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  1. Hi! After upgrading Photo to 1.9, pixel selection from channel takes forever. Waited almost half an hour and nothing happened. Either this is pixel layer, embedded document or linked document, still not working. Love the new linked document feature by the way. It reduces the file size a LOT. In version 1.8 it works fine. I'm working on 32bit exr, 12k resolution. Looks like it need to be fixed? Or speed up a little? If someone have this issue, or have an idea to fix this, feel free to comment. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, too bad that they changed adjustments like this. I have adjustments panel docked and doubleclicked to add adjustment. Now this is pain in the ass.
  3. Hi, just want to say that 8k tga files still crashes on version Will be nice to fix this issue.
  4. This is must have feature! +10000000 on this request. It will be game changer.
  5. Hi guys! Here are some sink visualizations I did last year. Postproduction using Affinity Photo. Hope you like it! Be safe!
  6. Hi guys! New rendering of Viper SRT-10. Everything is made in 3d, except the mountain background. Postproduction done in Photo. Software: 3ds max, Corona, Affinity Photo, Forest Pack, Quixel Megascans Hope you like it!
  7. Hi Markio. Thank for kind words. I used Corona render for this images. I have attached comparasion to show you before and after.
  8. Hello guys, first post here. I want to show you couple of 3d renderings I've done recently. I used Affinity Photo to make postproduction work. In my opinion Photo is pretty neat! There are some small things that will be nice to incorporate in future versions in order to speed the postwork process in 3d, but i think Photo is full equivalent of PS. Here are some images i did: Thanks!
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