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  1. Every time when I'm creating a logotype and then I want to "add" everything to one shape... It is a very clunky process. It was similar feeling in Affinity 1.X. Sorry to say that, but I don't see much improvement on working with shapes. Options like "expand / add / subtract" still bugs out quite a lot. On files that I have added you can see something that happens to me pretty frequently - for some reason when I try to add two shapes to make it one it creates reversed options etc. In general I wish to be able to create a logo, then expand strokes and then just combine it easily. Now I have to try to do so many tricks to get it right and sometimes I'm stuck like this time. In this situation I will probably get those two shapes, cut it out from bigger rectangle option and try to add it again. Boolean Operations.afdesign
  2. @François R Thank You Francois. Yeah it seems like a bug and I had to work around it. Still occasionally I reproduce that problem. Actually working inside of objects (when I use objects as a masks) is still problematic for me. Especially when I try to to use any "Boolean Operations" (add/subtract etc). Every time when I'm creating a logotype and than I want to "add" everything to one shape... it is very clunky process (I'm about to submit another bug related to that).
  3. I'm confused. For sure I didn't see that problem in Affinity 1, because I just switched to 2 after using 1 for years. There is something wrong about selecting object inside of other objects. And I don't see patter here. I just sometimes can't select objects inside of other object if it doesn't have color inside. Strange. MOVE TOOL : SELECT TOOL.mov MOVE TOOL.afdesign
  4. Welcome 2021 Bleed problem with exporting JPG, TIFF, etc. I think I may find a way to work that around. In EXPORT PERSONA do not export artboard. You have to export pre-made rectangle that the whole design that you want to export is in - in my case I wanted just to export background as a TIFF. So my background "BG v2" is in a rectangle and it is bigger then artboard because it includes bleeds. See the screen with selected new layer to make a slice from it. While you export this, do not include bleed because it will just simply add a (in my case) 2mm bleed to whatever netto format is... not bad idea because it is how bleeds should work... if it would include graphic in the bleed ;D Of course I still think it is something that should be changed and it is wrong way of using bleed. It is mind boggling that I can simply export JPG, TIFF, etc with a bleed... BUT I've lost my hope for any reliable rodemap for bugs for affinity. It is random and too many posts are like 2-3 years old GOOD LUCK with 2.0! CAN'T wait for it
  5. It is interesting that Affinity abandoned the idea of listening own audience. A lot of huge companies loses a touch with real customers and there are few projects that took the lesson and started to listen and implement what professional users wants. It is free knowledge for affinity. I remember when Adobe overslept with SKETCH and they made a Adobe XD. They created a place where people could give them ideas and we could vote for new implementations. With their budget and all of that feedback, they quickly made something that is valid alternative for UX/UI designers. Affinity, think about it. If you are short on money open a KICKSTARTER or whatever, I would be happy to support you for a next generation of affinity or a clear roadmap. If you would really support your programs I bet there would be more PROs who would throw a extra coin on your products. If not, personally I think you are already outdated and in my opinion you’re becoming a very good entrance level casual software. I still manage to use it professionally (and it is love/hate relationship), but I know that I have to avoid a lot of ways to design stuff just because I know it is impossible to make it in affinity. I wish it wouldn’t be a thing. I already bought more then one set of your programs for my team and I'm willing to buy more, but please... Listen, Implement, be honest and communicate plans, be more transparent - as every new inventive "startup" should be, to give people ownership and to create a trust and hope for a change.
  6. Ok, for real. I'm stubborn affinity user... but are there ANY info about 2.0? I've seen 1.9 BETA that is not recommended to use for work... But I have a feeling that 1.9 will be underwhelming. I'm still waiting for major update because 1.8 didn't change much. Expand stroke still sucks ... no simplify paths ... no trace - God bless https://www.autotracer.org/ ... No real Warp/Distort options... No warp live perspective so no real mockup support... and the list goes on...) Sorry to say that but I've stoped recommending Affinity to PROs. I've been with affinity for a long time already and it feels like you are trying to realise 2.0... or I have NO idea what is a developing team doing. There are NO real updates, zero. Sorry, I am an affinity follower with heart, same as SKETCH, but I will say it again, learn from them, they know how active development should be. Maybe that is why SKETCH focused only on MAC, maybe you have too many projects and not enough programming power. I would love to pay twice as much for affinity and get more movement with a real roadmap - go kickstarter or something with 2.0, we need you affinity!
