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    AffinityJan reacted to smadell in Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.   
    This is a beautiful and well-executed piece of work. You have filled a need expressed by so many users, and I think you are going to make many, many people very happy. Thank you.
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    AffinityJan reacted to ve2cjw in Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.   
    I have produced a pdf version of the Affinity Photo manual that you can read without starting the program. It can be interesting to put it on your phone or tablet to read when you have some time to spare. Since the file is too big to upload here, I have put it on Dropbox for you to download. It is current for the last version of Affinity Photo. Comments welcomed. Here is the link:
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    AffinityJan reacted to anon1 in Guetzli: A New Open Source JPEG Encoder   
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    AffinityJan reacted to kareldries in Guetzli: A New Open Source JPEG Encoder   
    Hi guys,
    Google announced a new open source jpeg encoder yesterday.
    Will you be implementing this in future versions of Affinity products?
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    AffinityJan reacted to TonyJ in Second painting with Affinity photo   
    \working for me nicely now and getting faster. Could do with a brush resize keystroke or mouse function though.

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    AffinityJan reacted to Oval in My logo, which one do you prefer?   
    If you don’t make a concept, this will end in art and not something that is strong. Don’t think about what you like but what your clients need. One rule is that a logo is clear (because it must be understood quickly and survive between others). For example ask why a circle and is it really so much more important than N and D (D stands for your Name and Design and …). So why not a (rounded) rectangle that stands for the hardware (screens) you create things for? First: make a concept. What you want to communicate (show) with the logo and much later (second) play with the forms that communicate what you do/sell.
    If you only want to work for clients that work in the natural area, then you could start with a technical font/glyphs for example and change it to a natural style.
    Most of your drafts have filigree forms. Try it with more power/strength/thickness.
    Ask (yourself/many people) what your new drafts (should) communicate (fashionable, dynamic, static, strong, thin, serious, …).
    HTH a bit [corporate design is too complex to fit in this forum]
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    AffinityJan got a reaction from Bri-Toon in My logo, which one do you prefer?   
    I hope you like the idea. And make sure to check the .afdesign-file which contains the original sketch.

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    AffinityJan got a reaction from Oval in My logo, which one do you prefer?   
    That is exactly what I was going for  :P
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    AffinityJan reacted to amyas in Bare Mountain. Colour and gradient.   
    The gradient tool is so much better than Illustrator (What I'm talking about...Designer infinitely superior Illustrator in every way). B) The Node Tool can be bothering sometime, but Designer can achieve a great effect easily. 

    All my work published on Behance are made with Designer or Photo, check them out as well!
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    AffinityJan reacted to TonyJ in Alien Desert. First Try At Painting With Affinity Photo.   
    Well I've only just bought the program very much a beginner. All AP just basic tools really. Chimped around with the brush engine and made four new ones. Blocked out some colours, set some perspective guides and started hitting it with fragments of photos, mostly on soft light, used the mesh tool for stretchy fun, casually used jet engines for the desert rocks and a boiler room wall for the temple.. Painted some more and detailed bits. It's really very basic fun.
    Did a half hour speed painting before this that convinced me to try something more, see attached.

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    AffinityJan reacted to TonyJ in Alien Desert. First Try At Painting With Affinity Photo.   
    Bought AF for windows a couple of weeks ago. Really impressed.

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    AffinityJan reacted to gdenby in Acanthus-style flourish   
    I've been transcribing traditional decorative motifs into digital representations for at least a dozen years. A few weeks ago I came across a folder of hand drawn line work and .tif files generated from Corel Draw vector work. As it happened, there was a thread her about duplicating an art nouveau drawing 6 days ago. I started hand tracing one of the better transcriptions I made. 
    Presented here, a color and a vector/node representation of what I did in 10 - 12 hours, a few hours each day. Please give respect to the now anonymous artist who made the original.

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    AffinityJan reacted to bodobe in Holly Golightly   
    Tribute to Audrey Hepburn (Affinity Designer, vector graphic).
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    AffinityJan reacted to Nic727 in My logo, which one do you prefer?   
    I'm currently remaking my personal logo for my portfolio. I would like your advice on which one do you prefer, because I don't really know what to do... Also, if you have some suggestions to improve my logos, feel free to share them. For the moment it's only draft and not final.
    I was looking something that represent me. My first name is starting with "N" and last name with "D", but really difficult to make a cool design with those letters. I really love nature,  animals, space and aircraft. For my logos I was thinking about solar eclipse or how to introduce an aircraft for my logo. I prefer something circle since it's easier to put on a website or favicon. I don't know if it should be transparent or be filled up with colors.
    You can find all drafts in attached files.
    Here is my current logo that I want to remake. I think it was too simple.

