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  1. Wouldn't it make sense to have it appear inside the selected group if the group is selected? Or am I misunderstanding and there is reason why this is not a case?
  2. Adding to sub-layers helps and seems to be a temporary solution, but why isn't there this setting simply in the selected layer?? That "Properties..." button in selected Layer literally has only one option in it: Change color. Feature seems unfinished. Workflow that would make much more sense: right-click any curve in the Layers tab -> dropdown menu has option "Change curve color" -> select color from some default basic colors or make your own on the color wheel.
  3. I understand that developers are trying to make it clean and clutter-free, but this "Apple way of thinking" has it's problems like that you have to click through more menus to get what you need. HEX value is just convenient way of copying color around (not only in sw but also from other applications or web). Personally I would be really happy to still see the HEX value in all color sliders or not having it divided at all. Photoshop has everything mixed in one window - it is not that visually pleasing, but it is faster to work with - which I prioritize. If you prefer to keep it the way it is now, I think there should at least be an option in Color Preferences
  4. I would like to add my opinion to this topic. Even though it seems like the tool is not for that purpose, the Marquee Tool is really nice in photoshop for quickly measuring things without creating anything. I would be really happy to see Marquee Tool showing real-time sizes, same like Rectangle Tool does now. I think it is quicker and less chaotic than creating a rectangle (which is not even transparent by default) and then deleting it etc. Sometimes it is just nice to have more tools for the situation
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