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  1. I take it you mean apart from iCloud which works perfectly for me. I'll agree Dropbox etc are broken.
  2. Paul Mudditt

    Poor drawing performance on larger canvases

    Just tried same on, complete slowdown. Edit: Also tested file in Designer, after moving nodes and shapes around for about 30 seconds seems to trigger slowdown here too. CF8E650E-E10C-4299-8822-7F53B91173D5.MP4 slowdown.afphoto
  3. As mentioned above having multiple iPads since first release I have seen some apparently catastrophic iPad failures, nearly all recoverable by one means or another. In the early years, static zaps often upset the flash memory in the iPad, so always best to be aware that your are handling electronics, robust as they are now. Often a backup and restore is the best way to clean out bad flash memory cells if weirdness becomes a regular thing.
  4. Tried to replicate your steps@DM1 I am on IOS 12.4 beta though. Some old photos I found of the first iPad three months before UK launch after my mother visited my brother in Philadelphia. 1F3E7FA1-4DBF-457C-9176-80FEE5444914.MP4
  5. Hi. Dave, can you post your file here too, on my tests it works fine.
  6. Paul Mudditt Exporting slices

    Hi Dave, I don’t see any problems on 141. Edit: Oops yes problems persist but I also seem to be having Dropbox problems with iCloud Drive, i think it’s a Dropbox issue not Affinity.
  7. There have been a few minor issues and new version will likely be released soon. I take it you have already performed the normal iPad reset which clears a great majority of iPad problems on any app. Close all apps then press power and volume down(or home) until you see Apple logo.
  8. Don’t think it’s that difficult, use Finder on Mac and you will see iCloud folder, on IOS Files you see the same folder which is kept in sync on all devices. In use just create sub-folders and place your files on one platform and they are very quickly available on all other platforms. Obviously large files will appear as thumbnails and won’t download from the cloud until you access them. Best way to think of it is like a network drive that all devices can read and write too.
  9. Paul Mudditt

    new affinity photo on ipad

    You're welcome.
  10. Paul Mudditt

    Nested Symbols

    Ah ok yes it crashes when I followed exact steps. Creates some infinite recursion I suppose, and perhaps difficult to block.
  11. The dialogue box appears if there is more than one possible app that could receive the file. To test this out, airdrop a pdf file from Mac to iPad and on my iPad at least there is a huge dialogue box. My only concern is why IOS Files app does not appear for afdesign files but does for other file extensions. Personally I prefer the iCloud method instead.
  12. Yes it works fine, select the file on your Mac right click and select share then airdrop, assuming you have airdrop enabled on your iPad you should see a message like this appear, select the app and it will open it directly. You don’t need to do anything on the photos app apart from not having another document already open. Edit: In this example I was using photos but it is exactly the same with designer Edit2: The pop up window does not appear for an afdesign file but instead opened directly in Designer on the iPad.
  13. Paul Mudditt

    Nested Symbols

    Opens and works fine on latest beta for me.
  14. I’m borderline thinking of retiring any day soon thought I’d lost it . Enjoy your beer, hopefully I will be out tonight too,!
  15. On the iPad?? Are you sure you can do that now on the iPad. Edit: Phew thought I’d lost my marbles
  16. Paul Mudditt

    new affinity photo on ipad

    Check under settings-privacy and make sure app has read write access to your photos. If that does not work, try resetting your iPad by closing all apps then press power and volume down(or home) until you see the Apple logo.
  17. Is this a new feature in V1.7, or has it always been possible on the iPad. Just watched James video https://youtu.be/yCEW6M0oElY and I was utterly surprised to see that the embedding of an afphoto document and double tap to open worked on the iPad version as well. Feeling slightly embarrassed if this has been available for ages and I didn’t know?
  18. At the moment it is setup to do conversion of several files into one or more alternative formats and be able to resize to any standard size you require. In my humble opinion this will be advanced on in future versions to include more features like the desktop version. These things take time.
  19. Yeah Great work guys ! Thanks Patrick !!
  20. It is great that the keyboard shortcuts have been added to AP for those of us who use a keyboard with the iPad, but it would be nice if these could be added to AD as well for consistency but especially for cmd+j power duplicate functionality. Maybe even more important going forward with rumours of mouse support coming to IOS13.
  21. Paul Mudditt

    Embedded afphoto documents

    But you said it’s been round forever Dave, I’m sure this is new in iPad isn’t it.
  22. Paul Mudditt

    Macros for Batch processing?

    Looks like a cut and paste error from the desktop documentation. Unfortunately macros can’t be used with batch jobs on the iPad yet, hopefully an update will add it in later.
  23. It’s just an old fashioned http site, if it was https it would be marked as secure. The page is collated by MEB I’d assumed going by initials.
  24. A lot of us long time users have older iPads, it would have been good that more people took up the offer to be customer beta testers especially those with newer devices. It installed alongside existing installation so no work lost. I’m sure Patrick will be here soon with some assistance. @Patrick Connor
  25. Which iPad are you using out of curiosity?