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  1. Final poster approved by my teacher. I changed some stuffs, but here it is.
  2. Ok... I will show you my final poster very soon.
  3. I know what you mean, but my robot can't move his head very much. He has a metallic body. I could add the hat on his leg, but after that, the left side of the poster will be empty. Also don't forget that I have a 3 words text on top, so maybe it can reveal more than just the image itself.
  4. Does he looks sad now? He's begging for money to get oil or simply oil.
  5. I know what you mean about ovals. Something like that right? I don't think it will fit for my robot. I know he have long arms and legs, but it's the style I wanted. A bit like this little one on the web.
  6. Thank you for the tips. Will post another image when it will be done. I will play with the contrast and colors to make them more light/darker to be able to remove outlines. Also, since it's a poster contest, it need more impact. I don't know what position the bots should have on it. My goal is to represent what could happens in our world if we have too much robots and AI working at our jobs. They will be so many that there will be some "homeless" bots. It's a fiction, but that's my goal for the poster. EDIT: Got something here.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to draw a robot looking sad in a sad environment. I chose some grey with blue tint to make it more sad, but I don't know if I should keep the black outlines around the shapes. I tried, but it was harder to see shapes without outlines. Do you have any solutions or idea to improve my sad robot? Do you think I should had flat shadow somewhere or change some colors? It's the first time I'm trying to draw something... It's for a project at school and a contest at the same time. Thank you
  8. Hi, It would be nice to get B series format in Designer to make poster or other visual in European size. Thank you
  9. ok thank you. Will put that as a feature request.
  10. Hi, How do I choose European Format B3 when creating a new document? I only have access to A formats for some reasons. Thank you
  11. Thank you @reglico Your idea was good. I was just trying to understand the mask button I finally found a video explaining the different type of mask. I now know that mask layer can only be edited in pixel persona. There is a lot of way to do mask in Designer and it look way easier than Illustrator. All is done almost instantly!
  12. ok, but what I mean is that. How does it works? Now I understand that you can only take the shape and add it as a mask, but this mask icon like Affinity Photo is very weird. You can't work with that alone. When trying to do something, it add a new layer instead of drawing inside the mask.
  13. Merci! Vraiment plus simple que je pensais. Other than that, what's the point of using the normal mask option is you can only do that?
  14. Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to hide everything outside a shape? For example, I have this circle and I need to make create a certain design in it. To make it less busy, I was looking for a way to hide everything outside the circle, so like that I could only see what's inside. I was trying to figure how to use the mask, but I'm not sure how it works. Thank you
  15. Another question related to that. I create the wave with dotted line. How do I make each corner to be a perfect triangle instead of having a hole in the middle?