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    Drag and drop image quality

    Didn’t even know you could do that ! Dragging out of the Affinity home screen into photos app is not the way to export to photos app. Use export then share then save image.
  2. Only when you save, if it says Saving "Filename" as "Filename.afphoto" to "iCloud Drive" then this was an imported file being saved to the default auto created Affinity Photo folder in iCloud. but if it says Saving "Filename" as "Filename.afphoto" then it is saving the file back to where it was opened from.
  3. Paul Mudditt

    Mud’s Macros V2 -Expand Stroke

    On one of the Facebook groups, David Williams set me an accidental challenge by mentioning Expand Stroke was a function only available in Affinity Designer.Well now you can use Expand Stroke in Affinity Photo on all platforms by importing my Mud’s Macros V2 library.To create this I needed to record a macro, which is only available in AP. The command I needed was in AD so how to get it?I started in Affinity Publisher on desktop with a blank document, changed to AP persona and started record, then changed to AD persona and performed Expand Stroke from the menu, then switched back to Photo persona and ended the recording. Simples, eventually ! Mud’s Macros V2 SelectionFromLayer - convert a layer into a pixel selection SelectAllLayers - select all layers quickly DeSelectAllLayers - de select all layers quickly PencilPortrait - Convert Photo to pencil sketch (Credit: Alpha Sierra, YouTube) InpaintCrop2 - fix edges after a straighten crop (Credit: Jim Welsh) Inpaint - the inpaint option from the desktop. ExpandStroke - Expand Stroke from Designer And here it is in action on iPad, but the macro also works on desktop versions of Photo as well. Mud's Macros V2.afmacros IMG_2800.MP4
  4. Paul Mudditt

    Mud’s Macros V2 -Expand Stroke

    @HVDB PhotographyMust admit I hadn’t noticed that, whilst testing I concentrated on drawing Circles to add text. It’s the same on iPad too. Had a quick play with re-recording the macro but could not alter this behaviour. Please just adjust by moving the red and green sliders around.
  5. Paul Mudditt

    Mud’s Macros V2 -Expand Stroke

    A curve has a start and a finish, so you must have drawn this right to left or possibly flipped it perhaps? Images below from iPad but same can be achieved on desktop.
  6. Nice one @walt.farrell and thanks for the shout out. Works great and by using the duplicate function I’ve been able to create many art boards each one can be resized as required.
  7. Hi, sorry, it would not load here on iPadOS13.2 beta either.
  8. Have you updated to iPadOS13 and have the latest V1.7.3.155 installed? Can you upload a CR3 file here that you can’t load for others to try?
  9. Anyone know what causes the pink outline, only in AD it is ok in AP on iPad. Two screenshots are before and after closing and reopening the file. Layers are not selected. Stroke is zero width and transparent. In pixel persona it looks ok which explains why AP is ok but in designer persona shapes are retaining an outline or has it always done that? strokebug.afdesign
  10. Paul Mudditt

    Is there a stroke problem in latest designer?

    forgot about that one Dave, been otherwise occupied for a few months !
  11. See my Mud’s Macros V3 library.
  12. Paul Mudditt

    Mud’s Macros V2 -Expand Stroke

    TextOnCurve added to V3. Mud’s Macros V3 SelectionFromLayer - convert a layer into a pixel selection SelectAllLayers - select all layers quickly DeSelectAllLayers - de select all layers quickly PencilPortrait - Convert Photo to pencil sketch (Credit: Alpha Sierra, YouTube) InpaintCrop2 - fix edges after a straighten crop (Credit: Jim Welsh) Inpaint - the inpaint option from the desktop. Sketch Effect by R C-R - Converts to a sketch effect Dave’s 6-Layer High Pass Sharpening - Uses 6 layers of sharpening ExpandStroke - Expand Stroke from Designer  TextOnCurve - Text on Curve from Designer Mud's Macros V3.afmacros
  13. Paul Mudditt

    Canon EOS R/CR3 Support for iOS and Mac

    Opens fine on my iPad Pro 9.7” after loading from the new Downloads folder.
  14. Paul Mudditt

    Master Reset on IPad

    Make sure the tip of your Apple Pencil is screwed fully home, if its slightly loose the pencil won’t work properly.
  15. Select resize then the right arrow on the context toolbar on bottom of screen then select required DPI then select apply.
  16. Yes this problem has been reported many many times, each reinstall seems to fix it for several minutes then it stays with the black ring. Work around is to use your finger.
  17. @Dan C @old9 @Alfred You can access the optimised edited jpeg version, simply use the drag and drop method from Photos app rather than the import from photos option. Attached, same screenshot cropped and saved to photos, opened via import from photos, showing the described unedited problem, the other showing the cropped image after using drag and drop to the affinity home screen. It’s actually quite important the app behaves this way as it means I can access my original resolution unedited files whenever I want too including my original raw files even when the iPad holds the lower resolution optimised versions. Hence I have 26000+ photos only occupying 7GB of iPad storage but 155GB of iCloud storage. It’s actually a very nice aspect of IOS photos as a digital asset manager. IMG_3422.MP4
  18. Paul Mudditt

    Importing Macros

    Don’t mistake an “nnnn.afmacro” single macro file for a “nnnn.afmacros” multiple macros library. The desktop can open both, the iPad can only import the latter.
  19. Paul Mudditt

    Slice Export to Folder not Working iOS 12

    It’s basically copyrighted material I guess, so can’t be used for the basis for anything. It’s just a talented users work open for examination of how they did it. Start again with a fresh idea I’d suggest.
  20. At the top of the page it says to post to this thread for iPadOS 13 I have been using it for quite a while and have not seen that happen, however I have seen many many file access issues in iPadOS 13 and eventually had to do a complete backup - erase iPad - restore cycle to get more predictable behaviour. Others don’t seem to have had so many problems though.
  21. This sounds like something to do with Touch for Gestures, check this setting under preferences, how is it set? Also have you tried forcing a restart on your iPad use the power+home continuously until you see Apple logo for older devices or volume up, volume down within 3 seconds then press power until the Apple logo appears on newer devices without a home button. This often cures strangeness with iPad’s. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/ipad/ipad63d30b5a/ios
  22. Edit: I accidentally had PSD set for export to photo album, all dimensions respected. With PNG or JPG I confirmed your defect. PSD IN photos added, dimensions respected. PS: Never realised PSD files could be stored in IOS Photos !!
  23. Sounds like a memory problem have you tried restarting your iPad, press volume up, volume down in quick succession then press and hold power continuously until you see the Apple logo. On older iPads its HOME+POWER continuously until the Apple logo appears. If the slide to power off appears the you haven’t done it right.
  24. Paul Mudditt

    Deform and mesh warp problem

    To deform live why don’t you convert to curves then use the node tool to deform it? Also for such a simple stripe, you can create directly in photo as I did here.
  25. Paul Mudditt

    Please help, lost all files.

    Did you try restore from backup, you may be able to recover all your files that way if you still have a backup in cloud or on desktop from before you deleted app.

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