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  1. captain13chris

    Glitches in develop persona

    Hi team, I noticed a few glitches in the develop persona in the latest beta (Beta 8): 1.) -Open a RAW image and crop it in the develop persona -Take the white balance picker and draw a rectangle (alt+drag) = The rectangle gets drawn in the wrong position, but I believe the reference for white balance gets taken from the correct position) 2.) -Open JPG image -crop the picture in the photo persona -go into develop persona -use white balance picker as before (alt+drag) =Same problem as 1 3.) This one's a little bit harder to reproduce: -open RAW image in develop persona -click on any slider (example: brightness) and move it to the side -quickly release the slider and click somewhere above or below it and drag =The slider still moves as if one hadn't let go I hope you can reproduce and fix these little glitches, especially #3 is annoying when you're moving sliders around very quickly. Regards Chris
  2. captain13chris

    Symbol Creation goes wrong

    I thought I just created a star shape and then converted it to curves, but that doesn't seem to be the case. You are right, it is a rather odd shape, but seems to work okay with AD rendering engine and when exporting as PDF. Here's the file: Star shape.afdesign
  3. captain13chris

    Symbol Creation goes wrong

    Hi there, I recently discovered an annoying bug: When trying to create a symbol from a star-like vector-object, the central part gets cut out. Some algorithm seems to get applied to the object and parts get lost. A screengrab is attached for you to check out. Regards, Chris Symbolerstellung.mov PS: I tried it in the current release version and the most current beta.
  4. captain13chris

    Moving assets between subgroups impossible

    Ah well that does make sense! Thanks for helping me find the ALT key ;)
  5. captain13chris

    Moving assets between subgroups impossible

    I see! That works perfectly. However, it's still a little confusing. Adding the first object to a subgroup works without pressing ALT, but adding additional objects doesn't. Not a deal breaker, just confusing, because there is no hint for the user to use the ALT modifier key.
  6. Hi Affinity team, I just noticed that it is practically impossible to move items between subgroups in the assets panel. After creating a new subgroup, the first item may be moved, but after that no further changes are possible. If needed, I can send you a screencast of the problem. While we are at it, why can't I reorder my assets? I would've thought that one could simply reorder them like layers in the layers panel. Regards Chris
  7. captain13chris

    Move Tool doesn't move

    Hi Affinity-Team! I just found a quite significant bug: The move tool doesn't move the selected object. It is a very weird behavior: After snapping to the edge of the document, the object snapped right back to its original position. Also, there was a weird artifact where my cursor was while clicking and holding. Unfortunately, I can't seem to replicate it after restarting the application... I attached a screencast of the bug. Regards, Chris Designer Beta Move Tool 720.mov
  8. captain13chris

    Panorama Exposure

    Thanks for your replies! Well, I must've been mistaken concerning the 8bit/16bit matter, just double checked. Sorry! I was trying to avoid just that: processing each file individually beforehand. But I guess for now there's no other way. :unsure: I agree with MBd here: Feeding the file to the develop persona right after stitching instead of instantly "developing" it would help a lot! That would be exactly what I was looking for. I hope, the team considers this as a future improvement! :rolleyes:
  9. Hi, I just tried stitching a panorama with a very wide range of exposure and while Affinity Photo did a very good job adjusting the individual exposures, unfortunately it decided to crank up the exposure on the whole panorama, making it impossible to regain detail in the bright parts after the final panorama rendering. I used RAW images as source. Is there a way to change the exposure or even adjust curves within the panorama persona? It is pretty limiting to have it export as an 8 bit jpg with blown-out highlights.. Regards, Chris
  10. captain13chris

    Additional Graphs

    Hi, scopes are available in Affinity Photo, just click on view-studio-scopes. There is just one thing missing: the skin-color-line in the vectorscope. The parades in CMYK-mode are the same as in RGB. Affinity seems to convert the document to RGB for display in the scopes. Hope I could help! Chris
  11. captain13chris

    CD Effekt

    Kleiner Hinweis: Es hei├čt Blu-Ray ;)
  12. Well you could alt+click the layer, which would hide everything except the layer you clicked. But your layers-panel would still be as cluttered... Edit: I just noticed that once you try to make an edit to the "alt-clicked" layer, the whole document comes back into view.
  13. Ah, I see, you're right! But the option is already there, so what's missing is an undo/redo option for the TOOLBAR :D I'm not really convinced, but hey, if some people need this, why not offer an option ;)
  14. Well you could use the menu item "open in Affinity Photo". It would take the whole document and open it with Affinity Photo. Then you could make adjustments to your raster layer and switch back afterwards. By using this method, all your changes would be saved within your document and be editable in Affinity Designer after the fact (live-filters, for example). Adobe automatically flattens the raster layer before switching back to Illustrator, I think. The "Affinity-way" would actually be "better" in that way. Of course this method wouldn't "isolate" the raster layer, but show the whole document, so that's a downside.
  15. Yes, it is (right click on it). Affinity could probably offer an undo/redo button. I'm just curious to know why a button would be easier to use than a shortcut?