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  1. It is difficult times here in the UK for everyone however a lot of companies and individuals have been hit by Covid badly. So we need to give them the benefit of the doubt. I still manage to do an vector job on it. I come from 3D software, years of drama with Autodesk killing software so I'm used to learning new ways to do stuff. So the workarounds are a big faff but are there for something so affordable too. But yeah that's a good amount of money to add some extra tools, but then I don't know how business of that level works with designing software and what kind of money it needs.
  2. An other workaround tip, I just realised as I was looking for a free transform/perspective transform that seems to not exist, if you an isometric grid/2:1 grid etc and have snap on it will shear perfectly to that perspective.
  3. I also find the silence puzzling I have asked several questions on their youtube channel with no answer. I am missing the free transform tool badly, the custom shapes presets (on the ipad) and proper mirror tools. The symbols are erratic and crash a lot. (And a lot of extra steps). I want to stay away from Adobe as much as I can and support indy companies. I own Photo and Designer and never really looked back but yeah it is missing serious tools. I would be more than happy to chip in to a kickstarter!!!!!
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