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  1. @Pšenda please, be more forgiving I haven't seen that response. I've been reading about "Expand Stroke" for some time already and I didn't see a possibility to go for Beta. - and by the way it "proves" my point about smaller patches like sketch is doing. If 1.8 has this tool repaired I think there should be a ASAP update even if it would be 1.7.4 with just this one bug This is crucial tool for designing. BUT Pšenda my long post wasn't only about that one thing. Plus, this is a very new experience for me, to shuffle through forums that much. So just be more forgiving, please
  2. Thank you for info about beta. I'm downloading Designer right now. I hope "Expand Stroke" is improved there. So my idea came from my experience over a years with skatch. I really like how sketch is handling updates and subscription. I think it is really good model and I think I would like to have the same "feeling" in affinity too. BUT sketch is just MAC and it is one program. So the team is more focused on one product. Affinity seems to be much more complicated programs and a lot of platforms. But still I really like an idea about lots of (even small) updates like sketch does (they have now version 62 I think). So, I think we shouldn't wait for "expand stroke" as a big update thing. There should be patch dedicated just for that, because it is very core element of vector design. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to flame affinity for it - I'm an a big fan of sketch and now I'm a fan of affinity, because I don't like how fat Adobe became and those programs feel outdated. I have a publisher and I'm talking about saving presents of "Find and Replace". Because in Poland, in all text there is a rule that alone letter can't be on the end of sentence. So I had a script in InDesign, and in Publisher I find out on some forum how to do it, but still I have to copy/paste it from my notebook - I wish I could save it in the program. But it is not crucial
  3. Hi, I have no idea when 2.0 will come but here would be my list of things that I'm hoping at least will change. I hope this can be somehow helpful. (Sorry for my english, hope you will understand). 1) Payment/Business model/Updates: I will start with that because it may be the most important for Affinity to bring all other changes. I think Affinity did toooo big jump of $ model. I know you have a big companion - Adobe - but Sketch showed that when program is good it will have dedicated audience and begin the change. Sketch has AMAZING business model. 99$ for lifetime licence and 1-year updates. I'm so happy to pay them that money every year, especially that they give updates so frequently. This is something that worries me about Affinity. I don't see any updates. When I look at your forums and blog I see that there is not much news / info about new releases. I would hate if Affinity would stop development because the number of new users slows down. I would feel more hopeful if I know that every Affinity User would gladly pay for next year of updates. While I was using that program for a while I noticed some major bugs/problems (stroke expand / no live warp perspective) and few minor ones (the way how affinity photo handles artboards and live filters) and things to improve (live perspective / export persona / mockup support / publisher script, GREP, find and replace presents support etc.). I have NO idea when anything like that will be changed. I’ve seen posts about „expand stroke problem” for a long long time - and nothing has changed, and this is the biggest problem of all that I have encountered… It almost made me quite this program and only because I just love Affinity new fresh vibe, I have staid, but to not be able to „expand strokes” feels shockingly weird. 2) Stroke expand - this one have shocked me. I do understand when Affinity is missing some options from illustrator, but I wasn’t prepared for this. Stroke expand is not precise. When I expand a stroke it is weird looking object. This is crazy, because I have to play around it a lot right now. Creating logos started to be tricky. I’m glad that my sketch can expand strokes correctly. It feel like a bug that has to be patched „next week” but I’ve seen posts about it for a long time. I could stop here because what is most important for me is a support/updates frequency and this shocking expand stroke problem. But I will write some more, maybe somebody will read it and relate 3) No live warp perspective filter - so without this filter I can’t do a proper mockup for things thet are not flat. This pretty much stoped me of showing my clients some of my corporate identity mockups. I can live without it, but it limits a lot of my presentations to clients. 4) Artboards in affinity photo - they can be created, but only by designer and then I open it in photo - I’ve stoped doing that because affinity photo doesn’t handles artboards well. Then I use few live perspective filters for mockups I have a refresh of quality problem. Even in export it can blurry my design. 5) Photo vs Designer - if we have a pixel persona in affinity designer, why photo and designer are not combined to one program? I feel like it could be the same program just with more „powerful” personas. It is not a big problem, but I would pay even more for designer if it would combine photo. It feels like they are „tooo close” to be separated- but I may be wrong. 6) Export Persona - For some reason exporting in affinity always confuses me. Maybe I’m do „adobed” but I feel that photoshop/illustartor/indesign does it better. More simple way. Slices: I did instagram grid and because copying artboard doesn’t copy slices in export persona, it forces me to manually do all slices again - very not intuitive and time consuming. „Slices from layers” works like exporting layers but this isn’t good - there should be an option to decide how slices behave. I miss stuff like „quick png export” when I could easily right-click layer/smart object and just export it as a simple png. I think adobe „export assets” is just much more simple, intuitive and it does that job good enough.
  4. Yeah so exporting persona is overcomplicated ... I did instagram grid design, and did all slices "from layer"... and it doesn't export all layers... I know that manually creating that slices is an answer... but why... why I don't have an option to create slice from layer as a selection and it exports everything that is visible in this slice (two visible options that we have are strange - gives us an option that layer that we mark is exported in every slice that is visible on). Please give us an option to change how slicer behaves. Then I could easily create slices that does what they should do. I don't think this is intuitive - exporting layers is not exporting slice from layer. This is one of those rare moments when I see that illustrator did something better then affinity they really nailed exporting. Simple and easy. For some reason "export persona" always confuses me.
  5. Ok, I think I know what is the problem. It seams that this quality/blurry problem happens when I use artboards in Affinity Photo + Live Perspective.
  6. I've uploaded files. I hope everything is ok, because I had to use Starbucks internet
  7. Hi, I'm having a problems with live filter perspective. After I made few live filters perspective there is a quality problem while I zoom/export/move etc. Even the same files are different in export. So it is not a problem of linked (placed) file. I hope you can see this video and it is helpful: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AJB719uyg9oW_iKr2D9oPxRvHijTW9sg
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