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Export Persona Change Existing Slice To Slice ALL Layers

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If I create an object in vector persona then add a slice to that object specifically... and then go back and draw some more things, some of which are visible in the previously sliced area... and then export... the export ignores everything but the original object.

(I spent flippin ages exporting animation frames, then tweaking, then exporting... over 50 frames... to then realise that I'd exported multiple copies of the original without realising because the additions on top were very small so not visible in the slices panel thumbnails)

is there a setting to make slices slice everything visible within them as opposed to the object or layer they were originally added to?


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  • Staff

Hi ExFireworksUser,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Slides generated from objects will only export the object they refer to. To export an area as a slice regardless of the contents you have to create the slice manually. See this video tutorial for more information: Affinity Designer - Exporting: Drawing Slices.

For more information about slices and the Export Persona please check those video tutorials:

11. Saving, exporting and sharing


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Yeah so exporting persona is overcomplicated ... I did instagram grid design, and did all slices "from layer"... and it doesn't export all layers... I know that manually creating that slices is an answer... but why... why I don't have an option to create slice from layer as a selection and it exports everything that is visible in this slice (two visible options that we have are strange - gives us an option that layer that we mark is exported in every slice that is visible on). Please give us an option to change how slicer behaves. Then I could easily create slices that does what they should do. I don't think this is intuitive - exporting layers is not exporting slice from layer. This is one of those rare moments when I see that illustrator did something better then affinity ;) they really nailed exporting. Simple and easy. For some reason "export persona" always confuses me.

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1 hour ago, OdFori said:

Would like to have a button or export setting to convert a slice from a a 'slice from layer' to a 'slice' and backwards

If you would like an enhancement you should suggest it in the Feature Requests forum, possibly in Feedback for Affinity Designer on Desktop. It is unlikely to be noticed or tracked as a feature request here; that happens in the Feature Requests forums.

(But if you make the request, please explain how you would expect that to work, and what benefits it would have.)

-- Walt
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On 3/30/2020 at 2:25 PM, MEB said:

Hi @OdFori,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Why do you need such functionality? Do you need to do this frequently? Can you give a use case/practical example?

If you create a lot of web graphics, the way the export persona works is incredibly cumbersome. You can to create the right kind of slice and then can't convert it. If you create a slice from a layer it only exports that layer, not objects within that design (for example where a layer is a box of an infographic). You can't interact with slices and content at the same time. Snapping doesn't work when creating a slice so it's hard to get it spot on. I find I have to go to the measurement of the key object in the designer persona, go to the export persona, create a slice that is nearly there, adjust the figures by hand. It drives me mad and I have to do this a lot. I (say) Sketch, it's one right-click, create slice and you are done. It's so cumbersome I end up going back to Sketch, it just has a better workflow for this. 

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2 minutes ago, MEB said:

Hi Peter Labrow,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Good points Peter. I will pass them to the dev team. Thanks for your feedback.

No problem. Don't get me wrong, I love Affinity - and since Fireworks bit the dust, this workflow now isn't exactly slick in Adobe's products either. But it's very good in Sketch. Happy to chat to any of the team. I'd love to see a one-click option for this.

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There is still to way of making the export to take all the layers of a slice after it has been created, correct?

I often have the same problem and creating the slices manually is much more time consuming and not as accurate. 

Just to elaborate on what I mean, here's an image. I already have 100+ slices that cover the correct area I need, but they were created as an object slice. I need them to become an area slice. 
Is my only option to go back and create each slice manually?


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+1 to feature request!
Here's another use case where converting an object slice to export all layers is useful.

I'm drawing character accessories, but to make sure I center my exports correctly, I create my slices from the round head shape.

I then hold control and resize the slice to contain the accessory while keeping the centerpoint consistent with head


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