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  1. I thought to resize and change the dpi ? In 1.7 , I can not find “ dpi “ ? Has it been moved ? ‘Would someone please advise , thank you
  2. Dodgeruk

    Magnifier glitch

    Any news on this since it’s been logged ?
  3. Dodgeruk

    Issue with moving a straight line

    At last , well done Sean P , obviously because the problem is universal for everyone . Perhaps a switch icon like undo/redo would be the way to go if it can’t be resolved?
  4. Dodgeruk

    Saving on iPad ?

    Mine didn’t Paul , it deleted the folder in the iPad files on my iPad , reason for asking ? I would like the choice to delete or not to delete . .
  5. Dodgeruk

    Saving on iPad ?

    Thanks MEB , but I was referring to my files that save to the Files folder on my iPad , not in the software app itself ?
  6. Is there a way of keeping your work on the iPad , say if you delete Photo or Designer because, maybe of a clitch and a reinstall. The folders delete the same time as you uninstall ? ‘I don’t pay for iCloud so do not have the option. However , I would like the option to be able to keep the folder with my work should I decide to uninstall/ reinstall . Cheers
  7. Dodgeruk

    Magnifier glitch

    Thank goodness I had reported this and amazed it was not logged . Nice one GabrielM
  8. I had watched how changing colours to make them pop on an image with boats in a harbour and cannot find it anywhere. Is there an archive of tutorials or will there be more done for the iPad
  9. Dodgeruk

    162.42 update ?

    In our FACEBOOK forum , people are now reporting the same Sean P , unless you have or use a different version ?
  10. Dodgeruk

    162.42 update ?

    Thanks al , so it’s a bug then , other people are getting the same . Obviously, it should refresh when finger is removed , happens using Pencil too .
  11. Dodgeruk

    162.42 update ?

    Ever since version I’ve been having an odd crash , but most annoying is trying a simple tutorial. I get as far as a circle then start to do a radial colour and get left with an extra node and a second slider on the bar . Then , the mag window ??? Can not get rid of it , so here we go again , close and remove , ahhhh
  12. Dodgeruk

    Bugs in update AD for iPad

    I have similar issues, little magnified window stays after lifting finger or freezes . But clears after closing and reopening , odd .
  13. A Nudge icon for objects and nodes , tap select and nudge . Spoils the work flow on iPad , to keep zooming in . Or when object selected , an option to zoom in to object . . .
  14. Dodgeruk

    Corner tool iPad bug ?

    @ Alfred not presuming your from Scotland, your name doesn’t come up when replying in the list ? I was trying to make sure you just knew I was replying to say thank you. “Didn’t mean to upset you “ . . Thanks