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  1. I thought to resize and change the dpi ? In 1.7 , I can not find “ dpi “ ? Has it been moved ? ‘Would someone please advise , thank you
  2. Mine didn’t Paul , it deleted the folder in the iPad files on my iPad , reason for asking ? I would like the choice to delete or not to delete . .
  3. Thanks MEB , but I was referring to my files that save to the Files folder on my iPad , not in the software app itself ?
  4. Is there a way of keeping your work on the iPad , say if you delete Photo or Designer because, maybe of a clitch and a reinstall. The folders delete the same time as you uninstall ? ‘I don’t pay for iCloud so do not have the option. However , I would like the option to be able to keep the folder with my work should I decide to uninstall/ reinstall . Cheers
  5. I had watched how changing colours to make them pop on an image with boats in a harbour and cannot find it anywhere. Is there an archive of tutorials or will there be more done for the iPad
  6. A Nudge icon for objects and nodes , tap select and nudge . Spoils the work flow on iPad , to keep zooming in . Or when object selected , an option to zoom in to object . . .
  7. @ R C -R . I agree with Truverich , but respect your opinion. . It should have a work flow at some point of development. Once this is sorted , perhaps getting the text on a line to work like the desktop version would also be a bonus. .
  8. The ability to nudge a node or small object in the form of a icon in a side menu would benefit Designer on iPad !
  9. Is it possible to get these on to iPad ? cheers
  10. @R C-R .... WILL I be able to update my Late 2012 iMac with fusion Drive to Mojave do you know , can’t find any info ?
  11. Looks like my problem lays with Apple as my iMac with a fusion drive , unless you guys know different , can’t update to High Sierra yet . Leaving me stuck with El Capitan . And I’ve read that Designer works best in Metal mode ? Ho hum Thanks for your reply’s . . .
  12. I have Affinity Designer on iPad Pro 1st gen , and must admit , it’s a total enjoyment. I am thinking about getting Designer for our iMac , but not sure who to ask ? The iMac is a Late 2012 27inch screen , 3.4ghz ,2gig graphics Nvidia , 8gig memory and a fusion drive running El Capitan , ( As Apple still haven’t sorted High Sierra to work on fusion drives ) . I’ve read conflicting reports and just don’t need to buy £50 worth of good software if my iMac ain’t good enough. Thanks in advance everyone
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