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  1. Pants. Presumably also any batch processing in Affinity Photo is not geared up to file size optimisation for web anyway/either.
  2. Hi, is there any way to batch optimise JPGs in Affinity Designer? I have a folder full of them from a client, that are going in an online gallery. I just had to manually open each one, create a slice, export slice, close then click "don't save". Am I missing something is there a way to do this automatically? TY!
  3. If I create an object in vector persona then add a slice to that object specifically... and then go back and draw some more things, some of which are visible in the previously sliced area... and then export... the export ignores everything but the original object. (I spent flippin ages exporting animation frames, then tweaking, then exporting... over 50 frames... to then realise that I'd exported multiple copies of the original without realising because the additions on top were very small so not visible in the slices panel thumbnails) is there a setting to make slices slice everything visible within them as opposed to the object or layer they were originally added to? TY!
  4. PS. I found the select -> sampled colour. Did that then hit delete. And it removed entire 'objects' as opposed to removing the selection.
  5. Thanks for the replies! I don't have Affinity Photo; only Affinity Designer - on Mac.
  6. If I have a raster bitmap image, how would I go about selecting all pixels with (or within a tolerance of) a particular colour? My aim, on this occasion, was to make those pixels transparent. I tried to do a flood fill with flood fill colour set to transparent but the resulting behaviour (black and grey random shapes) wasn't helpful. Is there a neat way to do this? TY!
  7. My graphic designer sends me PSD or AI (et al) files which I then slice up in order to build working websites. At present in Affinity I'm having to manually drag slices edges to precisely fit the rectangular objects I'm wanting to export. Is there no way to select a vector or raster object and automatically create a perfect fitting slice of that object? If not, can you please add this to your list of feature requests? TY
  8. Hi, I use a very very old copy of Fireworks for the creation of web graphics and it's time to move on I think. I've spent an hour on Affinity Free Trial and it's nice but I have some questions... In the help section there's mention of a 'snap to pixels' option but in the export persona, for slices, there's no such tool available - is it perhaps automatically ON in export persona? When exporting in Fireworks I can select specific colour pixels to be 'transparent' in GIFs - is this not possible in Affinity? In Fireworks I like that I can view the export file size before I export - so I can make an informed choice on what format and/or JPG quality I need to go for - I can't see how to do anything similar in Affinity? In Fireworks I can preview how the exported slice will look with my chosen settings - again I can't find any way to do this in Affinity - is it possible? Thank you!
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