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  1. I kept my first idea and reduce the space between the lines, reduced the middle line and added a transparency and ribbon look to the vertical line.
  2. Thank you very much. The O was representing the camera lens, but what do you mean by "semi-transparent bars set behind connecting to the slanted bars"? I don't see how it can fit? Or I keep the one with the circle hahaha! I also had that one, but I didn't choose it.
  3. Hello again. Sorry to post in this topic again, but I changed idea. My current logo was But I after testing it in some webpage mockup, I realized that it was a bit weird on a webpage. The logo was fine, but the circle was mostly annoying because of being too tiny to really see it well on favicon or webpage. Also, I decided to re-think my website entirely to focus more on what I love instead of what other people want me to do. My website was a portfolio website, but since I didn't do much project to add in there, it was a bit dead. I don't have a lot of "spectacular" photography, but I'm thinking about adding some nice one and a blog features when travelling. That was also a reason to change logo since my older one doesn't fit as a watermark... Here is what I thought could be nice. I just too the N from my name instead of ND and added a kind of camera lens. Colors are like that because I like travelling and it's a mix of forest, sea, sky, freedom, etc. What are your thought about that?
  4. There should be an option in "effect" to convert into grayscale/black&white in Designer. There is just too many steps to achieve that right now.
  5. That simple... Thank you very much!
  6. Hi, I don't know if it's a bug or it's just that I don't know how to do that, but I'm trying to resize a group of curves and it doesn't work very well. How can I make this works? thx
  7. Final poster approved by my teacher. I changed some stuffs, but here it is.
  8. Ok... I will show you my final poster very soon.
  9. I know what you mean, but my robot can't move his head very much. He has a metallic body. I could add the hat on his leg, but after that, the left side of the poster will be empty. Also don't forget that I have a 3 words text on top, so maybe it can reveal more than just the image itself.
  10. Does he looks sad now? He's begging for money to get oil or simply oil.
  11. I know what you mean about ovals. Something like that right? I don't think it will fit for my robot. I know he have long arms and legs, but it's the style I wanted. A bit like this little one on the web.
  12. Thank you for the tips. Will post another image when it will be done. I will play with the contrast and colors to make them more light/darker to be able to remove outlines. Also, since it's a poster contest, it need more impact. I don't know what position the bots should have on it. My goal is to represent what could happens in our world if we have too much robots and AI working at our jobs. They will be so many that there will be some "homeless" bots. It's a fiction, but that's my goal for the poster. EDIT: Got something here.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to draw a robot looking sad in a sad environment. I chose some grey with blue tint to make it more sad, but I don't know if I should keep the black outlines around the shapes. I tried, but it was harder to see shapes without outlines. Do you have any solutions or idea to improve my sad robot? Do you think I should had flat shadow somewhere or change some colors? It's the first time I'm trying to draw something... It's for a project at school and a contest at the same time. Thank you
  14. Hi, It would be nice to get B series format in Designer to make poster or other visual in European size. Thank you
  15. ok thank you. Will put that as a feature request.