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  1. Found its an issue which I think comes from opening a document created pre iPadOS on a Mac into iPadOS version of affinity designer
  2. The eye dropper isn’t picking colours in new iPadOS anyone else with same issue pretty major issue
  3. There should be a gesture which resets the whole view back to 0 degrees rotation on view and also resets to fit to view I would suggest double click the navigator icon Easy to implement and would make the the rotation function useable
  4. I agree on both points made needs an input pressure settings for apple pnecil or different devices could also do with something to make more stiff for different tools eg pencil should have resistance i am finding vectors slower than desktop
  5. This is a sorely needed function until then use photopea it can do sag in out and mesh warp of vectors
  6. Glyphs is in desktop version is it not in iPad version?
  7. Perspective rulers might be coming if they have figured out the symmetrical ones for next version
  8. I agree finding it tricky to hand trace shapes and then adjust much easier for hand drawing with pen tool freeform much more tricky to adjust points find I create new nodes can’t find the node I want and need to zoom too much
  9. It could also be useful to have a automatic ask for layer name when created and a button to toggle that function on/off
  10. It could do with a duplicate pop up asking how many duplicates and properties between each but that is more a designer function than specific to ipad I found it tricky to find the duplicate by gesture and then I think renaming the other menu based duplicate to power duplicate would help
  11. I agree I am finding on an ipad 2018 9 inch the interface is in the way and even after double clicking the UI show hide button that it keeps bringing it back up when my palm hits the screen surface this is making it very tricky to work as the interface keeps popping up and the bottom bar is next to useless when I am working on drawing if I want to draw I want to draw not change tools
  12. I totally agree the shortcuts from the desktop are pretty much essential for doing detailed vector work and not getting RSI. The touch equivalents are not good for long term work. I find I am very slow creating complex shapes without my cmd key to lock selected nodes or constrain lines, the touhc equivalent is hurting my shoulder
  13. I cant find any forum post on this and nothing in the manual Where are the assets from the assets panel being saved? I understand we can save assets used in a document with that document as well But I am looking to make sure affinity resources arent taking up too much room on the computer as I have a macbook air with little internal disk space I would also ask where are the styles kept in affinity designer? is there a workaround to have alias files going to an external harddrive I am thinking more in terms of what is standard in video editing packages and should be in the preferences for affinity designer
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