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    I hate to be critical or talk out of my hat , great image somehow I wish you could snapped a photo of globe or spherical glass with a white or black background and layered that in for her to be inside, obvious from your photos and Affinity skills it would really put it over the top . Best - wm
  2. Zevram

    AD Butterflies

  3. Zevram

    The Mist

    very nice, keep sharing
  4. Zevram

    Creepy Furry Rabbit [AD]

    Looks like a more Jacked-up on goff balls drugged guinea pig :) ;) and very lovely work
  5. Zevram

    Wales. This morning.

    ooooh My fu.... ..od, beautiful image
  6. Zevram

    Random portraits (vector)

    very nice, being picky but would add some interest if the patterns around the faces varied with different geometry
  7. Zevram

    Amateur astronomer

    Nice , ...My son would you like to share why you where tempt by that vile clay dirt cat house of ill repute and why you have returned to be cleansed :blink: :blink: :blink: or any technical reasons that can help
  8. Zevram

    Bugatti love....

    thank you for posting , great work and inspirational
  9. Zevram

    AD - AP Share Your Work Separation?

    I like going to one place to see both work, l like both kinds of music .. Country and Western I ski and snow board im lefty and a righty I think AP and AD compliment each other in work flows and I use both
  10. Zevram

    Level selection

    awesome share
  11. Zevram

    A Spring Day Illustration AD

    very fun , give the flower s eyes (so they don't look like skulls) , nice work
  12. Zevram

    3 color screenprint illustration

    very very very nice
  13. Zevram

    DAUB Mosaic

  14. Zevram

    Fire Styles

    thank you!
  15. Zevram

    Book Cover

    great start every thing looks really good, But........, what is the glowing object ? looks like a glowing honey Badger head ;
  16. Zevram

    My first post and first serious work

    looks great , works on explorer , solar system looks good on iPhone but no interaction on text pop up
  17. Zevram

    Storyboard Story

    thank you for sharing,
  18. Zevram

    64 Chevy Greenbrier Van

    very very nice
  19. Zevram

    Let the Jousting Begin

    fabulous foto and development