get is white blocks. It only seems to happen on certain files, but once it happens, no matter what settings I use, I only get white blocks on that particular file..
  12. When using the Blemish Removal Tool, the tool will work properly a few times, them will start sampling a random area of the photo instead of the area I'm working on. I can select another tool, then switch back to the blemish tool and it will work properly for 4 or 5 times, then start sampling an area half-way across the photo.