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  1. Hi, the first "simple mode" screen to acquire an image from a scanner doesn't seem to be adapted to the dark mode. One cannot see the text on the buttons: Upon clicking on the button that should say "more details" (the second button from the right), the following screen is correctly displayed: The same problem exists when trying to acquire an image from within Affinity Publishers's Photo persona. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hi, I'm trying to export App Icons with Affinity Designer using a lot of slices. In order for them to be automatically recognized within Xcode, they need to be named using the tilde symbol, for example "app-icon@2x~iPad". Unfortunately, the exported files are simply missing the symbol (in my example the file created was named "app-icon@2xiPad"). Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thanks for your replies! Chris
  3. Thanks for your replies! Well, I must've been mistaken concerning the 8bit/16bit matter, just double checked. Sorry! I was trying to avoid just that: processing each file individually beforehand. But I guess for now there's no other way. :unsure: I agree with MBd here: Feeding the file to the develop persona right after stitching instead of instantly "developing" it would help a lot! That would be exactly what I was looking for. I hope, the team considers this as a future improvement! :rolleyes:
  4. Hi, I just tried stitching a panorama with a very wide range of exposure and while Affinity Photo did a very good job adjusting the individual exposures, unfortunately it decided to crank up the exposure on the whole panorama, making it impossible to regain detail in the bright parts after the final panorama rendering. I used RAW images as source. Is there a way to change the exposure or even adjust curves within the panorama persona? It is pretty limiting to have it export as an 8 bit jpg with blown-out highlights.. Regards, Chris
  5. Hi, scopes are available in Affinity Photo, just click on view-studio-scopes. There is just one thing missing: the skin-color-line in the vectorscope. The parades in CMYK-mode are the same as in RGB. Affinity seems to convert the document to RGB for display in the scopes. Hope I could help! Chris
  6. Well you could alt+click the layer, which would hide everything except the layer you clicked. But your layers-panel would still be as cluttered... Edit: I just noticed that once you try to make an edit to the "alt-clicked" layer, the whole document comes back into view.
  7. Ah, I see, you're right! But the option is already there, so what's missing is an undo/redo option for the TOOLBAR :D I'm not really convinced, but hey, if some people need this, why not offer an option ;)
  8. Well you could use the menu item "open in Affinity Photo". It would take the whole document and open it with Affinity Photo. Then you could make adjustments to your raster layer and switch back afterwards. By using this method, all your changes would be saved within your document and be editable in Affinity Designer after the fact (live-filters, for example). Adobe automatically flattens the raster layer before switching back to Illustrator, I think. The "Affinity-way" would actually be "better" in that way. Of course this method wouldn't "isolate" the raster layer, but show the whole document, so that's a downside.
  9. Yes, it is (right click on it). Affinity could probably offer an undo/redo button. I'm just curious to know why a button would be easier to use than a shortcut?
  10. May I ask what keeps you from using the shortcut (cmd+z)? I don't think cluttering the menubar would be a good thing... Chris
  11. Hi Affinity team! I have raised this before during the Photo beta run, but the following problem still annoys the crap out of me: When I develop a RAW image through Affinity, I want the exported file to retain the EXACT same exif-information! It's not that hard, really. Right now I have to go through hundreds of .jpg files and change the date manually after the fact, because Affinity Photo wrote the timestamp of the export into the exif. This. Is. Awful! When I open a .jpg file, make changes and just save it again as a .jpg file, the original exif-info is rewritten to it. Why can't you do this for RAW files exported as .jpg as well? It's such a simple thing! On another note: When editing .jpg and saving back to .jpg, some exif information gets crippled.. In my case the lens-information is missing (It should be AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G). Just another annoyance with your handling of exif-information. I'm really sorry about the rant, but it's so so frustrating using a great software like yours and then having to deal with these show-stopping-kind of problems. Regards Chris
  12. I would like to see the "skin tone" line added to the vectorscope in Affinity Photo! It would be a small, but helpful addition!
  13. Hi, I love AP, but the cropping still needs some work: Whenever I crop an image, I come across the fact that the crop tool in Photoshop is somewhat better than the one in AffinityPhoto. I love the way one can see the whole image whenever clicking on the crop tool. I know that AP's crop tool is non-destructive and it would be great to be able to see the "cropped" part of an image. Also, when straightening a photo (either by rotating or by using the "straighten" button and drawing a line), it would be very helpful, if AP resized the crop automatically, resulting in no blank space inside the crop. I think, Photoshop does it. And again, it would be great, if the default mode for cropping was "original ratio". Or at least make AP remember that setting! To sum up: Although I hate to compare AP to Photoshop, I think that cropping is an area that needs work and Photoshop shows, how it can and should be done! Cheers, Chris
  14. Yes, I am using the MAS version. Apple asked me for some additional information, hopefully we'll be able to figure it out, cause I really think this isn't an Affinity-issue..
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