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  1. FreelanceDesigner

    Mesh warp

    Mesh warp tool or similar needed. For example, try to make "NETFLIX" logo with arc lower effect. Impossible. Thanks in advance Affinity!
  2. FreelanceDesigner

    Mesh warp

    Still waiting for this important improvement!
  3. There should be on screen arrows for left-right, up-down movements.
  4. FreelanceDesigner

    Problem with lines

    Suddenly I experienced a problem with inaccurate line tip when drawn with pressure. The fishtail tip wasn't a problem before, as I remember... What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  5. FreelanceDesigner

    Problem with lines

    P.S. I don't have the problems with Procreate
  6. FreelanceDesigner

    Using larger assets crashes Designer

    After hour of drawing, Designer on iPad pro 10.5" crashes, especially after saving I lost the last 30 min of vector drawing. I think it's due to lack of RAM on iPad. 4GB is just not enough. Just my 2 cents.
  7. FreelanceDesigner


    Timelapse for Designer would be cool!
  8. FreelanceDesigner

    No timelapse?

    I can't find timelapse in Designer for iPad...
  9. There should be option to select the same same fill color. When I click in the same time on one color (with right finger) and (with left finger) on "operations"; "select all", there should be selected all shapes with the same fill color.
  10. FreelanceDesigner

    Mesh warp

    BTW, predefined warp, like arc lower, arc upper, and arc options, like the one in illustrator will be fine too!
  11. FreelanceDesigner

    Mesh warp

    Thank you all for the answers. As a logo designer, my work should be done in vector, and made as fast as possible. I work on my pc in illustrator, but moving from Ai to Designer for iPad is something that I was waiting for. There is only a few things that missing from Ai, and I will move completely from PC to more mobile, more precise and reliable device. Can't wait future updates!
  12. FreelanceDesigner

    Feature request for production

    I agree, same color selection is essential. Blend tool and warp (for example netflix logo with arc lower) as well.
  13. FreelanceDesigner


    It would be great to have horisontal and vertical sliding rulers.
  14. FreelanceDesigner

    A good Pencil tool please!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  15. I'm not sure if this helps, but the first picture shows "arc lower" made of rectangular, and the second one, that is made of three steps, shows divided, small shapes that are united in one part, by selected by (black) color.
  16. Hi there! I'm astonished with Affinity Designer for ipad! I'm almost completely transitioned from my PC to iPad, just need a few more options. Suggestion #1: Select BY SAME FILL COLOR This is very important for professional work :) For example, if a group of objects (or shapes) are overlapping, what we need to do is to select them all, and divide them. After they are divided, we need to click on "Add" to merge the shapes together, and that's fine. But if we have a LARGE number of SMALL shapes, merging one by one can take forever.So, option "Select by (the same) Color" is very important and time saving for us designers. How I think it should be done: Solution 1. Click and hold the color (from toolbox) with pencil, or with finger, and while holding it select (with your left hand) three dots icon "..." and then choose "Select all" Solution 2. Add a new icon named "Select Same Color", or similar. Suggestion #2: SHAPE EFFECTS For me, as a Vintage illustrations and Logo designs fan, I would like to have a ARC LOWER, ARC UPPER, AND (possible) ARC tools. For example: Netflix logo. How I think it should be done: 1. After typing "Netflix" for example, convert curves, and than click on new icon set named "shape effects", than click on "Lower arc", or "Upper Arc". OK, that's for now, If I missed these options, if they already exist in same/similar form, please let me know.

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