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  1. Thanks Gary! The scroll work (including side borders) was all just one image. haha So I can't really change how they look. It's all just one image. And did you mean the (.) after Opposition? I wasn't quite understanding what you meant with it being far enough from the other words. I'm hoping to learn more for next time. This was the simple route - no people or layored pics or anything complex. It's a complex series (fantasy) so those would have been so hard to compete with the fantasy books on the shelves today which are beyond gorgeous. But seriously - Affinity is awesome for the poor author. Now...I just need macros (or the affinity version) to really make it newb friendly! :)
  2. You may have seen my first book cover, but here is the second in the series. It's my personal favorite. Hope you like it!
  3. Glowing object is a rock. Think moonstone. You're not the first one to see a head of an animal. ;) I don't know how else to get across that it's a rock. It's like the inkblot. It could be just an ink blot but everyone will try to see something in it. :) Lojza - What did you do on your version? Just move the lines of text? Maybe I'm missing more subtle things/tweaks you did. Thanks! But yes I'm prime beginner.
  4. Mostly paperback, but it would be great to do ebook as well which requires much less work, but just as much consistency. I need book formating specific guides on master pages, setting margins, choosing if the first line is indented and/or drop capped, ensuring a chapter always starts on the right side, choosing where page numbers start and placement, etc.
  5. Here is a fantasy book cover I did with Affinity Photo. Total newb, so be gentle. :) I have three more too that I'll show once they've gone public.
  6. I didn't know the best place to post this as I can't really find any information on Affinity Publisher. I just had to come on and tell someone, anyone, to please PLEASE consider adding book formatting features to make it easier. Soooo many authors want to format their print and ebook interior and are forced to use horrid Word, pay someone, or attempt to use Indesign. I just bought PagePlus x9 in an attempt to do it myself. I even have a guide someone made on how to format a book and it is still mostly in Chinese. There are no templates, no tutorials, nothing on how to format a book. So this may go unnoticed, but I'm begging you to make something for book designers out there. I promise it'll go big for all those self-publishing. That's it. Gonna go pull my hair out some more. Thank you for considering.
  7. Pedro Soares - Yeah something like that! I've been playing with the white balance which has been some fun. Is that what you used? I'd like to get deep purples and yellow where the sun is in a photo, but white balance isn't what I want. I think I may need to work with masks to change portions of the sky maybe? Carl 123 - I tried recolor and it basically just changes the hues. I am looking more like what Pedro did, where all the differences in color stays, but they change. Or even better, I can add color myself to the dark and low parts of sky. I'm having trouble getting the tone mapping to work - it keeps telling me to select an RGB pixel layer but highlighting my photo isn't doing the trick. I need to watch a few more tutorials. The problem is I don't want to just change the tone or tint down a slider. I want to get custom colors. Maybe painting is the answer. I'm so afraid of paint but I know there are amazing things you can do. To me paint still equals Paint.net :) Mind the newb. Thanks everyone! I'll keep at it and experiment more. I'll post when I achieve it. Hopefully I post eventually.
  8. For fantasy book covers like the one below, they always have colorful skies. Among a host of fantasy effects, I desperately need to learn how to change the colors of sky, so they have multiple unnatural colors. Or even just to change the blue in a stormy sky to like a diff color. Any help? Even just tell me what tool to use? Thank you so much!! Seriously, I would pay money if someone made a course on book covers for Affinity.
  9. These are so awesome! From a newbie, thank you!!! I'd love to see more tutorials on fantastic/magic effects for those making book covers. I have hardly scraped the surface of the tutorials, but with photoshop I'd just use someone's actions to turn a happy village into a scary/fantasy village or something. Things like that. But you're doing awesome! Keep it up!
  10. {Warning: Purely happy feedback post below. If you want your ego stroked, keep reading.} I wasn't sure where to put this but I have just started working with Affinity's trial, coming from using Gimp and then Photoshop. My goal is to simply make book covers, so I need to know a host of things. It's going to be slow going. But in the few amazing tutorials I've watched, I felt compelled to tell someone how freaking amazing you guys and gals are. 1. Tutorials - You completely rock. Photoshop claims to have tutorials - there are like 2. Nothing like what you have done. I'm blown away. You have no idea how helpful it is not to have to search Youtube for user tutorials to do basic things. So thank you so much and keep it up! 2. Simplicity - This deserves (and will get soon enough) an entire blog post. But basically, in the few tutorials I've watched I've learned how simple it is to do things I was struggling and annoyed with in Photoshop and Gimp. Simple things like transforming, cutting out images, adding a simple vignette, gradient adjustments are soooo much more intuitive and simple than Photoshop. Both of these are HUGE to newbies. Photo editing software is scary and extremely intimidating, especially when you have a specific goal (like making book covers) in mind. I wanted to test Affinity to see if it was more or less newbie friendly. From what I've seen, Affinity is much easier and welcoming than Photoshop. And much easier on the budget too! I'm so glad I discovered you all. And to think I only did because I found the PagePlus Starter Edition on my computer while cleaning up files, found your site to learn more, and discovered Affinity. I'm waiting on bated breath for Affinity Publisher to handle formatting my print books. I imagine it will be much easier and user friendly than Indesign so I'm waiting patiently. Yes, this was purely a thanking and gushing post. But I had to tell you how awesome it is so far. You guys are killing it! If I make a successful cover, I'll post my results. And I'll tell all my writer friends about it. Keep up the great work!
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