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    Roger C reacted to carl123 in Several problems I'm having with Photo 1.7   
    Is there a reason for this other than "by design"?
    To me, it would make more sense for the crop ratio to fit the shortest edge of the image then nothing would be outside the canvas
    Surely, most people crop to make the image smaller so would expect this
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    Roger C reacted to v_kyr in Attach Text to Curve in Photo?   
    Yes Designer and Publisher do support this. - See also: "Text on a path" here.
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    Roger C got a reaction from ChrisSmere in Mariánské Lázně / trolleybus and bus / complete system diagram   
    Until I saw your Instagram page I had never seen maps done in "Dark View" before.
    It makes a great change and the result is really striking.
    I was too simple minded to think other than white for land, blue for water.
    Nice work.
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    Roger C got a reaction from ChrisSmere in Sheffield / Tram / Transit diagram   
    @ChrisSmere That's a great design, and an excellent clear lay out.
    Yes, it has a classic look. Lovely style.
    Wow! It seems transit maps can make anywhere look good, don't you agree @Alfred?
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    Roger C reacted to ChrisSmere in Sheffield / Tram / Transit diagram   
    Hey :-)
    I do transit maps (diagrams) for fun in my spare time to relax.
    Here is one I was working on this weekend - after a request @Alfred:
    The Sheffield tram system in my interpretation. I've altered the color palette a little bit (more Bauhaus now) and also introduced route letters.

    Hope you  like and enjoy it - @MattP :-)
    Feedback is welcome and appreciated of course!
    Have a great day you all!
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    Roger C reacted to ChrisSmere in Mariánské Lázně / trolleybus and bus / complete system diagram   
    Hi - it's me again :-)
    I do transit maps (diagrams) for fun in my spare time to relax.
    Here is another one I was working on the past days and have updated just now:
    It's my totally unofficial transit map showing the complete bus and trolleybus network of city of Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad), Czech Rebuplic. The trolleybus replaced the streetcar network in the early 1950s.
    Feedback, corrections, input is always appreciated.
    Have a nice Thursday night =)
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    Roger C reacted to James Ritson in Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Tutorials   
    Official Affinity Photo Desktop Tutorials
    New to the latest update of the app (1.7), we've got a brand new set of tutorials that follow a more structured approach and are sorted into logical categories. You can access them by following this link:
    Please note that the previous thread is now considered legacy and has been unpinned. The videos linked in the thread are also considered legacy—they will remain accessible (albeit unlisted) but ultimately my goal is to produce suitable replacements over time using the new studio setup with live mixing and picture-in-picture. There's been a clear increase in quality of teaching and production values since Affinity Photo was first released back in 2015, and we hope to continue this moving forward.
    The videos listed at the above link are hosted on Vimeo. Alternatively, please find a list below with YouTube links:
    UI overview Light UI Open and save Placing images Moving, scaling and rotating Layers Advanced layer options Selecting layers Mask layers Undo, redo and history Exporting Resizing & resampling Canvas resizing RAW development Metal compute Advanced
    Adding lens profiles Colour management Compression efficiency Channels Channels: Selections HDR merging HDR ghosts removal HDR from one exposure Liquify Stacking: Object removal Stacking: Noise reduction Stacking: Exposure blending Focus merging Panoramas RAW advanced development HDR/EDR workflow Macros 360 live editing OpenColorIO setup OpenColorIO baking colour space transforms Blend modes Blend ranges LAB Changing DPI (New: 13/07/19) Infer LUT (New: 18/07/19) Luminosity masks from layers Masking vs clipping layers Paste/move inside Isolating layers Corrective & Retouching
    Inpainting Haze removal Dodge, burn and sponge brush tools Clone brush tool Sky replacement Creative Tools
    Colour picker tool Gradient tool Paint mixer brush Selection refinement Fill layers Filters & Adjustments
    Curves Levels Masking adjustment layers Filters Live filter layers Displace filter Shadows/highlights Gradient map Denoising/Noise reduction Radial blur Clarity Channel mixer White balance Black & white adjustment Export Persona
    Exporting slices Workflows & Techniques
    Editing infrared photography Relighting 3D renders  
    Hope you find them useful!
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    Roger C reacted to GarryP in Eskişehir / tramvay ağı / another transit map   
    Yet another lovely map.
    It might sound childish but I found myself making “Oooh, Ahh, Whoh, Weeee” sounds (in my head) as I followed the lines and loops around the map, like I was on some kind of particularly-sedate roller coaster.
    When a map makes you have fun reading it, you know you’re on to a winner.
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    Roger C got a reaction from ChrisSmere in Eskişehir / tramvay ağı / another transit map   
    Beautiful work! Calm, cool and collected. Your Instagram page is delicious.
    Were these all done in Designer?
    You could post the San Francisco map here, as well. It looks remarkably like a Unicorn. Is that just coincidence?
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    Roger C reacted to ChrisSmere in Eskişehir / tramvay ağı / another transit map   
    I do transit maps (diagrams) for fun in my spare time to relax.
    Here is one I was doing on Monday and Tuesday and updated yesterday:
    It's my totally unofficial transit map showing the the tramway (light rail) network of Eskişehir, Turkey. It has quite an interesting system with many loops. And what's really nice is that they have  meter gauge. Feedback, corrections, input is always appreciated.
    Have a nice Thursday =)

