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  1. Here in the southern US, there is an old saying: "Dance with the one who brung ya." This is something to consider while you guys spew out other apps and Affinity Photo for windows, Mac, Ipad, Xbox, PS4, Commodore 64, etc. The last beta for Mac OS was on March 1. At this point, I've pretty much given up on AP and am back in the Adobe camp. You had me for awhile. But now Adobe will have to either substantially raise the rent or force cloud storage for me to think of Affinity again. I had a lot of hope and I am disappointed.
  2. Great question! I'm unsure of how to use percentage vs pixels as well. I look forward to Affinity's answer on this, and why they chose that parameter.
  3. Now that is curious. I tried that again on a different image set before posting my last reply. Still got sRGB 16-bit output. I double-checked my default color spaces and they are Profoto RGB. Are you using v1.5 RC1? I'll try to investigate further tomorrow.
  4. Just tried it by developing the pieces first and exporting to tiff. The resulting pano in this workflow was in Profoto, as I selected in prefs. Apparently, if you do the stitch with raws, you can only get sRGB. I'd like to see that changed. Lloyd
  5. I just tried my first pano using 3 vertical images shot with an 85mm PC-E. Result is very good and easy to do. On this first blush, I just fed AP 3 D800E .nef files rather than developing each first. I have set AP's default working space to Profoto RGB for both 16 and 32 bit. The pano was rendered as sRGB and I see no way to change that. Is that a limitation of the pano stitcher in AP 1.5 RC1? Lloyd
  6. Is there any chance that Affinity Photo could be made to support Photoshop extension panels? This would enable compatibility with popular masking panels such as TK Actions, Lumenzia, and Raya Pro among others.
  7. I just noticed this also. It seems that the AP browser should show native AP files and thumbnails from day one. I don't get it.
  8. MEB, Yes, I understand. I was hoping to be several versions ahead by September. I guess that's not realistic. I do appreciate Affinity's effort! Petar, I was Mac from '86 -'92. The cost at that time was overwhelming. That, and needing Windows for work made me switch. The only way i can justify it now is to use a 15" rMBP as both laptop and desktop
  9. I feel your pain. I was Windows for 23 years until switching to Mac last December. Affinity was one of the reasons for that. I'm very happy I switched and don't miss Windows at all. My hope is that AP will be far enough along that I can cancel my CC subscription when it is up in early September. Since the announcement of the expedited Windows version, the Mac updates have stalled completely. Every day I look for 1.5 beta and every day I am disappointed. My confidence that I'll be able to do the switch before renewal is waning.
  10. OK. Is the 15 degree rotation that is possible from the menu part of those issues? I don't understand why that would be intentional. I vaguely remember something about redeveloping. If I develop, fix rotation in Photo and return to Develop, am I still working in raw (different than most converters), or is this similar to a Camera Raw filter being applied to a processed image? Lloyd
  11. Well, no one has replied. But I did mange to find elsewhere on this forum that the rotation function was removed from Develop Persona. There are a few requests for its return in the "Feature Request" section. Add me to that list. Why on earth would you guys remove that? There is plenty of space on the ribbon for the 2 buttons. I am gobsmacked. Lloyd
  12. How does one rotate the image 90 degrees in the Develop Persona? I have old raws from a Nikon D100 that did not have auto-rotation capability. The only way I see to do it is in the View menu "Rotate Right" and "Rotate Left". These work, but only do about 15-30 degrees at a time. That is a hassle. There is a video on Affinity TV which clearly shows a set of buttons in Develop for 90 degree rotation for this particular scenario. Those buttons do not exist on my copy of AP, and I can't find any way to create them from Customize Menu. I really don't want to do my raw processing on sideways images, or have to rotate my monitor. Please help. Lloyd
  13. David, thanks for the info. I have the i1Pro D as well but I'm using a Display Pro for the monitor. I'll digest the info you provided. Right now, my brain is in idle mode and doesn't want to come out. :) This has been awhile, but if memory serves I exported the file as a tiff in AP and viewed that in both PSCC15 and AP. They did match. The only difference I'm seeing is that if the file is in ProPhoto, the plugin previews are wrong if the the plugin is called from AP, and correct if called from PS or used standalone. Again, thaks for your reply! Lloyd
  14. Interestingly, the Nik preview changes to be a visual match with AP if I convert the document from ProPhoto to sRGB. Even Adobe is much closer. It appears the plugin is not getting working space info from AP and is defaulting to sRGB.
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