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  1. @ProDesignermine certainly does not show that behaviour, sounds like you are running slow, do you have lots of apps open, if so have you tried closing them all and performing a forced restart? .
  2. Exact same plus I have an instantaneous crash for preferences -> fonts being selected.
  3. Good question, it used to say cache display or similar previously, never knew what that meant in terms of performance, think they’ve changed its name but still not explained anywhere. Doesn’t seem to do much so perhaps only if you have problems try flicking it the other way.
  4. Show us what your layer stack looks like, does it say pixel?, if your layer you are copying from says ‘image’ then you must rasterise it first.
  5. @sourbeerfan That is odd behaviour. Whenever you get odd behaviour with an iPad, one of the first things to try is firstly close all apps, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up app switcher and swipe up each app to close it. Then perform a forced restart. On your iPad version press volume up then volume down in quick succession then press and hold the power button continuously until you see the Apple logo. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/ipad/ipad63d30b5a/ios Let us know if that fixes it.
  6. @frankthechicken Why not simply draw a rounded rectangle. IMG_8016.MP4
  7. Adobe use their own built in driver, Serif use Apple RAW driver. XT4 is not on the supported list yet, possibly in a future release of iPadOS 14. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT210191 Fuji do offer a convertor to other formats until Apple update their support. https://fujifilm-x.com/global/support/download/software/raw-file-converter-ex-powered-by-silkypix/
  8. @stokerg I have no problems loading .cube files but eradicated Adobe from my iPad a long time ago. LighterBlue.cube DarkerBlue.cube
  9. Agree it’s not working, also margin guides don’t work either so likely related. A workaround appears to be to add the art board after you open the document, bleed and margins appear to work again then.
  10. Agreed, far from a fix it’s actually made it completely unusable.
  11. Are you signed into the same country App Store using the same Apple ID, if so then check in your purchases area which should show you already own it.
  12. Yes my photo is the default state of the Comics Ink Pen after re-installing the 1.8.4 beta app, double checked against 1.8.3, my preview is long and skinny, your preview is short and fat. EDIT: Default width is 36 so my preview obviously is long and skinny.
  13. Hmmm perhaps you’re right although in all these years I never considered I didn’t have enough pressure control. EDIT: My son recently bought a new 10.2” iPad that still uses Pencil 1, just tried it on my iPad, works exactly the same so don’t think that’s an issue. Think we need to collate whether you’re using Pencil 1 or 2. By the way I did a re-install of the beta as I stated before there is sufficient rope to hang ourselves in configuration and with no real way to reset brushes to their real default other than deleting and reloading the brushes or reinstalling. Here is the real default pressure profile of that brush, how does your default look?
  14. Why would you try to paint such a thin line with a fat brush, is it to avoid changing settings but I can’t see how with that setting you would get such a thin line apart from barely touching the screen, as if you had something in between, like a screen protector which is ruining the pencil performance perhaps?
  15. Nope, no blobs. IPad Pro 9.7”, Apple Pencil 1 IMG_7897.MP4
  16. On my second video I got a minor error caused by me not cleanly touching the screen, I bounced a bit This is why I previously asked about screen protectors, which I have never used in 10 years with iPads as they are horrible in my personal opinion and unnecessary if you use a decent case with front and rear protection. Still might be interesting to see how many who use them have this problem, as I can image how they would make the tip perform a micro bounce. As a software developer in a previous life, there is so much flexibility in configuration, perhaps more than other packages, that to use a software term, “there is enough rope to hang yourself”. The fact that there is no way to reset a brush back to it’s original configuration, discounting reloading from file, along with 2 different methods of brush editing, temporarily from the context bar which can be reset, and semi-permanently from the brushes menu is a problem waiting to happen to me. IMG_7877.MP4 IMG_7878.MP4
  17. Create a new HDR merge from the two photos and Affinity will sort it out for you automatically.
  18. Wow, I can hear a scraping noise on your video, hope your not using a screen protector?
  19. The only way I can do anything like that is if I loosen off the tip of the pencil, once I tighten it up it does not happen no matter what I do on my iPad, I wonder if other iPad’s have this problem.
  20. Also this iPad tutorial is for a similar effect should also give you some clues, follow this one first.
  21. I’ve seen mentions of this loads of time in these forums but am I the only person who has never seen this behaviour with Apple Pencil in Photo or Designer. I have first generation on first generation 9.7” iPad Pro. Is there a specific brush you have to use to get this error?
  22. Designer isn't Illustrator as Photo isn't Photoshop, the workflow is different. It's best to forget everything you know about Illustrator or Photoshop or much frustration will result. A parent layer can be a group which is what you want, but it can also be a a clipping layer and it can also be a masking layer, all are different parent child relationships in Designer.
  23. In words, 1. Select first layer, swipe second layer so that both layers are marked as selected 2. Press the group button If your group layer does not say “group” then it isn’t a group ! IMG_7762.MP4
  24. For future reference, instead of adding links to an external site, you can also upload your files including your .afdesign file directly to this group so that others can help you. Just save a copy to On My IPad or to iCloud Files and select the choose files option.
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