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  1. + RawShooter Essentials byl skvělý. Bohužel, už je 13 let a nepodporuje RW2 soubory. Ale pro mé staré Canon EOS 5D Mark III bylo to skvělé. Small svobodný software s Správa souborů, Průvodce pro automatické vyvážení bílé a automatické expozice, hromadné úpravy, okamžitý náhled všech snímků ve složce. A mnoho dalšího. Všechno fungovalo velmi rychle. Velikost 4,88MB Je to možné?? RawShooter Essentials + Affinity Foto = můj sen
  2. Panasonic GH5, RW2, Affinity Photo - Extremely slow file opening (Photoshop is faster). But that's the smallest problem. - High CPU Usage. - Slower response. - Camera Raw vs. Develop Persona - different colors, contrast, etc. (Why?) By the way, Is there any auto adjustments in Develop Persona? Assistant Manager? I do not see any adjustments ... Nothing. Sometimes it happens that I edit the file, save a click Develop button. I will see the file untouched (or with fewer modifications). I'm trying, but I can not get used to Develop Persona :-(
  3. The line is a bit smoothed even without a stabilizer. Of course, I draw a pencil or a brush in Draw Persona. It's great that stabilization works. Thank you for it. But right now I need a really bumpy, uneven line. So far, I have two solutions. 1) large zoom (at least 400%) > draw a line > then the line is roughened. 2) use Inkscape.
  4. If I turn off the stabilizer (great function), the line is still smoother. It is not completely smoothed, but it is not "out of hand". Even without the stabilizer it is a little smoothed. I need to turn off the stabilizer completely. Try it. The line always smoothes. With or without stabilizer. Try Pixel Persona. Line is without a stabilizer. But I need a vector. For example, a free Inkscape can do it.
  5. Smoothing and stabilization is a great feature, but sometimes I need to draw a line from the hand, a bumpy line without smoothing. How do I set it up? For pencil and brush.
  6. No open file > colour > add colour to swatch > unhandled exception > crash This bug will not happen often
  7. Wow, great help. Thanks
  8. Hello everyone, How to best use the Luminance Brush Pack? It looks very interesting, according to the samples. The same applies to the Studio Retouch Brush Pack.
  9. Windows 10 version 1709 Installation without problems.
  10. Here it is. brush-forum.afdesign
  11. Hi MEB, It would be great. Unfortunately, I did not save the sample file, but I'll do a new one right now. Should I send this file to email?
  12. All shapes are the same. They are closed. Now I checked it.
  13. I'm sorry, but I did not understand too much. All "T-shirts" have the same number of nodes. The first is a copy of the original (Ctrl + J) - Brush works just like yesterday. I can delete the brush, insert another and then the original one. It's always okay. The other two are new "T-shirts", but they are similar. They are created exactly the same as the original. But the brush works quite differently. I can try anything, it's never the same result as the first "T-shirt".
  14. I think it's a bug. It's unpleasant. All pictures (drawings) are created in the same document, with the same brush, with exactly the same settings, the same scale, the same size. Absolutely the same setting of everything. I'm using Windows 10.
  15. Hi gdenby, thank you for your answer and help. I understand what you write. It is certainly so. But I have both drawings exactly the same. Same setting, same stroke width, same width of brush. Everything is the same. But the result is the one I sent. I'm already so desperate to have edited and re-imported the brush. It's better, but it's not the same as making the first drawings. I do not get it. But anyway, thank you very much and hello from Central Europe