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  1. Sorry I move the image here my granddaughter Hailey Check out my stocks but be sure to read the rules.
  2. A photo-manipulation with my granddaughter Hailey
  3. I had to force quit AP 1.7 for not responding. It just would not load. When I hit Command + Tab the AP icon was shown with Finder. BUT in the dock, I had no indication that AP 1.7 was even running. Once I rebooted, I had no problems it fired right up. Mid2010 iMac High Sierra 10.13.6
  4. Is it possible to create a noise layer in affinity photo, then copy and paste the noise layer into affinity designer to be used as a mask?
  5. I found these Terragen tiffs on an HDD I had stuffed in the closet. I did these back in 2006 feel free to use these in any of your works. terrain_25.tif terrain_24.tif terrain_22.tif distantBeach.tif terrain_23.tif
  6. The question was about renaming a BRUSH PACK, I did not say one thing about a category. You all would like to have the right answer but you all failed, Not one of you (or mod) mentioned about restarting the program once the "Brush Pack" was renamed in finder. I know the file(BRUSH PACK) can be renamed in finder, I know that the contents of the BRUSH PACK can only be edited by the program. Notice I said BRUSH PACK and not CATEGORY that was the other posters who added the category to the question. Thanks for trying help though, have a blessed day or evening.
  7. Renaming brush pack from XXXX.afbrushes to OOOO.afbrushes I never ever said, that I was trying to change a named item inside the file. Don't make me use the four-letter word............. F I L E........... you happy now I used it. So what do you call renaming a brush pack?
  8. If that was the case then anything created could not be renamed There could be dozens or hundreds of named items and layers in a file. I am not trying to change the file extension from .afbrushes to .alfred.
  9. αℓƒяє∂, I was expecting a more intelligent answer than what you chose to add. "so expecting a change of file name to result in a change of category name is a bit like expecting your cat to turn into a dog if you change his name to ‘Fido’."
  10. You can't rename a user-created brush pack using Mac finder.
  11. I was warping a shadow when one of the nodes became unattached from the mesh this caused AP to become unresponsive for several minutes. Had to force quit.
  12. would you be able to add all these great packs into one post?
  13. I'm very sorry I worded that wrong what I meant was the Base Texture.
  14. AP Swatches 100% is Black and 0% is White, now go to the sliders 100% is white and 0% is Black. so if I select the swatch of 30% grey, I should have 70% on the sliders but I get 69% on the sliders greyscale. Is this a bug? AD Grey swatches and greyscale sliders are correct. If I select a 30% grey swatch I get 70% on the sliders.
  15. The subtle layering effect is from using the same settings that were used in the illustrator tutorial. After you mentioned it I realized that I can't use the same settings for the offset. the person used only 5 or 6 pt, I had to bump that up to 20pt to achieve the similar look.
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