    Basic questions :
    1. What do you think?
    2. Should I add colors? Gradients?
    3. What should I add/remove or how can I improve my logo?
    Thank you for feedback.

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    AffinityJan reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity Designer - 1.5.2   
    Click here to download the latest release
    Status: Patch
    Purpose: Stability
    Requirements: A valid Affinity Designer product key.

    We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback.

    If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum.
    Changed 'Affinity Files' to be more specific when saving an image Fixed crash when adding Curves Adjustment Fixed Blend Mode dropdown doesn't update on context toolbar when set via a brush Fixed crash when unhiding UI after closing document Fixed several issues in the new welcome screen Fixed scrolling in a selected text field with the mouse wheel doesn't update colour on document Fixed Keyboard Shortcuts not being saved if focus is lost from dialog Fixed Blend Mode dropdown doesn't update on context toolbar when set via a brush Fixed crash when saving keyboard profile Fixed aspect ratio is disabled for a curve Fixed Erase Brush Tool Drag + Alt does not display colour picker   Removed Freehand Selection 'Close Line' Fixed Opacity is the default slider in the gradient fill dropdown menu Fixed Layer panel jumps/lags with a long layer name Added New Welcome Screen Fixed Info panel loupe remains stuck to cursor if interrupted during use Fixed pasting text from Word is added as groups of Artistic Text objects Fixed being unable to set Language: None in the Edit Text Style dialog Fixed Corner type dropdown on context bar not updating when we select objects with different corner types Fixed Levels Dialog, Color channel reverts to master when altering sliders Fixed crashing on custom keyboard shortcuts (primarily Pixel Persona) Fixed Custom keyboard shortcut for Recolour Adjustment is broken Fixed DPI being shown as points for PDF & EPS export Fixed Pen Tool crash due to settings change in previous beta Fixed Adding, Renaming or Deleting an export preset doesn't update the UI straight away Removed 'Accumulation' from Erase Brush Tool context bar Fixed black area left when app is restarted after hiding the UI with floating panels Fixed Levels adjustment using alt modifier not working Fixed create palette from image being greyed out if accessed before a document is created or opened Fixed invalid scaling sizes not immediately reverted in Slices Panel Fixed Zoom tool unable to enter value above 500 on context toolbar Fixed changing document with a Layer Effects will apply it to the second image Fixed being unable to import if no asset categories Fixed Symbols not snapping immediately when you drag them from the Symbols panel Added remaining variables to input boxes in the transform panel Fixed JPG compression changes from 85 to 100 when changing file format Attempted fix for crash with multiple files open Fixed clicking on Fill Popup button on context toolbar changes fill on selection Changed View ▸ Show Grid: new document view grid visibility is independent from the original document grid visibility setting Fixed AltGr so it can be used in place of Ctrl+Alt shortcuts Fixed cannot apply a colour picked swatch by clicking on the pipette Fixed Gradient Type not updating Fixed Typography panel "Show all font features" includes features that the font doesn't support Fixed Add New Filter Assistant Option to default to child layer Fixed crash changing text background colour Fixed Paragraph panel letter spacing has wrong lower limit Fixed Pen/Pencil Tool's 'Use Fill' checkbox not being saved if the tool is not selected when the application is closed down Fixed adjusting colour opacity with scroll wheel does not update object Fixed slider revert to opacity then changing colour space in the colour flyout Fixed crash clicking on "no fill" on layer effects Fixed crash when opening a 32-bit Greyscale file Fixed changing the colour mode of the Levels adjustment doesn't refresh the component dropdown Fixed Crop Tool not showing currently selected preset Performance improvement when panning Fixed 'Failed to reset brushes' error in Preferences Fixed Help not launching Fixed renaming a palette selects a different fill Fixed being unable to change Character Panel 'Positioning and Transform' values using keyboard Improved startup and shutdown performance Changed pixel display zoom to match physical pixels Fixed crash when clicking Properties for some Printers Fixed scrolling a value in the transform panel giving a different value if it has focus Fixed incorrect Export Brush dialog filter Allow selection of locked nodes in Wireframe view mode Fixed PDF Import of some bitmaps resulting in incorrect colours (wasn't using colour conversion) Changed OpenType to relax version check for "Coiny" Fixed OpenType applying of contextual rules,  we were advancing past the lookaheads too Added several performance improvements