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Macro Persona

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"How will you allow to "count" layers?

Say I`m recording some workflow and select the top layer out of 3 layers in the layers panel, does AP take it as the  "third layer counting  from the bottom" or "first layer counting from the top" ? Will one be able to manipulate this behavior?"


We're still working on this part of the recorder - we will allow multiple selections, but everything will be "layer name" based.


"The same goes for resizing, if I run a macro that has a part in it that shrinks an image.

Does the macro record the shrinking proportional or in absolute pixel oder cm? Will we have the choice? Probably this goes into the field of scripting..?"


Everything is proportional at the moment.


"Can one macro call another macro?"




"Will you be able to create stopping points at which you can tell the macro to wait for a user interaction, e.g. setting of a slider and then proceed?"


Eventually, yes - but not yet.


"AND can a macro work cross AP and AD?"


Theoretically yes, but it is not exposed in Designer. Macros are one of the prerequisites for scripting - and scripting certainly will be exposed in Designer in the future.


Hope this helps,



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How about adding a "Macros" section so that users can share them. It would be great, for example, if we all didn't have to go through the tedium of recording macro(s) of creating the various luminosity masks from channels, subtractions, etc.



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So glad to see that Macros have arrived. I have a few questions:


I assume that selecting layers will be an available macro command. Will we be able to select channels? By name?


Please reassure me that macros, once created, will be editable.


Once a macro is created, I can't see how to place it into a particular library category.


Once a macro is saved into the library, will I be able to move it from one category to another?


Will there be any events that will NOT be available to place into a macro? i.e., will all tools, filters, adjustments, etc be available? Will all menu choices be available?


Will macros be able to create new documents? Will macros be able to branch from one document to another, for instance treating a new document as a temp file if need be?


Will macros be able to Place existing files into an Affinity Photo file?


OK, so maybe I'm thrilled with what I see as the possibilities. I always thought of myself as a patient fellow, but this is bringing out the worst of me (in that regard, at least). Also, I'm loving the Focus Merge feature!

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1. I think macros are fine and they can do a lot to automate certain processes.


2. But we definitely need scripting to push the automation envelope further.

That goes particularly for Designer and later Publisher.


3. I also hope that Affinity is planning to expose their APIs so that we can write Plug-ins to go much further  (to infinity affinity and beyond!!!  :)).


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