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  1. I'm waiting for this as well. I did some shapes and give them an angle, but after grouping them, there is no way to actually reset the box to remove the angle it did.
  2. Another change lol. I found a great WordPress template on the internet, but since WordPress template always look good until you mess with them, I just took some ideas from it and design something else for my website. Since buttons already make you go to another page, should I remove the navigation bar from the Home Page and only make a fullscreen image? Only keeping navigation bar on other pages but Home? Or I can just have one button to Portfolio and the other one goes in the menu? Not sure where to put the logo/name on this final one. Here is the template I found
  3. I'm not sure anymore about the way I show the blog section on the desktop version. I think it would be better to have a full frame picture for the portfolio (with works and photo albums), but I think it's weird to have the blog section as big as the about and contact section. What do you think? Maybe the previous idea with a big portfolio and medium blog was better? Just wasn't sure about how much vertical it was for the blog part. EDIT: What do you think about something like that? I want to see a bigger image for portfolio which can change easily or having a possible looping video here. I decided to reduce About and Contact section to a simple button. What do you think? Not sure about button color. Should it be darker? Black with white text? Smaller text?
  4. Thank you for feedback ----- EDIT: Here is the mobile version mockup.
  5. Hi, Following my other topic about my logo here, I decided to make a mockup for my future website. Bellow are all steps that I did to have the final idea of my website. My website will be more about some travel blog and photography, but also other works I'm happy to share. I first started with the idea of making a single-page website, but I wasn't happy with the design since it was a bit hard to integrate all the section I wanted seamlessly. Everything had a different design and wasn't happy with that. After that, I tried to go with the same kind of idea, but separating the different section in block like a menu. The problem is that I though the full screen image was a bit useless since there was already images bellow. So I decided to remove that and only keep the essential. Wasn't happy either, because I was taking too much space and wasn't really mobile friendly after all. It was just too long to scroll into different section. I bring back my idea of full screen image and was thinking of a button showing a menu. Was a nice idea since when hovered, you was able to see another image. After that, I thought that maybe all this was a bit useless and was making navigation a bit more harder for everyone. Finally, I took this "menu" idea and just decided to make it in one beautiful page. So that is my final homepage! What do you think? Do you think I should move the copyright and social icon near the page border a bit more? Was thinking about that, because the actual logo and menu are closer to border.
  6. Well, I think I didn't save it correctly.
  7. I hope it's coming soon. I'm trying to take this image which is a SVG : But it has a border around and there is no way to remove that and only take the vector. Thank you
  8. Hi, By using the Text Frame Tool, it is possible to resize the box containing the text we have, but when using the Artistic Text tool it doesn't work. I understand why, but would be nice that even if you use the artistic tool first, you would be able to select the frame tool to edit the size of the box without resizing the actual text. Would be much more helpful for quicker work. Thank you
  9. Hi, I know that it is possible to create slice, but I think exporting different layers and groups separately could help a lot of people when working on multiple things on one artboard. I know it's possible in Illustrator, so waiting for it availability on Designer Thank you
  10. Hi, I did a rotation to an object/group, but is there a way to reset the selection box to remove the rotation from the selection box? I know there is an actual button for this, but it does reset only if you select it, but if you unselect and reselect your object, it will be rotated like before.
  11. Hi, Is it possible to select multiple guides and move them at the same time? It's a very good feature from Illustrator and I have difficulty doing this in Designer. Thank you
  12. Yeah I know which are making amazing signatures! But making my own will be impossible since I still don't have a great signature IRL, so having it on photos... no! Making one from photologo for example could be a great idea, but I'm a bit scare since if someone contact me for whatever reason and need a signature, I will not be able to do it myself lol! ----------------- I tried with constant stroke and duplicating. Always have a difference of size between the two lines. Maybe because of the curve/shape of it. Well, I did a minor change here and it looks much better.
  13. Hmm... I started working on it again after a little break. Well... I think I will change again, because this logo is good, but I think it's too agressive. Since I want to use it on my website and as possible watermark on photos, it need to be simple and elegant at the same time. I tried this one in white with transparency on a photo and it's very agressive. The logo is good, but for a brand or something like that, maybe not photography. I know lot of photographers are having a Photologo signature and other have some small images too like So, I need something simple, clean, elegant that represent me and what I like. I also don't want to copy anyone logo and that's hard since there is millions of them on the web. I like travelling, nature and wildlife. I also love mountains, but don't want to copy the guy above lol. So something that inspire liberty and travel. I thought about something like this windy shape. You still can see the N, but very subtle. What do you think? Well. I like it more since it's more elegant, but I have two issues that need to be addressed. 1. Would like to keep the same space all the way between the two, but it's very hard. How can I achieve that? 2. I'm scare about this little part. Do you think it's too thin for web?
  14. OK thank you. Because I know that in Illustrator you have the option to not export artboard, but only objects inside. Well, that's the final! One choice between 3... It will be the final one for the last couple of years. I'm very slow at working on it, because I'm just not working on it every days lol. In fact, it take me a couple of minutes to an hour to do that lol.
  15. Thank you. FINAL Now time to design my future website PS: How can I export only the vector and not the full Artboard? Can't find the Export option... Also transparency settings? Is it possible to keep transparency background, but not the transparency of the vector (or I will have to change the color manually)? I also did an abstract logo which is only three lines reprensenting the three lines of the N. lol. Was just for fun... I went there and saw the kind of R where you only have one side of the letter. I though maybe I could do the same, but not sure about the result lol. The other one above is good.