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  1. So if I use the vector brush with Apple Pencil, the end and beginning of the stroke will always be 0, even though I press hard or light the first and last node are always set to 0 pressure, the nodes in-between are good. This doesn't happen with Wacom Tablets. Please fix it, as it's quite annoying...
  2. WOW, very nice fat update with new features! Hope to see more Live Warp Filters which would definitely help with complex shape mockups! Cheers!
  3. Thanks Matt! Is it me or the DL speed is very slow?
  4. @Andy Somerfield how's the performance of the Apple Silicon DTK version compared to the iPad Pro performance? If you can share that info of course
  5. Great Job @MattP looking forward to using the new features ❤️❤️
  6. Affinity Designer CRASHes when trying to move around System Swatches Colours in the Swatches Panel. So I created a System Wide Colour Swatch, added some colours to it and when trying to reorganize them it crashes the entire app 80% times.
  7. Basic Boolean Operations doesn't need UI/UX polishing, it's just that, Basic buttons to do operations. ShapeBuilder would be the logical improvement upon Boolean Operations, which we are still waiting for. Serif is not some new company, it has the Experience and Knowledge to plan its code for the expected features that would be developed, at least that would be the logical assumptions to make. VS added "merge nodes at middle point" in less than one week since I asked for it + other bugs and fixes, Affinity in its 4-5 years still doesn't have a simple proper "merge selected nodes" feature, not even talking about "merge at middle point". Yes, Affinity Team is not big, comparing it to Adobe or Corel for example, but it surely is bigger than One person. Releasing it on multiple Platforms besides increasing the work which must be done, also increases the revenue, which means they should/could increase the Team to deliver faster, better releases.
  8. I use both, AD is more polished, and smoother right now, but clearly lacks features which are covered by VectorStyler for me. I root for both Apps, VS just needs to keep fixing bugs and improve the performance like it has done till now, Affinity needs to fix bugs and add functionality. Whichever does it best wins for me. Though I have to say, that I LOVE the way Affinity Suite Apps are intertwined, work se well together and speed up the workflow, just wish AD was more feature rich, at least the basic features you'd expect from a MODERN Vector App.
  9. I completely understand your point of view, but sometimes we need to get work done fast and too many functions is better than not having those functions at all. Affinity could have made some quick basic implementations of all the features that were required and slowly polish them until their Quality Standard, but they chose to starve their base of clients while waiting and waiting... I mean, the Template Window in 1.8 is great and all, but the Warp tools, Blend Tool, Shape Builder, Offset Paths, Cusp Dash lines or Zig Zags, are more important and I think anyone can agree. Affinity takes pride in its UI/UX and I really agree on that but we still don't have a VISUAL Way to change stroke width at various path points. Something which VectorStyler or even Illustrator understood as something very important for the user... The BASIC DIVIDE boolean is still broken... Same circles in a VectorStyle which is a younger and less polished app...:
  10. I'm talking directly with the dev(he's a one man-team), he is very responsive and adds features /fixes reported bugs very fast, damn it, he added "merge nodes at middle point" in less than a week while fixing all my reported bugs and also improving dramatically panning/zooming. I think Affinity should hire that guy, he's a monster at developing. Also was in talks with him to implement the "Pathfinder" Open-source Vector Engine for increased performance, he said it will be a long-term feature when he's done with all the bugs and UI. Also he's VERY RECEPTIVE of critique, you can search in VectorStyler Forums, all my opened threads(same nickname as here) which he fixed in less than one week. Sure, the app is still quite green, the UI/UX still need lots of work(made some suggestions in the forum, to mimic Affinity in some aspects), and it's drawing engine is a resource hog, but feature-wise is incredible for an ONE-MAN TEAM, give it enough time and maybe we will have a real Illustrator Killer, while Affinity still takes time to implement BASIC Stuff with a bigger dev team...
  11. same issue here, Clip Paint Studio features a GLOBAL PRESSURE settings, affinity should too..
  12. Any sneak peak on this function? Is it even worked on?
  13. well damn... I mean this auto-close features is quite useless in this state...
  14. How do I disable this behavior? Ideally I want the Point to snap, auto-close but retain the original shape and not change it like its changed in the video below. Grabación_de_pantalla_2020-06-05_a_las_21_12_12.mov
  15. btw, wanted to say that the same bug happens to the color selectors for stroke and fill from the tool conditional parameters.
  16. Floating panels should obviously be above the opened documents at the moment, but not above other active floating panels/modal windows/sheets/settings/etc, and seems that the Affinity Team agrees with me.
  17. Thanks! This also happens with the EXPORT sheet. Glad that at least the moderators are receptive of critique!
  18. The Active Window Should ALWAYS BE ON TOP(at least if not specified otherwise) of the inactive ones. The floating inactive panels are set by default to get behind the active ones, why would windows or sheets be an exception? It doesn't make any sense. If I want something to be on top, I select it, otherwise it should be in the back not disturbing or occupying foreground space.
  19. As the tittle says, it's annoying and BAD UI/UX. As you can note, the window is active but the panels are still above.
  20. mid-2020 still no live warp... so we can't use advanced psd mockups only basic perspective ones...
  21. damn.. almost june 2020, still no way to import Warped Mockups PSDs... or warp vectors... I mean, those are kinda basic things for graphic designers..
  22. +1 plugins would solve things like OFFSET Path which is missing, or Blend Tool, or a Shape Builder etc.. it would be a total game changer, and many more people would switch to Affinity if they would be reassured that any feature which is missing or not planned by the devs can be added via plugins...
  23. It would be sureley nice to have a similar tool in Affinity Designer. Vouch for this!
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