  7. ...ok so what should I do with shapes like that? After expanding stroke (that is still broken), then geometry divide /add, I've got millions of points. I will probably save it as a PNG and open it in https://www.autotracer.org/ ...trace it and import to Affinity... so again I will work around the lack of basic vector options. MEB, please, release 2.0 already because I have a feeling that there is no road map for 1.x ... (sorry to be pessimistic but I'm trying to be realistic too and I've been with affinity for a year and not much has changed. Plus it is tough to read forum’s posts that area years old and nothing is chaining).
  8. Yeah, just got 300 adjustments from corrector... That would be awesome but I can understand why it is not in publisher - I wish it would.
  9. OH YES! AGREE. Affinity needs a lot of polishing. The one thing that took my hype away (even I still use it professionally) from affinity is a very slow development - not many upgrades and A LOT of forum’s threads about bugs or possible improvements that are not changing for years. PS. This Chrome OS thing...Yeah it is my wishful thinking to try something else than apple. I like MAC OS but I wish there would be another competition in UX/UI friendly OS that can compete with MAC OS.
  10. I WOULD LOVE TO GOOGLE TO just pay Serif to port Affinity to chrome os! I want to try google system, but I am an graphic designer and I can't have a computer that can't run good program. I've switched to affinity from adobe - challenging but worth it. Now I want to unlink myself from apple just to try alternative GOOGLE please invest in Serif!
  11. I have to say that making logos on Affinity Designer is a pain. Don't get me wrong, I love your software - already cancelled all Adobe, after almost 20 years. BUT can you just wake up and do updates more frequently? There are so many tools that people ask for, for years and they are SO basic to work on shapes. ALL wrap tools / perspective / distort / live trace / erase tool for vector / etc. And for example for Affinity Photo mesh warp tool for "smart objects" (live perspective) kills all advanced mockups / etc. . I read so many forum posts that like 2-3 years old... You have dedicated user base and I hope it is growing because I already convinced some people to use Affinity. BUT you have to make upgrades faster. I'm still waiting for improvement in so many basic options. If your business model doesn't allow you to be more active, change it. I would happily pay for upgrades 99$ per year, like I do in SKETCH (in my opinion it is the best business model from all programs that I use).
  12. I have to say that this feature is very annoying to use, I would say that it is not intuitive, but I think I have found all options like join/brake/close... but they "never" work like I want to. Somehow after using vectors for 15 years, I'm having a lot of problems with join/brake/close whatever... Everytime when I download icon in SVG I know it will be a pain to edit. "Erase tool" for vectors was a tool that I always used in illustrator to simply brake expanded strokes / shapes. Now I have to do to many actions to finally make it and I'm never sure how to do it I know it can be that I'm so used to illustrator, but I just can't find a easy way to play with things like in the attachment. (blue lines show where I want to CUT it and get rid off those lines. just to simple select two points/dots and join it. It never works. I have to separate curves and then do "millions" of things to just simply select all, take a "erase tool", cut/erase vector to brake it, and then just clean it up. Something that took me seconds now takes much much longer (depends how complicated is the whole vector). Plus, a big problem is that I have to research tutorials/forum to finally kind of understand how to do it. It should be intuitive, especially for somebody who jumps to few other vector programs. I understand that there has to be something hard about it, because even in SKETCH it feels weird and it makes it unintuitive. PS I STILL LOVE AFFINITY
  13. Can't add it, it is client file that I can't show. But it is simple thing. When I export something with "include bleed" it should include graphic in bleed, not just a space.
  14. +1 for that "Align first line" - this is a pain to format big folders without it. One more thing that I wish would be here is "balance ragged lines". Very useful tool for formating paragraphs.
  15. I'm in Affinity Designer 1.8.1 Same problem. No JPG bleed and I've tried with Tiff. Same thing. (oh this is topic about publisher... hmm sorry, but it may be useful anyways)
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