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    Roger C reacted to hanshab in LAB sharpen   
    I do most of my work in the LAB color space. I then convert to other color gamuts as required.  I find LAB useful since it separates color from luminosity so its easier to create masks  such as luminosity or saturation masks.  I have developed  a macro that provides sharpening and color accentuation using the unsharp mask and curves.  In the enclosed macro you can adjust the  separation of the A and B components as you wish, just bring up the curves adjustment to accomplish.  I have also included the selective color adjustment and levels adjustment which I often use to "dial in" the precise colours I want. Just access the  respective adjustments once the macro has run.
    Hans' LAB sharpen.afmacro
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    Roger C reacted to wigglepixel in The History Of Interactive Computer Graphics and Animations   
    Interested in computers, graphics, animations, games, vr, interactives and internet?
    Computer graphics, animations and interactions are now self-evident. You just have to pick up your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or what else and you feel intuitively when you have to swipe, click, drag or pinch zoom. You also expect nothing less than nice interfaces with smooth animations. But it wasn't always like this...
    There were times where there were no editors like Photo and Designer, nor Illustrator, nor Photoshop, and even computers and animations of frames didn't exist...
    I wrote a blog series of six where I like to take you on a journey through time with our focus on learning about the development before and during the creation of computers, digital graphics, animations, graphical interfaces, graphics software, interactivity, 3D, a pinch of the first games, the creation of the internet and a touch of virtual reality.
    I have made more than 110 illustrations for this series with Affinity Designer and also provide each part with at least one interactive to bring the events alive as good as possible for you.
    Part 1 is out there now! Hope you like it and I'm sure you learn something new from it and be surprised by some events! There will be a new part every month from now. Enjoy!
    English: History Interactive Computer Graphics - Part 1
    Dutch: Geschiedenis Interactieve Computergraphics - Deel 1

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    Roger C reacted to toltec in (Affinity Photo)I use the Marquee Tool,but how to "stroke" ?   
    Not much use with a rectangle perhaps, but I often make a selection around an object, then use the stroke (or outline) option to adjust the edges. Maybe blur, lighten, HSL or something like that. Very handy sometimes  I can also paint inside the selection outline with varying brushes for a bit of selective edge control, the brushes being constrained inside the outline.
    Not something you can always do by any other method. It works quite well with green-screen photography to remove the green show-through.
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    Roger C reacted to Dan C in Text on cycle and direction   
    Hi orient96
    This can be done using the baseline modifier in the context toolbar, I've made a quick video below showing this!
    Baseline text on a curve.mp4
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    Roger C reacted to thomasbricker in Correctly Controlling Masks in Affinity Photo   
    Exactly what I was after.
    The missing bit for me was "Lock Children".
    Although the term sounds a little ominous, it affords me the functionality Im after.
    Thanks Roger.
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    Roger C reacted to JimmyJack in Move an item within a mask (Photo)   
    You sure Lock Children wasn't hiding in the ">>" (more off screen area)?

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    Roger C reacted to Phil_rose in Move an item within a mask (Photo)   
    Of course, wouldn't you?
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    Roger C got a reaction from Alfred in Move an item within a mask (Photo)   
    Holy Mackerel, Batman. Did you juggle on a unicycle at the same time?
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    Roger C got a reaction from firstdefence in Correctly Controlling Masks in Affinity Photo   
    This excellent video by James Ritson shows what I believe is the behaviour you are looking for.
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    Roger C reacted to Phil_rose in Move an item within a mask (Photo)   
    Ah, that seems to be it although, unless I am mistaken, you don't get the Lock Children option if the object is a text object. I had to delete the mask then rasterise the layer, reload the selection from a spare channel, create the mask, choose the move tool, choose lock children, then it works. If I tried to rasterise the layer without deleting the mask first it rasterised the mask too. 
    Complex stuff!
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    Roger C reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo Help Search Doesn't Work   
    Except that searching for "Guides" (and many other things) in the online Affinity Photo help gives the wrong results too, missing the whole dedicated section but for a different reason!! I am reporting this to the documentation team 
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    Roger C reacted to Alfred in Inktober-themed brush set by Kyle T. Webster   
    “This year’s Inktober is finally upon us.”
    The above page includes a link to a Photoshop brush set (*.abr) created by Kyle Webster especially for Inktober 2018.
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    Roger C reacted to RPC in Would a better video card help me?   
    Just got a 1080 ti for a good price since people are moving to 2xxx cards.
    Just wanted to add/update to this topic that there is a night and day difference in how well large complex files with lots of effects are handled 970 vs 1080 ti for pan & zoom.
    Had I known there was going to be this massive of an improvement in quality of life to pan & zoom I would have gladly updated to the 1080 TI a year ago when I first made this post and paid all the extra.
    Things went from slow and lagy at best and crippling slow frequently to barely noticeable at all even on my most complex works. I can now pan and zoom as fast as my hands and fingers can move on works that use to slow to a crippling crawl if I tried to move faster than a snails pace.
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    Roger C reacted to Redofcolor in Making Metal Shiny - Editing Tips???   
    It's for marketing purposes/ what my boss wants me to do. If we had the space I would be able to set up a proper studio to photography the items with that shine naturally.  But I don't so I work with what I have, editing software and a backlog of old photos I need to edit.  
    Either way it is not a waste of time for me and I appreciate the help from others in learning new skills in editing rather than being told not to bother.  It is never a waste of time to learn a new skill and gain knowledge. 
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    Roger C reacted to Deadbyxmas in Affinity illustrations and experiments   
    Four more