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  1. Protium Design

    Magnum Infographic Elements Bundle

    I made new file. Infographics. Thought work I meet with "Donut" and that is very helpful for infographics. https://goo.gl/WfSpEL Please tell me what you think for this file?
  2. Protium Design

    My first post and first serious work

    Thank you very much and nice if you like it. @Alfred that misspelled I will fix. Thank you for suggestion, that is helpful.
  3. Hello, I come here to show you my works in Affinity Designer. There is two+ One is "Typography Anatomy Explained Complete For Serif Character Knowledge": https://protiumdesign.com/…/typography-anatomy-explained-c…/ And second is "Solar system complete illustration guide": https://protiumdesign.com/…/solar-system-complete-illustra…/ I offer bout file for free download. You can see interactive slider on top of pages. Tell me what you think

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