Improved application start time Fixed crash when using cursor keys to feather a selection Fixed Selection Brush resize shortcuts not updating the context toolbar values Fixed mouse wheel on opacity edit not applying Fixed Retina Rendering Performance Preference (it was always doing a two-pass render for the high quality only option) Fixed Layers panel not updating when switching documents with a live filter open Fixed Unlinked / Separate Grid line and Subdivision line colours are not remembered Fixed being unable to re-apply the last applied snapshot Changed "Save With History" to prevent silent save back to JPEG, etc Fixed crash when clicking the swatch in Edit > Matte Fixed crashes when opening SVGs with no bounding boxes Fixed Help search results not displaying if temp path contains non-ASCII characters Distinguish between beta and normal builds in Explorer's "Open With" menu Fixed failing to select a word when right-clicking on the text caret Fixed being unable to interact with Transform panel when you draw out a marquee Fixed Colour Chooser not retaining the last type you were on Fixed Grid and Axis Manager not reflecting the currently selected artboard Improved support for badly formed PSD files Fixed crash when embedding a rotated document Fixed Help window covering the taskbar when maximised Fixed status bar to always be visible if any UI is visible when toggling studio UI Fixed Create palette from image when changing number of colours and then creating a palette without first previewing Fixed wrong History item icon Fixed PDF export overprinting on fills and lines Fixed crash in Xara Designer Pro when copying EMFs then pasting into Affinity Designer Fixed Tolerance on flood select tool does not update when dragging Fixed hang when clicking and dragging a font in the font list Installer: Added supported file types to Explorer's "Open With" menu Fixed application not appearing in Explorer's "Open With" menu Fixed Alignment tools breaking after customizing the toolbar Fixed loading TIFF files as RAW from OnOne Fixed PSD 32-bit mask Changed HSL based adjustments to use more precision Fixed releasing Alt when dragging a Levels Adjustment slider doesn't revert the image Fixed performance problems when creating multiple views of the same document Fixed Outer shadow rendering Added missing Colour picker from Bevel / Emboss layer effect Fixed Increase/Decrease Brush Size shortcuts are not retained when the application is restarted Fixed loading images with EXIF DPI set to 1 Added Create Palette from Image Fixed Save is not initially disabled with an unmodified file Improved handling of Type 3 fonts (which still aren't supported)
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    AffinityJan reacted to G00SE in Affinity Designer - 1.5.2   
    Thank you so much for the update. I love Affinity Designer! :wub: 
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    AffinityJan reacted to paulfromaustralia in Affinity Designer - 1.5.2   
    Thank you so much for the update.
    WOW. Just opened up a few documents, and the speed of opening large documents is phenomenal. Well done.
    Keep up the great work.
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    AffinityJan reacted to Rosie in Tablet Recommendation for Novice   
    Well. I got my Parblo A609 G.T.
    It is well constructed for a cheapish tablet, (£69.00).
    It doesn't move about on the desk due to rubberised feet, the pen is battery free so no batteries to replace or recharge. 2048 levels of pressure whatever that means.
    And you don't have to use the pen upright you can draw with it up to + or - 60 deg of tilt. 
    It stated in the user guide that there are spare pen nibs but I can't find mine, I have emailed Parblo with no joy yet.
    One review said that there are four programmable buttons but only three could be programmed. I found that all four can be programmed.
    I have one button to open AD and one to open AP. I haven't decided what to do with the other two yet! Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Overall it's not a bad tab for the price with a 9"x6" working area, I am quite pleased with it.
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    AffinityJan reacted to bgarrant in Tablet Recommendation for Novice   
    I am liking mine as well.
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    AffinityJan reacted to Gasman in Tablet Recommendation for Novice   
    Hi Jan
    I have the XP-Star05 and very happy with it. Important to follow the driver install instructions to the letter ie remove ANY graphic tablet drivers and disable antivirus before installing new drivers.
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    AffinityJan reacted to LilleG in Tablet Recommendation for Novice   
    I'm happy with the Huion H610 Pro.
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    AffinityJan reacted to emell in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    Any news about the German edition?

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