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    DuctTape reacted to dmstraker in Yay! 100 AP videos now on InAffinity YouTube Channel   
    Small celebration. I've now uploaded 100 Affinity Photo video tutorials to my InAffinity YouTube channel.
    Mostly, they are for beginners, though I throw in recent discoveries, effects, etc.
    To properly celebrate, I'm now off on a photographing jolly, up the American East Coast, as far as Nova Scotia, no less.
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    DuctTape reacted to KitKat1947 in Slovak City Panorama Banska Bystrica Central Slovakia   
    Affinity is a magic programme. Even a 71 year old can use it (with the help of the Affinity Forum members) When I went to school we did not even have an electronic calculator and computers were a dream in Dan Dare comics. Compare the two images which have been adjusted with affinity tools. The panorama was processed in Affinity from 7 images.  I used MESH-WARP to straighten one lamp post, after the forum members introduced me to this tool. Comments welcomed John Edwin in exile

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    DuctTape got a reaction from GarryP in A few manipulations   
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    DuctTape got a reaction from stokerg in A few manipulations   
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    DuctTape got a reaction from dutchshader in A few manipulations   
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    DuctTape got a reaction from Przemysław in A few manipulations   
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    DuctTape reacted to dominik in Brush Manager and Brush List and Thumbnail View   
    A post of today by one of the moderators (@MEB) shows that they are aware of this but have not been able to get to it.
    In a more ironic sense: I doubt that painters 500 years ago had 'hundreds and hundreds of brushes' at hand 
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    DuctTape got a reaction from Alfred in Brush Manager ?   
    Just like this, it doesn't get any easier. 
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    DuctTape reacted to MEB in Brush Manager ?   
    Hi TheFeralOne,
    I agree the Brush Manager is a little limited - it's still the original implementation developed for the app. Unfortunately there was no time yet to review/expand it - the dev teams have been working on/improving other areas of the app (and on other projects as well). They will get to it eventually but you will have to be a little patient - they are working as fast as they can.
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    DuctTape reacted to asantos in Brush Manager and Brush List and Thumbnail View   
    Hello. I'm beginning to desperate, because I've got hundreds of brushes and the Brush Panel doesn't help me at all.
    I would need:
    1. A Brush Manager or something similar, where I can easily select 50 brushes and move them from one category to another (I'm going crazy by having to select one brush at a time and clicking "Move brush to Category".
    It would be great to have something like the Extras Manager from ON1 Photo (see attached screenshot). if you would make it like this, one could manage the Styles from there, too, in the same way than the brushes.
    and 2. List View in the Brush Panel. Just the brush stroke and the brush size don't help me much. One more view would be great: "Show as a List", with the brush name and a small thumbnail to the left.
    If you're not ever going to make something like this, please tell me, because I can't keep on working like this.
    Thank you.

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    DuctTape reacted to Stephen_H in My Adobe resignation. Anyone else packed it in with them?   
    Well people, I have done it. I've cancelled my Adobe CC subscription. Here's the proof. Anyone else packed it in with them?

    (It's a bit off topic, but I can't find a general/misc category for posting my own news.)
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    DuctTape reacted to KateM in Introducing... Affinity Spotlight   
    I'm over the moon to tell you about the launch of Affinity Spotlight, the new place to go for creative inspiration, learning resources and Affinity news. Whether it’s features on artists and photographers using Affinity, tutorials on how to get the best from the apps, behind-the-scenes insight or news and updates, it will all be posted on Affinity Spotlight.
    We’ve literally just made the site live and we’d love you to check it out!

    This has been a real labour of love for our web dev team and our content team, and of course, this is just the start—we’ll be posting new stories and articles each week. We hope you like what we’ve done and enjoy reading our stories.
    All the best,
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    DuctTape reacted to jhazel0705 in Drop shadow in Affinity Designer   
    Here is a tutorial for how to do a simple drop shadow using affinity designer....figured I would share 
    drop shadow working file.afdesign
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    DuctTape reacted to Wikinger in AD: Impossible Star   
    Ce type d'image est appelé un "paradoxe".
    La perspective et ainsi, la perception de l'image, évolue en suivant la trace.
    Cela fait travailler l'imagination.
    Des représentations qui me fascinent et que j'admire. 
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    DuctTape reacted to LyricsGirl in AD: Impossible Star   
    Well done1 For a firstr  effort --Amazing!
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    DuctTape got a reaction from LyricsGirl in AD: Impossible Star   
    I haven't been inside AD in a very long time, like since the 1.5....  I used the  Illustrator Beginner Tutorial: Impossible Star Logo

