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10 minutes ago, Dan C said:

Hi FreelanceDesigner :)

A mesh warp/distort tool in on our roadmap for a future update, found here!

What’s wrong with the one already built into Photo, just transfer into photo.





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Affinity Photo 1.7, Designer 1.7, Publisher 1.7 on MACOS Catalina Beta, Affinity Photo 1.7 and Designer 1.7 on iPad Pro 9.7" iPadOS 13 beta, Affinity Photo 1.7 on Windows 10




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1 minute ago, Paul Mudditt said:

What’s wrong with the one already built in?

Hi Paul Mudditt!

Unfortunately FreelanceDesigner is requesting the feature in Affinity Designer (iOS) where mesh tools have not yet been implemented, unlike Affinity Photo!

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3 hours ago, FreelanceDesigner said:

Mesh warp tool or similar needed. For example, try to make "NETFLIX" logo with arc lower effect. Impossible. Thanks in advance Affinity! :)

As @Paul Mudditt mention, as an workaround I use the distortion tools into Affinity Photo just now...

I made/export the object in very high resolution (ex 10000x7500 pixels the last time I used this workaround) to Affinity Photo, and after the nice manipulation I made there export it back to iCloud Drive for import in Designer on my iPad Pro...

In the end we hopefully had all the tools we need in Designer, but just now we’re not there yet...

This combo (Photo/Designer) for 30-40 bucks is a steal! Great and wonderful!

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Thank you all for the answers. As a logo designer, my work should be done in vector, and made as fast as possible. I work on my pc in illustrator, but moving from Ai to Designer for iPad is something that I was waiting for. 

There is only a few things that missing from Ai, and I will move completely from PC to more mobile, more precise and reliable device.

Can't wait future updates!

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5 hours ago, FreelanceDesigner said:

Still waiting for this important improvement! :)

I think the big 1.70 update is still a few month away...

I suspect that a lot of the Affinity staff is working hard just now with the Affinity Publisher beta, on both desktop and on the iPad!

In the mid 2019 I think everything will be ready for prime time; the Affinity Suite (Publisher+Photo+Designer) on BOTH iPad as Mac/Windows...

The beta on both Mac and Windows of Affinity Publisher is already lovely to run in beta .145!

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This (along with blob brush and eraser) is top on my list of features as well. I've bounced things over to Affinity Photo to be warped but the object needs to remain in vector, so I have to export the element and use Adobe Illustrator instead which is a huge inconvenience. I would pay additional for this feature if they could add it tomorrow.    

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