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  1. That was the feeling that I had too. They don’t list affinity designer as an approved program, although they don’t go so far as to tell you what programs you can and cannot use. With the exception of saying don’t use CorelDRAW. LOL. That said I work on an iPadPro, using an Apple Pencil most of the time. It’s a must for me to be able to create vector-based artwork and I can’t do it any other way. Gradients always seem to be the monkey wrench. And as you must know by now I’m not technical, I know what I want to be able to do but I can’t explain it with a lot of technical efficiency. But thank goodness for all of you and this forum. (especially Mike who really saved me). It’s one thing I think to help define what an industry standard should ultimately be In an ever-changing digital world, but it’s something else to withhold information and leave people hanging so they can’t figure it out. What’s been impressive for me about THIS forum here - is that it’s open dialogue and helpful human beings. Very different from what I’ve experienced otherwise. Lib
  2. ABSOLUTELY wonderful! The creative concept is fabulous too! Love it!
  3. VERY nice! I love the point of view, dramatic and interesting. Well done!
  4. ohhhh - gotcha! Thank you so much! I apologize, I work on the creative side of my brain and language escapes me occasionally! .... you know I don’t know either. I have found it extraordinarily frustrating, but because I’m not a technical person by nature, it’s difficult for me to be able to defend the work if I think for some reason there is some technical side of it that I have inadvertently been unaware of. I think I need to become more confident in My ability to defend the process and outcomes. That said, you looking at this has also given me excellent ammunition to defend the uploads, should 99D come back to me and say that the files are not correct. and you know I initially put in a request on their platform for help and information, and they still haven’t gotten back to me. Where as here, help was immediate, I’m so grateful for all of you. Really appreciate your input. Thanks so much! This is a really cool forum very helpful. Libbey
  5. Ahaaaa. Gotcha. Thank you so much I really appreciate you looking into this for me AND actually you’ve given me the right language to respond back to the platform should they have an issue. Please let me know if there’s anything I can ever do to return the favor. You’ve been such a treasure - I can’t thank you enough. Lib
  6. Lol! Aw! To be honest I love working with clients. Compromise is part of lots of project work, and if we step outside of ourselves, We realize that some things are really just a matter of taste. Choose your battles I admire your dedication to the aesthetic however. Rock on!
  7. Hi Mike, everything looked beautiful in AD file. jpgs turned out just fine. According to 99designs They are not industry-standard EPS CMYK... This might just be a glitch but could you check? Only if you have time you’ve been such a big help. i’ve just attached one file p, that’ll be representative of what I’m doing. (To be honest I wouldn’t supply these files in EPS format anyway - I’ve had zero problems when supplying vector-based PDF for print... But freelancer at the mercy of the machine, that’s me) ei-logo_dark.eps
  8. Hello and thank you so much. I have to say I agree with you, on all points. However the client had a hand in tweaking this, It was actually his suggestion to use the gaelic font, Even the tracking & kerning of the type were per specific request. So no changes can be made but I really appreciate your attention to detail - thank you. Lib
  9. Hey Mike! DisRegard my post above - you are brilliant! got it! Thank you so much! I am making some slight revisions to one file, this client needs the logo against a black background and then if you don’t mind checking it I would be forever grateful. Wow you’re so smart! thank you! <3
  10. Hi Mike - Thank you I will try that. I did notice clipping patterns (I think we’re talking about the same things) in the file. On my end they look like they had been manipulated by the cropping tool. Except I didn’t crop them. But let me ask you this, and of course probably only “doing” will be the proof, but were I to start anew, a brand new file, is It reasonable to assume that I won’t have the same problem so long as I’m careful not to accidentally use the cropping tool? it’s The only thing I can think of... somehow I inadvertently grabbed that tool, did something to the layer that I couldn’t undo. Or I might be totally off and if that’s the case say so. lol Thank you - I would love to have you check whatever I come up with Illustrator, I work solely on an iPad Pro, which is why I love affinity designer. It’s really freed me up to design without having to have a laptop. (Which both of my daughters in college have, but they’re poor mother does not. LOL ) Lib
  11. Hello Mike & BIG thanks. I’ll follow your instructions carefully although I have to admit I’m not sure I totally understand at this juncture, but my feeling is I will discover where I went wrong. Aside from being able to upload the file obviously, I want to know what I did to cause the issue so that I don’t inadvertently do it again. This was a simple little job, that went very very south for me. As you may have guessed, There are holes in my education regarding AD, And certainly moreso along the more technical side of digital manipulation as it pertains to illustration. What I know, I know well, but I don’t know, what I don’t know” I appreciate your patience, and thank you again. It’s a great program and I love using it, I’m so impressed with your super responsive help. Any advice you can give me would be most welcome. Libbey ———— Wow perfect job thank you so much! I have two versions of this logo to give to the client one in positive and one negative, And I hate to be a bother - but the problem is I have to have an original art file because I have to be able to revise color. When you said there was a bitmap in the file, what does that mean? If I have to re-create the file as well I will but I’m uncertain as to whether not I’ll just end up with the same problem. thank you - Lib
  12. geez. Please forgive my rambling I have a literally been up all night trying to tie up this project and finish five other ones and it’s slowing me down and giving me an aneurysm. Not to be dramatic or anything. Lib
  13. Hi!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY! I would so appreciate your help. I would so appreciate your help. What I know so far is that I have more than one color space represented, I can’t for the life of me figure out how that happened. I went back and even reset to factory default. And I’ve done this kind of image before, I know that it’s got to be something I’ve done... But I cannot export to a simple CMYK for print EPS it is maddening. And it’s making me look like a total amateur. I’m trying to upload a winning design, on 99designs for a client, I’ve even gone so far as to export it to an SVG file, and use a cloud converter To export to EPS. It works it looks fine but when I upload it to 99 designs it says there’s more than one color space and rasterize content. That’s something else I can’t figure out because this is a vector file. So I’m uploading one of my exported EPS is and the original source file. You’re a love, thank you again. emeraldimagery_cmyk.eps ei_blacktype.afdesign
  14. Hello everyone, I’ve been using affinity designer for about 6 mos., I’ve never had this problem before so I’m thinking I messed up a preset or something. But I cannot export a logo I’ve just created to an EPS, CMYK, print file. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but I really need help. I have read the indexes looked up articles check the export menu, I realize it’s got to be me but if someone could help me shed some light on this I would really appreciate it.
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