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  1. Somewhere in the discussion I read that this will be possible since version 1.7. Really? I have version 1.7.3 and the text is a raster layer. I'm doing something wrong?
  2. I edit rw2 files in Develop Persona. If I edit the photo and if I also use the 32-bit Preview panel, after clicking the Develop button will display the original, unmodified photo. What is the 32-bit Preview? It always opens in Develop Persona. I use version 1.7 for Windows.
  3. Sorry, but there are minimal changes in the new version. Beta December 5, 2018 Today is May 31, 2019 The new version is not :-( https://affinityspotlight.com/article/affinity-photo-17-beta-available-now/
  4. "New" version - will be this year? Or in which year? ;-)
  5. Thank you. I understand that, but it is not ideal. Unfortunately, this feature can not be used with the space bar. That is, if I move the object, it will always be bounded at the beginning. Can I change the keyboard shortcut for the spacebar function? The spacebar moves the document and unfortunately also hides the bounding box.
  6. Hi, thank you for the answer. Unfortunately the spacebar doesn't work for object movement. Moves the whole document.
  7. Hello, I have a question for AD. How to hide a bounding box? Spacebar is a good tool, but I need it for the whole project. And one more similar question. Stabilizer. Is there a way to hide the red line connecting the brush with the cursor?
  8. Hello, full screen mode... Will it be in the new version? Especially in AD.
  9. I found a good price for the iPad (2017), but as R C-R writes, I need iPad (2018) with Apple Pencil. Thanks guys. I guess I'll try it
  10. Hello, I have a stupid question. Is Designer for iPad compatible with Designer for Windows? Can I open a file from iPad (Designer) on my PC? I do not have the iPad yet, but I do not like drawing on a graphic tablet without a display. Will the iPad 9.7 "be suitable? Or does it have a small display? Which pen (pencil) do you recommend?
  11. I agree, this is possible. I've read many reviews before buying Affinity. In my native language and of course in English. Many "journalists" have written that Affinity can replace Photoshop and Illustrator. It was tempting. Nowhere have I read a note from Affinity that it is not a substitute. Finally, you yourself wrote that it is an alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator. Both programs look very nice, professional. But almost immediately you will find that it is not a real alternative. Many very important features are missing, stability is very poor. Example: You need some minor improvements, write to the forum. The moderator writes, thanks, we'll solve it right away. Three years are gone and no change. The same thing when you find a bug. I very much believed Affinity and recommended it to friends and many people. But now I'm afraid Affinity will not be an ideal alternative to Adobe. Everywhere is just an iPad, iPad and iPad. Have you ever seen a professional who works only with iPad?
  12. Funny, in the past 10 minutes my Affinity Photo has twice crashed. It's not a pc bug, I have really a good computer. Designer and Photo for iPad are great ideas. But Designer and Photo were offered as a replacement for Photoshop and Illustrator. Not like apps on tablets It was my fault that I believed it.
  13. I have both programs (Designer and Photo) for some time. Changes in the new versions are very small and incredibly slow. Both programs are very nice, but... Unfortunately, Illustrator and Photoshop are miles away, it's a different world. Publisher will certainly be interesting software. But I would greatly welcome the progress with Designer and Photo. Sometimes I'm very frustrated at Affinity. I wonder how many of us have returned to Adobe. I'm still working with Affinity. But how long?
  14. "I assume, I am working as a graphic designer longer than you are on earth..." It's okay?
  15. " I assume, I am working as a graphic designer longer than you are on earth, but I never ever needed this feature. " And so it is always. First - criticism. And then the insult comes. The same moderator here wrote in 2015 "This is coming soon with more improvements." Now is June 2018 and nothing. As a graphic artist I worked in the first half of the nineties. In Corel, I think PC with CPU 286. And you, mac? Btw, this feature in Illustrator was used by everyone I knew.
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