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    DuctTape got a reaction from Alfred in AD: Impossible Star   
    I haven't been inside AD in a very long time, like since the 1.5....  I used the  Illustrator Beginner Tutorial: Impossible Star Logo

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    DuctTape got a reaction from bodobe in Book Cover Design (Tutorial)   
    oh okay. I thought it was a tutorial since it titled (Tutorial) in a tutorial section. 
    Sorry, My Bad!
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    DuctTape got a reaction from Alfred in Book Cover Design (Tutorial)   
    oh okay. I thought it was a tutorial since it titled (Tutorial) in a tutorial section. 
    Sorry, My Bad!
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    DuctTape reacted to MattP in Affinity, we need clarification: are you or aren’t you working on a DAM?   
    I know I'm arriving at this party very late (because I didn't see it until now...) but nobody is trying to 'not answer' anything and there are no 'difficult questions' - there are only questions that some moderators may not know the answer to as they're not privy to all information. I'll say this: I'm sitting next to the guys that are writing the DAM... It's a thing.
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    DuctTape reacted to Sahil Ansari in How to create a water dispersion in Affinity Designer   
    Here is available a Photo Manipulation Tutorial. Which is not created in Photoshop or neither in Affinity Photo. It is created in Affinity Designer. It will show you how to manipulate a photo in Affinity designer with Pixel  Persona feature. Watch it here : Link

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    DuctTape reacted to Bri-Toon in Affinity Designer Tips and Tricks   
    Hello everyone,
    I made a series of video tutorials on Affinity Designer. I wanted to wait until I had at least 8 before making a topic on it. Now it's time to show what I put together. These tutorials require some background knowledge in the program. They are not so much meant to teach you how to use it, but they are to teach you a certain way of using the tools. I wanted to have each of these videos be nice and short but informative. I hope you get something from them.
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    DuctTape got a reaction from PaulAffinity in Free 1000 Photoshop Brushes   
    I can't believe people us IE.
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    DuctTape reacted to Mithferion in Free 1000 Photoshop Brushes   
    Adobe is giving away 1000 Brushes by renowed artist Kyle T. Webster, in ABR format. If anyone is interested (they don't behave exactly the same, tested on Photoshop Elements 10), here is the link for the download page:
    Best regards!
    P. S.: I hope there are no legal problems with this.
    [UPDATE] I copy here my answer about Licensing for these brushes:
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    DuctTape reacted to smadell in 38 Gradient Maps for Color Grading   
    Today, let’s have fun with Gradient Maps…
    Gradient Maps are a great way to color grade photos, since they map dark, light, and midtone values according to a pre-defined gradient. This can easily define a “look” for photos that might otherwise be hard to accomplish.
    Although I am not a user of Photoshop, our “arch rival” has a wonderful group of gradient maps called “Photographic Toning” that are specifically designed to color grade photos. Although you have to drill down through a few panels and dialog boxes to find them (and you sort of have to know they’re there in the first place) they are a truly nice addition. Also, they are easily obtained by anyone.
    But, as they say, there’s the rub. Affinity Photo cannot import Photoshop gradient maps. Affinity Photo can store pre-defined gradients in the Swatches studio, but for some unknown reason the stored gradients are not available from the Gradient Map studio panel. Gradient Maps can be stored as presets, and can be chosen from the Adjustments panel, but I don’t believe they can be easily exported from one computer and brought into a different one.
    So… after a long couple of days of transcription, I have created a set of Macros that apply each of the 38 Photographic Toning gradient maps. Since macros are easy to store, and to share, I am making them available for anyone who wants them.
    There are actually 2 sets of Macros included - each as an easy-to-import Category from the Library panel. The first group of Macros is called “Photographic Toning Gradients” and these are named according to the gradient map they apply. Each macro creates a Gradient Map layer, applies the appropriate color values, and names the layer according to the gradient map it applied. The second set of macros is called “Photographic Toning Gradients - reduced.” This category also applies the gradient maps in a similar fashion, but then reduces the opacity of the layer to 30%. This reduces the effect of the Gradient Map, and produces a much subtler effect.
    Here is an image that shows the full-strength versions of all 38 gradient maps.

    And here is a photo to which I’ve applied a full-strength gradient map, and also a reduced-strength gradient map.

    These macro categories are included in the ZIP file attached to this post, along with a Letter sized JPG that includes samples of the gradient maps. Also included in the ZIP file is another macro category that includes one more macro. It’s called “Obama Hope Poster” and, as you might have guessed, it turns any photo into an Obama Hope-style poster. Just because…
    Please enjoy them!
    Photographic Toning Gradient Maps.zip
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